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  1. Welcome to the fold Dave. Err Commander Condor. I like the name. Rest assured you are a game player first and anyone will help you with any questions you may have. You do seem to have quite a grip on the situation. But anyone feel free to ask any queations you have. What's the worst can happen? We'll tell you to read the manual. But Roleplay is not in the manual so ask away. So Thank you Condor for answering Rattler's Call To Arms. Where did that go Rattler? Isn't it about time to issue it again? Your post originally but <whisper> call to arms, call to arms, call to arms </whisper>. And Antii, I see DeSylva has responded. I think we coverd about all of it in this thread. But perhaps a form letter (?) we could send out for those who want to know would work. Like I used to do with the tutorial. Not many people are asking for that any more. It's posted and I still have it. But DeSylva will do a good job of a joining fleets instruction. And we can then mail it out to people to ask. <whisper> call to arms, call to arms, call to arms. </whisper> Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix
  2. Rattler has given you some good information. I might add that you may want to read Section 3.0 of the manual "A Brief History". It covers Earth's "history" from the present 1990's to game-time present of 3000 A.D. One thousand years has not done much for humanity it seems. Earth still has it's problems and no one is painted totally innocent. So read a bit and see what you think. Once you decide which fleet you would like to join simply e-mail that fleet leader. The Roleplay forums are good reading too. You may have to expand your preferences to catch the first one. So choose well for you will be stuck with that identity from here on. An enthusiastic man like yourself would do well as an Insurgent. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix [This message has been edited by Charles Lindsey (edited 11-12-98).]
  3. That's the fun of it. At least some of it. Player interaction occurs here on the site in various ways. Wishes, discussions, sharing tips; a forum for everything. And for roleplaying, just say we are getting ready. Commander DeSylva has a project in the works, and ever since the fleets were allowed rivalries sprang up. With rivalry comes discussion. We have been very careful to keep it good natured outside of the roleplaying but almost anything goes within roleplaying so long as you use the tags. We are just "Getting into Character". We have beaten each other over the head with the manual, called each other dirty names, and explained what we would do should we catch one of them. It's all been great fun. And that is the key. FUN. I have had an absolute blast. And Thanks to Derek for allowing all of it. Roleplay without multiplay? It works. You've seen it. But when Multiplay comes on line it's going to be ten times more fun. Just hang on for the ride. Insurgents "1" ; Galcom "0" ROFL. (Sorry, had to. A scoreboard? hmmmmm.) The Site you are referring to is the Fleet Operations Center. Desylva set that up for the different fleets to use as a storehouse for information. Password by necessity to avoid one fleet viewing another's info. I hope it takes off. Thank you for asking. I welcome any other explanations that come along. And questions also, though I hope the man who knows all about it might step in and explain the points I missed. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix
  4. I had a thought. It would be neat if the ship's names could be displayed somewhere in the CVD. This would be for multiplay only I suppose. But it would be so cool. I'm sure there is room somewhere in the CVD to display this. That way if you REALLY had a roleplay grudge with someone you could tell who they are. Hope you like it. As usual all disclaimers apply. Your choice. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix
  5. <RP> Commander Wolf; What corrupts us? Honor. And if honor corrupts we are corrupted absolutely. What corrupts us? Loyalty. Loyalty to Earth and her resources and peoples. What corrupts us? Duty. Duty to protect Earth from the mess it finds itself in now. Bungled Diplomatic relations. Those that could possibly been avoided had the UFN not been so adamant in exploring the galaxy an squandering Earth's resources in the process. And not only that it found an enemy that has no care for diplomacy. So now we must not only save Earth from itself, but we must also save it from an enemy beyond belief. One that only sees TERRAN in it's scopes. Rest assured CUB, when our door advances to you, you will have no choice but to ask "May I come in?". Methinks a CUB will be bitten by a snake. Best to sup on your mother's milk some more before you go chasing snakes. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix </RP> or (Roleplay OFF) LOL Wolf. I don't think you offended anyone. I did manage to offend DeSylva once in the original thread. But it was all roleplay. Keep it coming, it is fun. <G> Charles
  6. <Roleplay> ON Ahh Cmdr. Grenville, I see that you are newly raised from the Academy full of vim, vigor, and (however misplaced they are) high morals. Indoctrined quite nicely in Galcom and UFN beliefs. They told you we were uncoordinated? That wasn't part of the lessons when I was in Galcom. Or did you figure that out for yourself? How so? Could an uncoordinated group survive for hundreds of years? Not just the 35 since we were officially declared outlaws. The addition of Rattler breathed new life into the Insurgency yes but Insurgents were never disorganized. And as to defense we are quite well defended thank you. Take care when you coming knocking at our door. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix "We Shall Arise From the Ashes" <roleplay> OFF Hehe. No one escapes. <G> But give it back! As good as you got if not better. I love it. [This message has been edited by Charles Lindsey (edited 11-05-98).]
  7. I would also like to thank you for creating this thread Cmdr. Blackwell. I applaud your efforts. A Grand idea. Now on to recruitment. Reality and Roleplay sort of bend but here goes. Anyone who has the game knows that the Insurgents are one of the "Bad Guys". As they are also Terran this opened up a unique possibilty. It was an opposing force to GalCom. More so than an ENEMY threat? Hmmm. But still a thorn in the side of GalCom. Different player fleets were created and an Insurgent fleet was among them. We who have joined the Insurgent Cause are the real life "BadGuys" so to speak. But we really aren't. <quasi roleplay> We Insurgents believe that the UFN has Sqandered the Earth's resources, still continues to sqander them on an alien presence on Earth. An Embassy maybe but not TOTAL Funding. (Read the Manual) We Believe Earthcom has committed crimes against humanity and should be disbanded.(manual) We also believe The UFN has endorsed crimes against humanity in the form of Experiments and should be disbanded or reformed. (manual) <quasi roleplay> OFF <G> Hopefully I didn't delve too deep into roleplay. But if you want to be a "good" "Bad Guy" Join the Insurgents. We would definitley appreciate it if you would. And please remember, CIC is in command of this site and his game. Any Teeth Gnashing should definitley be enclosed in the <RP>; {RP}; [RP]; tags. However you would like to enclose them. Just be sure you do in an appropriate thread. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix "We Shall Arise From The Ashes" [This message has been edited by Charles Lindsey (edited 11-04-98).]
  8. Akira, I claim reserved silence awaiting T.C.'s return but a month is a long time online. But you have given me the opening and the thought I needed to stir the pot just a little. <EG> SOOOO <roleplay> ON Cmdr. Akira; You have caught my sentiments exactly. I see you feel as I do that no one has the guts to comment because they were not told to. "Brainwashed lapdog of the UFN" I believe Rattler called them. Scratched behind the ears and told to fetch. You and I both know that will not be so easily accomplished. As Does Rattler. We weren't brought into the fold to be hapless sticks. That aside, I can see where no one would argue back. Insurgents as a whole are people who are disgruntled with circumstances as they are and would tend to be very vocal about their beliefs. As you, Rattler, and I are. Not so Galcom and Earthcom. Complacent in their beliefs and place in life they are happy to blithely follow those few leaders who do show initiative. Those few they place their entire trust in. WE have a common goal that we work towards together. THEY blindly follow the leaders of the pack hoping everything will work out. It WILL work out. Eventually. "Cmdr Chavik, transmission ended." "Good" says Chavik. "It's a shame no one will respond. I could almost respect some of them if they would. Close transmissions." "Cmdr, I'm picking up something very faint." says the communication officer. "Intercept". "It's garbled sir" says the communications officer. "Enhance reception to max and decipher" "Yes Sir" "Do you have it?" says Chavik. "Yes Sir" "Display then please" "This is the best I could do." says the communications officer. >>> by l*tting you fight amo*g yours**ves, we c*n move in f*r the kill when you both are weak. Mwa*ah*ha! >> "That is all I could get Sir". "Good enough" says Chavik. "A madman or a traitor?" "Sir? Do you wish to transmit?" "Yes. Transmit this" Cmdr Sanftenberg, What you speak of is treason. I was in GalCom once and I know. Waiting for two opposing sides to maim each other to non-resistance is usually considered good tactics. But in for the kill when you are allied to one of those sides is treason. Moving in for the kill? Rantings at best. Immoral, decrepit and insane at worst. However strained the relations are between Earthcom and Galcom you are consigned to help each other. Should you be found out what will you do? Take your punishment like a man or come crawling to the Insurgents? How will you be recieved? Not well, not from me I assure you. I can't speak for Insurgent One. "End Transmission" <Roleplay> OFF Thanks Akira for lighting the fires again. <G> I've enjoyed it. David Sanftenberg, none of that was a personal attack. It WAS all roleplay. Feel free to give back as good as I gave. Others. Join in! Whatever your affiliation is Please feel free to join in the discussions. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix [This message has been edited by Charles Lindsey (edited 11-01-98).]
  9. T.C. <roleplay off> Well we'll miss your input. And we won't use your absence to call your character coward since you won't be able to respond. Any one jump in. T.C.'c right. The title of this thread came from the fact that only he and Akira were bashing heads at the last. <G> But anyone is welcome. I like #2 in your above post. Are you saying that the government chose the Insurgents as the scapegoat in order to draw attention away from a possible alien threat and to avoid panic? Interesting thought. Or am I reading something into nothing? Either way I'll have to come up with a proper roleplay rebuttal.<G> Charles
  10. T.C. The Prior was Roleplay as I suppose you can guess. <G> Forgot the tags. But thanks for keeping the thead alive. Somone else said that but I thank you also. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix
  11. Thanks to all who particiated. I want to echo DeSylva's congratulations on a nice clean thread. (echo is much better than parrot huh DeSylva? <G&gt It also shows how well people can argue their points on vague information. Was it purposely vague? I have no idea but it worked out great. Any more info one way or the other and one side could definitely be declared in the right. I would love more history. I know Derek said he would get around to this someday. Or more details in what we already have. Kept vague enough to keep both side on an even keel. So Round one is over for me. You guys keep it up. Ya'll wore me out. I'm not opposed to round two at a later date though. It was great fun. Thanks all. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix
  12. Well finally. not as good as I'd hoped. DeSylva is the writer as he has so eloquently proved these last few posts. But here goes. {rolplay} on My my DeSylva, which string did I pull? Certainly not one of Galcom's. Those are finer than spider webs yet stronger than steel. Perhaps I did tug at one of those as well. Such a big fish for such little bait. Are we really so different? We both are fighting for something we beleive in. Do we lose honor by doing it? In our own eyes and those of our comrades no. Are we following on blind faith? Some may be. Let us hope they are not in command. That is the stuff of which Zealots are made. We have been labeled terrorists, rebels, and outlaws since the beginning. Scum, parasites, and ghostlings more recently. It is WE who should be righteously indignant. Governments can, will, and have re-written history to suit them. To the victor goes the spoils but they also get to write the histories. That Galcom had to allow mention of rumors of Earthom atrocities towards those Insurgents of so long ago the truth must be far, far worse. But so long ago in history only the hate remains. Sad, really. Perhaps Diplomats would do a better job. Did I dream I would now be fighting besides these people? Never in my wildest. My dreams were never this good. We are so close and yet so far. You beleive in Galcom and I beleive in the Insurgency. The HEART and SOUL of it. Any who wants to gain power for their own ends does not belong wih us. That truly is a terrorist. Time for a defense? A defense for fair punishment? As yours was? When you re-entered Galcom you were sentenced to a BattleCruiser. And now you offer your services for a fair punishment? Beginning at a court-martial? You were on your way back up when you returned. If one of us should return it will be on the way straight down to the lowest brig I fear. No I do not think we can surrender. Not to Galcom or Earthcom. Earthcom having had much more practice. But both are arms of the true oppressor. You are partially correct; the time for our talks at least are at an end. ANy more talks will have to be continued thru diplomatic channels. You may yet find your worst enemy is your best friend. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix "We Shall Arise From The Ashes"
  13. {roleplay Off} You guys are wearing me out. I don't think this fast. You're gonna have to give me a coule of days on this one Michael. Question DeSyla's honor? No. Beliefs? Yes. Of course, any good debate has some mudSlingin' But it's going back to roleplay right NOW. <G> TAC? Charlie Chavik? I don't think so. Otherwise a good response. See ya in a few. [This message has been edited by Charles Lindsey (edited 10-13-98).]
  14. {Roleplay} So many responses. So little time to formulate a coherent argument. DeSylva, I now no longer call you a dog. Dogs can be wooed in a fashion. Shown who to trust. Given respect, they will give it back. I really don't know what to name you without turning you more against us. If that was possible in the first place. Your arguments are vehement yet feral. And I could tell you your arguments were wrong till space turned white yet you would not beleive me. You aren't so bad at spouting dogma yourself. Not even on command. It is so ingrained you take every oppurtunity to spew it whether told to or not. Mr. McQueen, Do you now accuse us of Changing all history files to date and that everyone would all of a sudden believe them as truth? I thank you that you believe so much of us and so little of your own populace. Fed lies by the United FORCED Nations for so long they now believe anything in print. It must terrify you that we can do so much when we claim so little. Who's lies do you believe now? Or are they lies at all? Who's is the truth? And finally Mr Naylor. Who can't say anything because he has nothing good to say about anyone. Not even your own comrades? Your brothers in arms? Not a single defense? Not a word in agreement? Some say silence is golden but I truly don't beleive this is the case here. If not golden then what? While I admit there is a fine line between argument and debate and we have had to pull your comrades back over the line many times, I still beleive this is a debate. It is regrettable that it must be decided by force of arms. If history decides who wins my right instead of might WE know who shall win. Commander Chavik ICV Phoenix
  15. That was good DeSylva {roleplay} Vague threats yes. Empty? NEVER! Lest YE forget, we were a force before Galcom was even a half-formed thought in some decrepit old politician's delusions. When we were gaining strength and could not be quieted we were thrown into the river. Like unwanted puppies tied in a sack. The people of our cause have been hunted like rabid dogs. Because they were trying to right the governments wrongs. And they were wrong. They are still wrong. And even more wrong to fall back into 20th century strong arm communist tactics. What opposes the government should be destroyed. United FREE Nations? It should be United FORCED Nations. So be a good little puppy and lick your master's hand. Fetch when told, and wag your tail when you are patted on the head for being a good boy. Such blinded devotion would be commended if it were not so misplaced. So once again we are at an impasse. Until we meet. <Salutes> {/roleplay}
  16. I really like this proposal. It allows for a modicum of diplomacy and keeps the confusion down. Especially mine! This is going to be great. We just have to hang on for the ride. I have already mailed my suggestions to DeSylva. These are gameplay/online play issues only and not FLEET issues. Rest assured I am not usurping anyone's authority. Commander Chavik ICV PHOENIX
  17. A bit late but {Roleplay}ON Perhaps Wraith shouldn't stray too far from the nest. Space is cold and lonely. Why you should stray so far from home is beyond me. Closer to the enemy but farther from reinforcements. Cold space. Lonely space. We Insurgents are used to being cold and lonely. We are used to hiding. Fragile alliances are the norm. We live with this every day. Cold and Lonely. Lonely and Cold. Two races are aloof at best. Two are out for anything Terran. And the Two who have joined Galcom could probably care less for our internal struggle. Cold...Lonely. Take Care Wraith that ye do not hide in the last place you could possibly run. So Cold, so lonely. Cold. Lonely. Quiet. Did I mention the quiet? So quiet. Silence. Absolute. Quiet. Does an Explosion in space make a sound? NO it doesn't. So Quiet. So cold. So lonely. Take care Wraith. Spectres are everywhere. {Roleplay} OFF I thought it was time to put the FUN back into the game. I think we are past the point of Insurgents are wrong ("No we aren't")and into the phase of general threats. LOL. Let's put the fun back into it.
  18. Thanks for the graphics . From what I know and understand that is correct. I really shouldn't have gone off like that and I will remove one particular statement I don't like . It's all names. Similiar to a Marine Corps Captain is equivalent to a Navy Lieutenant (thanks Rattler,) But we all have a main group and then subgroups. After CAREFULLY re-reading your original post I see that you are correct with the exeption of Insurgent Prime. As this was the way the Commanders Roster was set up for a few days I can see where the confusion came in. I even had that discussion with Rattler myself as to whether we were going to be Insurgent Prime because that was the only option in the registry. That is all fixed now. Thanks again for the graphics. I think that nails it on the head. Anyone else wanna stir this pot awhile? My arms are tired. Commander Chavik ICV PHOENIX [This message has been edited by Charles Lindsey (edited 10-10-98).]
  19. (Edit about 15 mins after I posted) This is too commaders who are STILL trying to figure out the fleet structure. (end edit) (re-edit One final time. Names are important to most people. The thing I went off on was the Insurgent/Spectre Fleet etc. The Insurgents have Spectre Fleet. Anything else is a Squad within Spectre. Insurgent is the Caste. Spectre is the FLEET. Squads are internally defined. There is no dissension among the Insurgent ranks and someone may have had a late idea however my original post still stands. That is the most quarter I will give, No No NOOO! Stop right now! I thought we already had this all figured out. Anyone Registered as Galcom is in the Galcom Prime Fleet. From the Largest Warmonger Super Carrier to the smallest personal jetpak. YOU ARE GALCOM PRIME FLEET. I see no problem with a fleet within a fleet. The number 7 and the words "U.S. BATTLE" come to mind. The word Prime means first, most important, predominant, among others I can't think of right now. Therefore you have the Prime fleet having SUBORDINATE fleets within it. Whst's the problem? ISS, Wraith, and Orion are Subordinate fleets to GALCOM Prime Fleet. What's the problem? Now then, Insurgents are a single group opposed to GALCOM. We are ONE fleet and one fleet only as defined by the manual and higher sources. Yes we have Squadrons to perform specific tasks. If someone would rather join Wraith Fleet than an Insurgent Strike Squadron , well it's just a name thing. (edit one insulting statement) I haven't seen much on them but I feel EarthCom is about the same way. Earthcom is a FLEET. That is all. A fleet. The Earth's security forces but still a single fleet. If EarthCom wants to have Squads for specific tasks great! Go for it. Insurgents are. Disreagrding resource issues, Galcom Prime = Insurgent Fleet in the level of general heirarchy. ISS fleet , WRAITH fleet, and ORION fleet = Insurgent Squadrons. What's the Problem? If you can't figure out the similarities well I'm sorry. If ISS , WRAITH,, and ORION choose to develop squads that is great. I don't think Insurgent could break down any more but that is part of the script no? Underdog and all that. But quit screwing around with things when we had it all figured out. There is a time to be diplomatic and a time to make a decision. Diplomacy is OVER with. People have had PLENTY of time to state their wishes. Make a DECISION. I beleive I have a firm grasp of things as they stand. If I don't feel free to lambast me till i am hanging on to an airlock by my finngertips but this is the way I feel. Commander Chavik ICV PHOENIX [This message has been edited by Charles Lindsey (edited 10-10-98).]
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