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  1. I guess this is the last half of the last season starts Jan 16? Dunno, I'm so confused. However, there are more webisodes up on the website. Four episodes so far. Pretty neat. Classic "all trapped in a raptor and start dying one by one" thing.
  2. I've already seen it. It's watchable. I can reply here or start a proper movie thread. Depends on how many spoilers you want. This forum is very good at not giving spoilers but this time might be an exception.
  3. Thanks Quazar and Sho! Wow, how did I miss this? Oh, I know, I was in school on my birthday. Thanks again!! P.S. A June b'day is GREAT! Evenly spaced from Christmas so ya don't get shortchanged on gifts.
  4. So sad. I liked his stuff. "Seven words you can't say on TV", "Stuff", plays on words. Great stuff.
  5. Uh oh. Just saw a trailer where he woke up in a hospital and was "like this". Scoured through Yahoo! trailers and he's been like this for 80 years. SC; I hate you.
  6. 7/10 Tight little movie. Good comedy.
  7. Bingo!!! I liked the TV show so I enjoyed the references to it in the movie. In addition there was lots of action that flowed with the story. Others (yourself perhaps?) are more purist to the comic so didn't enjoy it as much. Wellllllllll, since YOU said it. Yeah, look at it through new eyes and try to like it. If you don't like it you just don't. You were very gracious in saying it was tons better than the 2003 version. I like this kind of discussion. Give me something and I'll give you something. Fantastic Four just wasn't a good movie to me in the first place. I had no idea about Victor VonDooms origin. Fantastic Four 2 was only an inch better; though the swapping powers thing was kinda cool. This is why I'm thinking Hancock will be cool. Tortured and complex guy who is generally good but upset about something. Feel free to comment in the Trailer - Hancock thread. He hasn't responded yet. He's probably apoplectic and is considering teknocack; have a good one and continue to respond. Feel free to respond to any other thread.
  8. Ok so I don't know how to make the little dot they use but this looks great. Wall-E Trailers and clips. Not usually a big Pixar fan. Toy Story was ok. Toy Story II was sort of ok. The Incredibles was wonderful! (couldn't go for the pun) I haven't seen or been interested in anything else. I love robot movies. I loved Short Circuit I & II. I love the old B movies where the heroes dig out the last working robot on Earth and save the planet. I loved I Robot with Will Smith even though they smashed so much Asimov together it was unreal. Looking forward to this. Starts June 27th.
  9. I never read any superhero comics as a kid. I am familiar with the Hulk from the TV show though. I liked how they did the set up during the opening credits with the flashbacks. In my opinion Ironman had way too long of a setup (though I did appreciate it since I never read the comic) and just lacked some indefinable quality. It's all personal taste though. Ironman was good. I just thought Hulk was better. The story flowed better to me.
  10. wow 9/10 That was pretty frickin darn good. I've read pieces that the movie is closely modeled to the TV show with Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. This works. I used to watch the show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno as a kid. I remember bits and pieces. The movie starts by showing snippets of the original procedure/accident (like the TV show I seem to remember) and then the destruction the Hulk caused in that first incident. Then it shows Bruce Banner being a fugitive and it builds from there. Loved it. Better than Ironman.
  11. Ding, ding, ding!!! Absolutely right. That's why my review was short and sweet; well, at least short . It's Indiana Jones. The plot and action held together fairly well.
  12. LOL!!!!! OK!! Ok. <catches breath> I cry uncle. Starts July 2nd
  13. I honestly don't think so. Wild Wild West had a reputation to live up to (albeit shaky as in campy cheesy show) but this is new. We've had (mentally) tortured superheroes before (Batman, Wolverine). We've had superheroes with angst (teen angst; Spiderman) but we haven't had a totally depraved superhero. That is just too funny!!! (To me! ) A depraved superhero. Do you get the inherent joke? I can't make the unenthusiastic desire to see it but I hope you will be pleasanty surprised if you do see it. When I see it and if it IS a Wild Wild West disaster I will be bitterly disappointed and let you guys know. Sturryz: So far as the plot goes it is bad (errrrm, well intentioned but bumbling and depraved) guy does good. Where have we seen that? Pitch Black (wherein bad and depraved, but not bumbling, guy does good) maybe? Same old same old. It's the storytelling. Hope you enjoy the movie. I hope I do too; I'm looking forward to it.
  14. Straightforward Indiana Jones movie. Just entertaining. 8/10
  15. http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_picture...um_trailer.html A better trailer. Way cool.
  16. Final Season premieres tonight.
  17. What the Frak is going on? Eight Minute update that catches you up to Season Four. Spoken really quickly like the legal disclaimers at the end of radio car ads. Sc might even like it. It's fairly funny but informative.
  18. Decent, watchable, enjoyable. Not great, but not bad. At least the guys didn't wind up in Beastmaster loincloths! Lots of mysticism. Basically; guy gets girl, guy loses girl to slave raiders, guy chases girl across an unknown continent that has glaciers, a tropical jungle, and a hot, arid desert. <insert Spock raising one eyebrow smilie>
  19. I'm starting to see TV ads for this. Still looks cool to me. Premieres February 14.
  20. We? Something you haven't mentioned Eclipse?
  21. At first, I didn't want to like this. It displayed the 'roid rats and displayed the WWW guys too much. Ok, I know they changed their initials due to a lawsuit but it's the WWF or the "Wrestling Orginization". Something like that. Anyhoo, the 'roid rats are the standard blockers and real people compete against them/each other for the points. In other words, Guy A runs a gauntlet in 10 secs and Guy B runs the same gaunlet in 9 seconds then Guy B get 10 points. They run several legs like this and the guy with the most points wins. It is enjoyable. Then I realized it was on several years ago as well. They have resurrected it.
  22. http://www.jumperthemovie.com/ This looks cool.
  23. Here's a better site. http://nanaca.narr.as/ It's version 1.07. The starting arrow thing goes a tad slower. Specials are cool but Combos are great. I hate the girl that stops you if you land on her. Ughh. 6989.43. Still not as good as Kalshion though. Interesting diversion for a bit.
  24. *Bump* 3239.56 m Just popped in my head and I had to go find it.
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