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  1. Interdictors were chosen for their speed. As fast as they are PTA's are faster. Spectre could not find a chink in their armor.
  2. I've started school again and got an A on my first test. 100/100 actually. I missed two but got the bonus question correct for a 97. Then I had a question about the wording of one of the questions and the whole class said they were confused on that particular one so he gave us all that one. I pulled several people from a B to an A I think. I'd like to think that if someone had told me there were classes like this after the difficult preliminaries I would have stayed. Only taking one course right now to get my feet wet again. Now I have to check on the employer's reimbursement plan. Perhaps I'll take two next semester.
  3. Smoking or drinking through a straw (both suction) will do it too.
  4. Hmmm, I have always sort of interchanged the two. Even though it's Auburn University; University of Alabama; or Jefferson State Community College where I am going now. And yes I may have to go remedial. Even though my high school diploma was "advanced academic" the subjects weren't up to par with entry level college so I got lost my first year. So for me it is probably back to Math 100 Algebra so I can start over. In my handbook the 2 year degrees are X of Applied Science. That's the one that is complete after two years. The Associates Degrees are the ones where you can go on for your Bachelors.
  5. Is there a difference between "college" and "university"? My local two year college has courses for a two year degree but that is all you get. They also have courses for a two year degree that are designed to transfer to a four year "college". However, Auburn University where I first attended was a 4 year instituion. You can do either if the 4 year insttitution accepts you. Starting back myself. I signed up for one class this semester to get my feet wet again. I'll probably have to go back to math 100 though and start over with algebra.
  6. It has a wikipedia entry. The "space race" was brought on by a feeling of panic (of America) when the Soviets launched Sputnik. We caught up and "won". Actually, I think it just kind of fizzled out. Some sort of race will always be going on yes. I think we're racing against the Chinese now.
  7. quote:Sy Schlueter, chief executive of investment house Copernicus in Hamburg, said Wal-Mart had trouble winning over German consumers, who tend to be very price-focused and would rather drive to a different store if they know they can buy something cheaper. National discounters such as Lidl GmbH and Aldi Einkauf GmbH put the heat on Wal-Mart's sales, he said, by offering the same products at competitive prices. From the article. I rarely do Wally World. They are not that competitive.
  8. I went to E-Bay and bought a Digital Press Kit ; whatever that is. Hopefully it's the movie. Perhpas a "making of". Maybe only the clips I've seen in new stories. Will be interesting.
  9. "They" (the local govt) have now leased/sold one of our county landfills. Citizens used to be charged $3 for garbage. Now it's $3+ for over 100 lbs. My father replaced his roof and was charged hella for the weight. Wait a cotton pickin minute; my taxes paid for that landfill, the upkeep, the buildings, and the equipment. They used to let a citizen bring one roof or carpet in every so often for the same $3. Yup, Soback is right. We don't have toll roads (yet) down here but I've seen it with the landfill. I remember when Japan was an economic powerhouse though and bought New York. Back then we were scared that they were going to buy the whole US out from under us in retaliation for WWII.
  10. Hubble's main camera goes out. Uh oh. If that thing fried I guess it's a no save situation. Not even linked from space.com yet. Hope that url stays good for a bit.
  11. You lose that bet. I was playing with Lionel trains and my father's Erector set before Superfriends came on. I'll watch it. Good or bad I'll let you know. Even if good it will tank at the box office. Trust me; this will be a train wreck.
  12. Bad? So bad you can almost understand what they were trying to do? Tank Girl. " target=_blank">http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114614/ Army of Darkness is pretty good for a B-Movie. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106308/
  13. Get the new quicktime with ITunes. Install. Don't let ITunes access the internet. Do not agree to the agreement. Immediately go to control panel and remove ITunes. Spiffy new quicktime without ITunes. Cage is creepy. His haircut makes him look too young. The trailer is bleh except for some neat flame effects.
  14. There was no big monster, only a concept as the bad guy.
  15. It checked it. I'm verified. I don't let it talk to mama no more. I could live with after patches. Then again the patch ought to verify during the patching process.
  16. This starts tomorrow 05/01/06 at 7:00 Central. It's up against Prison Break, 24, and Apprentice but that's why they invented VCR's. Yahoo! tv listing has it showing twice with the same episode # so dunno. Perhaps they are airing it twice for the network junkies.
  17. Done! Nothing like 11th hour filing huh? I should have read my own thread and I could have done the free state taxes too. Oh well. State Refund almost doubled. ???? Hope I don't have an incorrect entry. Still less than a thousand refund though so it should be ok. I gotta get to work so I can use the printer and finish and print the thing.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Grayson: Nope, it will be back in October! Sorry. That's my fault. Nielson ratings sent me five crisp new dollar bills and a week long viewing diary. This diary had a comments section. I told them BSG ought to be on networks and I'd watch it every time. They probably got the big head because of that and scheduled it for prime time prime season. Don't worry though, I also told them more shows ought to have an ENDING (I.E. ST Voyager) and not just disappear with loose ends. I did think it was good ending and that was quite a twist.
  19. This begins again Tuesday. I'm pumped. They got rid of the baby family edition and are going back to teams of two going all over the world. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/amazing_race9/
  20. That Billy was one tall young man. Didn't see the Lee Dee thing coming except for the one thing in the work out room. I'll have to watch Friday's again. I just let it play in the background.
  21. Whoops. Haven't seen the tape yet. Oh well. I'll learn not to check this thread before then. Last week's was good. Scar. Almost felt bad for the poor old thing. At least they're hinting about going back to Caprica. Wonder when they will destroy the Pegasus? Good plot device for now but with the Resurrection ship gone they don't quite need it. I also wonder if the ratings are good enough to keep it going. If they find Earth or someplace good enough. If it gets canned I wonder if they will do a snappy wrap it up like Voyager? Guess I'll find out like everyone else. (Goes off to order Season 2)
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