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  1. you buy the ticket and when the transport gets there you step on and it loads the next planet... Now I feel all nostalgic and must go purchase this game!!
  2. hmmm, the quality, at the b-adeals one doesnt seem that clear
  3. No ghost Recon, no mechassualt, no midtown madness?
  4. if you can't wait for that and have battlefield 1942 go to www.desertcombat.com
  5. NEW! Marine classes, incl. Recon, Assault, Engineer, Medic _________________________________________ Will the different classes act differently? IE: Recon runs away when engaged, Medics don't fight and heal nearby marines that are injured.
  6. *jumps* *jumps* *jumps* *jumps* Okay, my legs are tired now
  7. I tried to attack a space station w/o turning on weapons once... I kept pressing the fire button on the joystick waiting for something to happen. Took me a hour to figure out how to shoot...
  8. I'm reading "Teeth of the Tiger" And its good.
  9. take me till teh games out to view all those
  10. The same thing happened to me, when i changed targets, got out of the ship or any vehicle, etc, Until I installed that indeo codec thing. This probably isn't it but it stopped the crashes for me.
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