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  1. Same here. Sort of remember it though. ber it though.
  2. Hi guys been a minute or two. Everything going well I hope! Chavik
  3. Checking in. It has been a minute. How is everyone? I just got the facebook. Not sure if it is worth it. But oh well. I got Amazon prime too. Not bad and I only use it for the video really. If I get free shipping (I think I did once) that is cool too.
  4. Wait , has it been a year? Almost, but not quite. Like the girl at work said this morning, look what the cat and two dogs done drug in. I recently retired from my former employer with 25 years of service (take that, you young 'uns) and I have a new, pretty much the same, job. If I go 15 years here I will get a full retirement as well and could walk into Social Security. Yes I am aged but I can still pilot the old Phoenix. Just can't remember what class ship she is. Hope I am not declared unfit for duty! Hope everyone is doing well and I thought I would check in before I was declared AWOL or charged with dereliction of duty.
  5. Hi guys; Just checking and saying hello. Sorry I haven't reported but I have been in nullspace and had quite the time since I last posted. December 3, 2015 my dad had a massive stroke. He recovered somewhat but after over a year in a nursing home he died March 13, 2016. My mother, who had dementia far longer than I really knew, must have realized his passing deep down and had a massive stroke a week after his funeral. She died March 31, 2016. So I had been dealing with taking my mother to visit my dad in the nursing home and now that they are gone I have been trying to wrap up their affairs, All in all, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving to myself. Then one of my brothers barbequed the following Saturday. I wouldn't mind that becoming a tradition in and of itself. Christmas was sort of meh. Here is to hoping 2017 will be much better.
  6. I'm still here. How are you guys? I've been busy since Dec 03 '14 with my dad having a major stroke, It has been a busy time getting his affairs straight and getting him in a nursing home. He just didn't come back like I hoped he would. On an up note I bought a new to me 2013 Chevy Cruze back in June. It has the 1.4 L turbo with a six speed manual transmission .It will run like a scalded dog with the turbo but I have gotten out of that for the gas mileage. I have gotten up to 40 mpg for the tank but more often 36/37. Not too bad. I had my former car for 15 years so strangely this one does not feel like mine yet but I guess I will get there. When I get time I wouldn't mind buying a new beastie {old joke} and getting into the latest version. let me know what it's like.
  7. I'm still here. On occasion. Here and there. Sometimes. Maybe.
  8. Well, next month I will officially be as old as dirt. One year away from the half century mark. Hmmmm, I have been thinking about gaming lately. I would have to get a new tower. The latest one quit working. I am on a laptop I bought for school. Pro bably doesn't have the guts for gaming.
  9. Hi there!. Long time no see. Just thought I would check in with you guys. It has been quite a while. What has been going on? Is the Supreme Commander still as ornery as ever or has he mellowed with his advanced age. P.S. (had my guys temporarily disable the airlocks)
  10. Will there be a new Battlestar Galactica TV show? David Eick on the strange journey of ‘Blood and Chrome’ By Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News ReportRSS By Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News | The Sideshow – 1 hr 15 mins ago The new Battlestar Galactica (BSG) prequel film “Blood and Chrome” is out on DVD and Blu Ray today. So far, the feature length film has earned positive reviews but its road to success has been bumpy to say the least, transitioning from potential series, to web series, to TV movie and now having gone full-circle back to a potentially ongoing series. “The metrics are invisible to me. I don’t know where the measuring stick is,” Blood and Chrome Executive Producer David Eick told Yahoo News in a phone interview. “We have to see what the parameters are.” I also had a chance to ask Eick about some of BSG’s seemingly endless, and endlessly fascinating, trivia. But first, a look at what might be happening next in the beloved saga. Lest he be misunderstood, Eick wants to keep telling stories set in the world of the first Cylon War, which follow a young William Adama (Luke Pasqualino) in the role first made famous by Edward James Olmos. But creating the pilot was such a strange and arduous process that Eick isn’t sure all the pieces will come together, even if the Blu Ray sales match the impressive viewership of the web series. There is more to the article but this should be sufficient and credit to the author. Chavik
  11. @RogueScholarBlue @RogueScholarBlue hey dude it says in the video at that Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is airing February 2013 on Syfy, so yes Syfy has gotten their "STUFF" together fixerliam 18 hours ago 11 Copied from a commentor. Edited in caps and quotes for decency. It was a four letter word. The preview at the end of the episode displayed Feb 2013. Are the webisodes going to be spliced together for episode one or what?
  12. Hi Sho; Glad you got through Sandy relatively unscathed. I hope others have as well. Reporting in.
  13. I like it but not in love with it yet. I was stoked by the steam locomotive though.
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