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  1. After I loaded the RC16 patch, it started asking for my CD-Key when I try to get on the online server.
  2. SC, I have downloaded and re-downloaded the RC15 patch and it is giving me a message Unable To Locate Component: This application has failed to start because d3dx9_25.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. I have re-installed and it is still giving this message. Before I start from scratch, just wanted to see if I may be doing something wrong during the installation process.
  3. I am having the same problem with trying to replace my Main Computer after I bought a new Mainframe on the Starstation but the replace icon isn't lit.
  4. Yes thats what it is the ACM Campaign. Its been so long since I played it I forgot what it was called Sorry.
  5. Well that was 3 computers ago and one slow process. After the 7 mission the speed of the game slows down and it takes forever to play it but I went through it.
  6. After 3 long years since I bought the BC3000ad version and finished it I finally found BCMG and I bought it and loaded it and now I am back in the groove of things. I hope to get the chance to chat with some of you soon and even meet in the MP sometimes. I hope everyone will welcome me in.
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