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  1. I really liked this mission and it reminded me of the old Battle Star Galactica saga but with better graphics. I also found out that I could target any neutral ship and hit ESC and F1 and they would fall in line to escort and protect the rest of the fleet. The next thing I new I had a fleet of a dozen warships of various casts and professions traversing the galaxy that no one could mess with. It was a logistical nightmare and I had to keep the mercenaries and assassins from killing each other in my fleet but it was still a lot of fun. I even managed to capture a few starbases along the way. I never knew you could get the Order of the Universe more than once. Isn't that the equivalent of the Medal of Honor?
  2. I am on version 2.00.00 and had the same error. I did not use the quick save - I used the normal save and quit option. I also did a scan of my hard drive to see if there were any corrputed files but the scan came up negative. Is there any way to restore the data in the saved game file when this happens?
  3. The ID3-tagit program did the trick. Thanks Commander Nova!
  4. You know how the old saying goes, "if you want something done, you have to do it yourself." I got tired of waiting so decided to tow the Starball myself. At that point the Vagrant communicates that the ship is in tow and that it is heading back to Starpath. I decided to follow it but only got as far as the Orion station in Centris. Nevertheless, the mission was a success and I was awarded the xp. I think that as long as the ship is in tow and out of the Arima system when the timer runs out then the mission will be a success. AzureSun
  5. I have also had crashes and they are usually at the most inopportune times (like right after capturing a starbase). I would reload the game and the crash would occur again in the same place. After I uninstalled BCMG I searched through the registry using regedit to see what the program might have left behind. There were numerous entries all over the place but after I cleared them all out and reinstalled the game it seemed to stabilize. Your problems could have been caused from the original crash corrupting one of these entries.
  6. I was using Cyberlink's MP3 utility with Windows Media Player 9 to create a few MP3s for the music folder in Battlecruiser. Even though they are in the same MP3 format (128 KBPS Bit rate, 2 Channels for stereo, and a 44 KHz audio sample rate)they do not play in the game. Instead only the track bcm_phantom that comes with the game plays and no others. If I delete the new tracks then the rest of the music plays fine. Does anyone have any ideas as why this is or have any suggestions? Thanks, AzureSun
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