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  1. Eversor

    A Blast From The Past

    Where'd the picture go?
  2. Eversor

    Megaspeeding BC

    A long time ago, I was playing BCM and I decided to lake a look at a mine. Now, for a second, lets ignore thet fact that this was not an intelligent move. So I hyperspaced to it. Instead of coming far away from it, like when you jump to a starstation , I exited hyperspace slose enough that it filled half the screen . The resulting explosion moved my Battlcruiser. Actually, I flew across the TacOps screen faster than hyperspacing speeds. I almost made it into nullspace, but I slammed down on the afterburner key with most of my body weight. Is this shock wave normal? And if so, can I trigger my own mines to do it again. It was fun. (Oh and the reason I suspect it was the mine that did it is that the IOD was gone. Completely. That was the only damage to my ship, besides the hull/armor.)
  3. Eversor

    Research Engineer AI

    I tried searching for this, but w/o any luck. How does the RE gain exp? The pilots and marines get it from fighting, but I don't recall a library in the logistics computer for my RE.
  4. Eversor

    Marines die in shuttles

    Well, I'll try that when I get a chance, but for now my college spanish teacher just ended my computer gaming career... ...see ya'll in a semester...
  5. Eversor

    Marines die in shuttles

    I know that random injuries happen. (I read that in the manual about the reasons for medics.) I'm just not used to personnel dying like that. Esp. not 3 of them...But at least marines are cheap... I'll try moving my ship so they don't dock at the same time...
  6. Eversor

    Marines die in shuttles

    I don't know...I sent them to deploy and called them right back...I don't think they starve that quickly...and also, everytime the shuttles return, they are damaged...I don't know what these guys are crashing into (guessing the ground)..maybe thats what kills them? In that case, maybe someone should tell them that the mining drones are supposed to drill into the rock, not the shuttle...
  7. Every once in a while, the marines in my shuttles die. One of the times, they had deployed mining drones on the moon(earth) and I ordered them to return to base. When the shuttles came back, three of the marines were dead. Anybody know what happened?