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  1. Starts tomorrow. Well, at 11:59 PM which technically will throw it to Friday. I don't think I can do the midnight thing but I will certainly see it this weekend.
  2. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17952631/ quote:Shifting dust storms on Mars might be contributing to global warming there that is shrinking the planet's southern polar ice caps, scientists say. Computer simulations similar to those used to predict weather here on Earth show that the bright, windblown dust and sand particles affects MarsÔÇÖ albedoÔÇöthe amount of sunlight reflected from the planetÔÇÖs surface. The research, detailed in the April 5 issue of the journal Nature, suggests these albedo variations play an important role in the climate of Mars. It could also potentially explain how global dust storms are triggered on the red planet.
  3. To paraphrase SC (I think) I'm a sucker for anything Sci Fi. I liked it. Just saw it on my tape. Starbuck is back. For real? Or a 6/Baltar type hallucination? I did miss the "next season's" preview. Usually "next week's episode" deal. The tape cut off early. I guess I can get that from the website. I hope it makes 5 seasons. Or at least wraps up nicely. The two hours pegasus movie sounds cool too.
  4. quote:Originally posted by stingray: Let's just say, CRTs are on the same track as vinyl records and floppy disks and will slowly but surely disappear. I'll give you that one with the emphasis on slowly. Did you know they still make vinyl records? There was an article recently on the few surviving manufacturers. My parent's 42" (I think) Vegatron went out. Non repairable with a bad picture tube. Shame, it was only ten years old too. They got an LCD and are quite happy with it. I've seen it and I must say I can't tell the difference from a CRT. Blacks are good etc., etc.
  5. They killed Starbuck? Scriv prolly loves that! Betcha the Cylon Bogie captured her and she shows again. Maybe not, who knows?
  6. It's kinda like whether one likes Jerry Seinfeld and/or Monty Python. Personally, I don't like either. I don't think I would like this film. Lots of people may though.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: Nope they aren't dead yet but they are on life support. I wouldn't call nearly 70% of the world market on life support. However, I will admit they are getting long in the tooth and will need life support soon. I will also admit I didn't even look at LCD's so I can't argue that point either. Are the blacks as deep as CRT? Maybe next go around (ten years?) I'll look at LCD if the prices are comparable.
  8. http://tech.msn.com/products/article.aspx?...655288&GT1=9233 I just bought a 32" Sharp TV myself.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LKsdU_nKO8...related&search= you tube with the exclusive 7:31 trailer. Pretty good action sequence. DON'T watch if you consider it a spoiler. http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/spiderman3...F2HGvkd9qhfVXcA The Yahoo! Spiderman page with the same thing in Quicktime. It wouldn't work for me. Too jerky and I got a 3 meg connection. The beastie is starting to show its age. Be sure to click View>Fit to Screen if Quicktime looks like it ought to be on a 52" Imac.
  10. Snicker. http://tvbb.zap2it.com/showflat.php?Cat=0&...ge=0#Post674220 This is a forum post that links to a MySpace vid.
  11. If this is still a minor child you could take the time to contact the Dept. of Human Resources, Child Protective Services, or wahtever it is called yourself. Otherwise you could put him in touch with a church. You could also do a Dear Abby and try to convince him to see a school counselor.
  12. Coolness. Great movie after you get the first 20 minutes done. Evenly paced and some may consider it slow but I thought it was just right. It was deliciously twisted and delightfully convoluted. There are no car chases, one explosion, and no gore unless you consider blood from gunshot wounds gore and one burnt corpse. It is a good mystery for those who like to guess at the plot but explains itself at the end for those who don't. I got it just from word of mouth and it was a nice surprise. 9/10
  13. Cool deal. Wish I could walk into something like that. Now comes the good part so you don't get burned. Unless you know the history inspect the car. Brakes, timing belt, anti freeze, CV boots and anything else you can think of that may have been neglected by a guy who was mad at a car because it had electrical probelms. Good luck with it.
  14. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070105/tc_nm/timewarner_dvd_dc "Warner, LG embrace dual-format DVD technology" This seems like a good spot though I swear there was another Blu-Ray thread started by SC. The first article I saw today announced an LG player that supported both formats. This article mentions that and also mentions that discs can support BOTH formats and Warner Brothers is promoting those as well.
  15. http://www.nbc.com/Video/rewind/full_episodes/heroes.shtml Dunno how long it will last but all episodes are streaming. The mid season premiere is Jan 22.
  16. It wasn't so bad. I don't get the Star Wars reference. Really, I don't. I mean; how many other mentor/prot├®g├® stories have there been? Star Wars doesn't hold the patent on that. The effects were good. The plot seemed compressed from an Amazon doesn't say how many pages the book is to too short a movie. Perhaps a bit more narration here and there and a couple more scenes and it would have been really good. It isn't nearly so bad as Alone in the Dark. It is more like the also compressed Harry Potter movies though it does fall just a tad shy. I did see either on TV or on MSN.com a clip from his Today show appearance. I believe he started writing it at 15 and was home schooled. I like that he borrowed from Anne McCaffrey's dragons (four legs plus wings) but added his own touches. All in all it is a good popcorn movie. 7/10.
  17. I thought Sho had an event lasting through the 11th. Then again I thought Eclipse had an event as well. I must have been mistaken. Mark the 7th as tentative please till we figure out where everyone is.
  18. It's "inevitable" according to this writer. http://tech.msn.com/products/article.aspx?...umentid=1392930 quote:If you are a hard-core player of virtual worlds like World of Warcraft, Second Life, EverQuest or There, IRS form 1099 may someday soon take on a new meaning for you. That's because game publishers may well in the not-too-distant future have to send the forms--which individuals receive when earning nonemployee income from companies or institutions--to virtual world players engaging in transactions for valuable items like Ultima Online castles, EverQuest weapons or Second Life currency, even when those players don't convert the assets into cash. Scary and ridiculous. PS; seemed politics to me. Feel free to move to Gaming or general chatter.
  19. Oh let's see. Not much. Wasn't in the mood too much. I didn't ask and didn't receive. The one thing I asked for I got, sheets to fit that 20" tall (not really but it's thick) mattress I have. I got another vinyl tractor cover. Like I need it since I built those sheds but it will keep the dust off. The tractor needs a bath first though. A sweater, a carpenter pencil sharpener , wrench holders (Sears 9-65272 if you wanna go look), a magnetic parts picker upper with built in light (9-46946), a magnetic tool/parts mat (9-47086), a magnetic paper towel holder (Handy gourmet of all places; will stick to the shed) and the best and most surprising was a Logitech LX5 cordless optical mouse. The wheel clicks three ways . I hope I gave good stuff. Mom got the usual $40 gift card to Applebee's. They have enough material things really. They are retired and money doesn't fall off trees for them. The brother that gave me the mouse got $20 at Target. Maybe he can get an Xbox game. Or part of one. Dad I got "garage" vac. It's like a central vacuum without all the plumbing. Yeah yeah I just said they have enough material things but this was nice I think. He's been struggling with a regular shop vac. Just some nice little things back and forth and it is the thought that counts right?
  20. Raptor's should not have been possesive; I'll leave it alone. Did you mean "run out of food" was weak? I almost have no idea where I am in relation to you guys! I hope it does well. However, SC's point is getting more and more true. Oh well, space, explosions, robots; what more could a guy want? < G >
  21. Sigh, they finally killed the Pegasus. Wish it would have stayed around longer. I forget if they moved all the vipers and raptor's to the Galactica. I'm noticing they are using the same cut scene with two "new" vipers landing alongside three legacy vipers. That was a good episode with the cylons getting infected. Hope they continue that story arc for a while. Didn't like last week's "boxing" episode. Next week's "run out of food" episode looks to be good though. (I'm a week behind because I have them taped for me. So it might have been Sunday's episode.)
  22. http://news.yahoo.com/comics/overthehedge hehe, catch up while ya can. Yahoo only links back about two weeks.
  23. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Whoa!!! Yeah well, SC's was just the teaser trailer. Check out the new theatrical trailer. Also available at Yahoo! Movies. For Tac, if you follow the IFilm link there is a .wmv tab I think you can use. I could took ten minutes to download though. May 4th. Six more months.
  24. I don't like Will Farrell but this was a nice little movie. Nice pace, nothing over the top. No car chases or shootouts. They could have expanded on the watch some more. It didn't even have to be int the movie at all except for a plot device for the bigger plot device. Anyone who has seen the trailer knows an author is narrating Harold Crick's life while writing a work of fiction. She didn't need the watch. It should have been expanded upon or left out entirely. 7.5/10
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