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  1. Look, I was simply correcting a mistake regarding my name. That is not petty. And yes, I am quite aware that some people in the military think it's funny to call their underlings ladies, but I am not in the military and do not expect that kind of crap.
  2. Firstly, if you're not prepared to decouple crosshair/POV movement from the actual head of the model due to the animations etc, then you're never going to get what is being asked for. Whether or not you're happy with that is, of course, up to you. Secondly, my handle is Huwie, not Howie. And I can't speak for anyone else around here, but I am most definitely not a lady.
  3. I think you hit the nail on the head. What I think everyone (myself included) wants is for the whole screen/POV/whatever to move with the mouse, not just the crosshair. I know it does when you turn, but not with up/down mouse movements. Now, I understand that you might not be able to implement that for whatever reason, but to "keep the fp convention true to fp action games", that's pretty much what people want. I hope it can be done for UC, but if it can't, well, we can always go play Unreal or something, right?
  4. If it's an RPG you want, Morrowind is the game to get. There's no demo I'm afraid, though.
  5. Alright then, Hostile Waters by Rage. Anyone remember Carrier Command? Well, Hostile Waters is like a massively updated version of it. You had your base carrier which had a Creation Engine - an onboard facility that could create any vessel you had the blueprints for from scrap metal that you salvaged, by way of nanotechnology. So what you would do is battle for control of islands in an archipelago by harvesting scrap metal and building a load of planes, helicopters, tanks etc. The beauty of the game is that you could play the whole thing as a pilot, or play it all the way through as the commander, or switch between everything at will, it was completely up to you. The game had a very dark, adult vibe to it, too. Your pilots (all dead, but whose personalities were stored on chips a la Rogue Trooper) would constantly argue and swear at each other in the middle of intense firefights, it was funny as hell. Sadly, despite everyone and his grandma remembering and loving Carrier Command, for some reason nobody bought Hostile Waters (except me ) so Rage went under. I consider HW to be a true underrated classic and I still install it every other month or so.
  6. Hehehe, dude, if I were serving on your ship I'd steal a bloody shuttle myself! "Er, yeah, I'm just checking that planet we passed last week, I think I left a medkit down there....see ya..."
  7. Pardon me for jumping in here, but you might want to try the demo of BCM, as it's massively updated from BC3K and is definitely big enough to show you everything the game can do. Also, don't give up hope on Frontier, I'm pretty sure it's widely available for free on the PC. Just have a quick look on the Net.
  8. Yes, there are disadvantages, otherwise there'd be no point in having a bridge crew at all! If you check the appendix, which should have a shortcut in your BC program group, and click on crew, you'll see all the advantages that on-duty officers confer.
  9. Just a quick note here which might be the answer... Are you using Zonealarm? If so, it might be asking to let the BCMG client through even though you can't see the question (unless you run the game windowed first). When I'm playing a game on multiplayer for the first time and I get the problem you have, I always press alt-r followed by alt-y. The alt-r tells ZA to remember the answer in the future, and the alt-y is the command that allows access.
  10. quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: Speaking of game hourage hopefully, X2 will be moddable adding even more game play life to the game.I would imagine so. Egosoft have quite a good history of collaborating with the fans (hell, a lot of the content of X2 has been fan-designed), so making X2 moddable seems almost certain, I reckon.
  11. X2 is going to be too amazing for words, I guarantee it! I am so looking forward to it. Did anybody pre-order to get the trading card game? I think I might do that in a minute, actually. I have X-BTF to thank for my interest in BC actually. I was watching those huge battleships that patrol certain sectors, keeping the peace, and I realised how amazing it would be to command one and do the same. After that I stumbled upon BC, and there was much rejoicing.
  12. Looks like it's all over, for now.
  13. Hurrah, hehehe! I still like the films though. Can't wait for the third because I could never finish reading the books, no matter how hard I tried.
  14. Am I the only person who thought the first film was better, then? Even more controversially, I bet I'm the only person here who hates the books...
  15. What, you mean like the soon-to-be-reality magnetic RAM?
  16. I just found this on New Scientist's website.
  17. Wow, that's ace! If it weren't for the impending release of UC I would order it all over again from that site! Hopefully they'll do the same for UC then. Thanks very much for the link, dude. I wonder why that site didn't show up in my (exhaustive) Google search?
  18. Oh, joy... Oh well, thanks for getting back to me.
  19. Easy, just leave them collapsed. Muahahaha!
  20. quote:Originally posted by dennymala: Try to dock to a starstation and repair there.... or access the TRADCOM interface and in the SPARE PART look for items with two numer separed by a slash (such as 1/0)... it mark the things you need to fully repare your CC and all your craft... Ah yes, thanks for your help but that was ages ago and it's all sorted now. The thing I was doing wrong was leaving drydock with the repair at 100% but engineers still showing on the Logistix-Crafts list. Anyway, I fly an Aestrom now so I don't even need my main guns - I have my PTA.
  21. SC, I wonder if you can clear this one up? Do you know what kind of packaging the European release will have? The reason I'm anxious is that I recently bought BCMG from a website in the UK (the only way I could get hold of it, incidentally, without importing) and it came in a DVD-style box (with slipcase) which meant that the manual was decidedly slim. It'd be nice to have the big box with the big manual for UC to take pride of place in my collection!
  22. Thank you both for your help. I will try all the suggestions, but as for the marines not moving, I can definitely confirm that. When I was spacewalking I approached within arm's reach of one and he stayed absolutely still. I'm pretty sure I tried shooting him from that range, too, and it had no effect. I'll try again though.
  23. Before I describe my problem, let me just say that I have performed searches for 'stuck marines' and 'frozen marines' in all fora and have read troubleshooting and VCF. So apologies if this has been covered. I'm playing BCMG. Sometimes, when some enemies attack a space station they will appear to eject some marines before being blown up. These marines are to all intents and purposes hostile. The IFF doesn't flash when they're targetted, they have the same designation as their mother ship, they show up red in the TACSCAN etc etc. However, they just hang there in space. They don't move or do anything. Furthermore, not only are they not engaged by any friendly forces, but also I have no way of killing them except with missiles. My main gun does no damage to them, my PTAs don't even fire. Getting out of the ship on a spacewalk and attacking them face to face does no damage. This is getting frustrating because - besides the silliness of it - it means my CAS is constantly on. Of course, I have patched the game fully. The problem is semi-reproducable, in that it occurs fairly often but I have no way of inducing it myself. So what's going on? Any ideas? Subject changed [ 10-01-2003, 08:32 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  24. quote:Originally posted by Korgmeister: Also, I've tried using the Aestrom, seduced by these stories of a killer PTA sweetspot that's right in the center of the aiming recticle but I honestly haven't ever seen the PTA system activate on this thing.Maybe you're not at the correct range? I usually use my PTAs at around 7.0 Km. They don't just fire straight down the nose either, they will fire a little bit off-centre too. Pointing at my target and maintaining said range never gives me any problems at all. I can't think what else you could be doing wrong.
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