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  1. http://www.goarmy.com/rotc Looks like ROTC teaches you to become an army man. The side benefits you pushed to the forefront don't seem to be the major goal of the ROTC.
  2. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: I think you should be able to sell for what the market will bear. In any event, profiteering laws are meant to protect against charging insane prices for food/water/supplies during an emergency like a hurricane, war, etc. Poof you're king of the world. It is recently after a major disaster in any part of the world. You would allow a gallon of puddle water to be sold for $10,000?
  3. Hubble is saved! Cool. Of course they have to complete the mission safely but this is great news. quote: Hubble-bound shuttle astronauts have a daunting task ahead of them. Their tasks include: The installation of Wide Field Camera-3, a new camera to amplify HubbleÔÇÖs vision. The replacement of HubbleÔÇÖs batteries, some thermal insulation and a broken guidance sensor. Refurbishment of the HubbleÔÇÖs vital attitude controlling gyroscopes used to orient the space telescope. Only two of the six are in operation. Two are held as spares while two others are broken. The installation of the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph and unprecedented repair of HubbleÔÇÖs Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS), which was never designed to be worked on in space. Using the shuttleÔÇÖs engines to boost Hubble into a slightly higher orbit.
  4. Well, you could always use add/remove and roll back. Maybe a re-install would get it going ok. Then again you may just want to stick with the old one. You could also use the link on this board to reset cookies and see if that helps. The thing I was thinking of before was the setting where IE checks for a new version of the page automatically, every visit, etc. But you are mentioning cookies so I dunno.
  5. Charles Lindsey

    The Doors

    You are NOT on my hit list. See the political thread for my explanation. I like Marche Slave. I like he ENTIRE William Tell Overture, not just the Lone ranger theme. Rhapsody in Blue is to die for.
  6. Charles Lindsey

    The Doors

    Not banned yet. Just be civil. Please? I swore I wouldn't "chase" anybody but...
  7. Neocon is "sorta" ok when used sparingly. Calling people idiots is not. Especially when personalized. "You neocon idiots" To add insult to injury: "The Neocons,who sent American Foreign policy back 30 years,ARE hopefully,Dead." Subject verb match. Oh, you should add a space after a use of a comma. Bush is not dead, just lame. He still has veto power. See? Aramike? Cc don't get too big for your britches. Please keep it civil.
  8. I bought it. Ya think she'd remember the guy. No over the top time paradoxes. Good for a rainy Sunday afternoon. I'll igve it an 8 as well.
  9. Isn't there a tick box for deleting stuff after the session is over? Perhaps in one of the advanced tabs if it isn't on one of the obvious places.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: Rumsfeld needed to resign... True, but the timing is most embarrassing.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Oh, btw, Rumsfeld has resigned. So who didn't see that coming? Stay the Course. Cut and Run. Last Throes. He'll serve out his term. (Bush's Term; however these things work) It actually surprised me. I figured Bush would be enough of a weenie to keep him and perhaps he would have. Maybe Rumsfield resigned on his own.
  12. The only thing I miss is the fly outs in the sub folders. Now you have to click to get them to expand and they stay that way. Plus, the "Clear Type" has subtly but noticeably changed my fonts. I'm not really fond of that but I'm getting used to it. I've done the fine tune thing but it didn't help much. Perhaps when I get my new eyeglasses prescription things will be better.
  13. It's from September. Just copy the text of SC's link and throw it in Yahoo or Google.
  14. Mars rover Spirit increasingly dis-spirited with mission.
  15. http://www.flustar.com/front.asp Pretty neat. Track the flu. Bunch of common sense stuff to help stay healthy.
  16. Finally got my copy. It was on the upstairs tape that doesn't get recycled as quickly. Scriv no longer gets credit for "Indestructible Cheerleader". Still cool though. They are slowly converging. Should be neat.
  17. Oh. Yeah I suppose there is that. Cool nickname he gave her though.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Scrivener: Pissed off Indestructable Cheerleader Snicker. Phantom Mirror Killer Girl With Super Genius Son isn't too bad. Mind Reader Cop, meh. Doped Up Visionary painter, decent. Denies He Can Fly Boy needs to embrace it. I think I missed this week. Haven't seen it on my tapes. I'll have to dig it up.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: He requested to be removed from the board, and his request was approved and acted upon. I knew it was something like that. That sound right.
  20. quote:Originally posted by HorseloverFat: Unless,of course, he requested that his profile be removed. If that's the case, I appoligize to the forum. But I don't believe it. It was that or he left a nasty parting shot. As I said, I don't remember. Sorry about the egg thing. My own private joke. Eggs came before chickens.
  21. The egg of course. It explains it perfectly. He left in a huff and got permabanned. Exactly like I just said.
  22. I do think Nomad left of his own accord. However, it seems the door got slammed shut behind him, hence the unregistered. That's about all I remember.
  23. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: Is it just me or does anyone else think that Adalla is hooked? Welcome to our addiction, Cadet. Nah, he's not hooked. That can't be diagnosed till he pulls up a dead thread.
  24. Bump! Premiere tonight. 9/8C then a repeat directly after. Since both are two hours I'm guessing they are playing the premiere twice. Lessee, they found new Caprica, the cylons landed and took over, the existing fleet jumps out. Hope it's good and all of SC's dire predictions don't come true.
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