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  1. After I loaded the RC16 patch, it started asking for my CD-Key when I try to get on the online server.
  2. SC, I have downloaded and re-downloaded the RC15 patch and it is giving me a message Unable To Locate Component: This application has failed to start because d3dx9_25.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. I have re-installed and it is still giving this message. Before I start from scratch, just wanted to see if I may be doing something wrong during the installation process.
  3. Merry Christmas Everyone (watching my kids open their presents)
  4. Ok, I checked in and am accounted for. but I feel so stupid after a couple of tries.
  5. I just went in and it is giving me a (parse error).
  6. OK so when it does that, what do we do just come here right?
  7. Good luck Kalshion. Make a quick return man.
  8. As of today at 1400 hrs I am officially online with everything i needed to be on MP and to start and finish my training. So lets get started
  9. I am still trying to get UC. It looks like I am going to have to get it online. I still can't get on MP for BCMG. It keeps saying server not detected. HELP
  10. Hello everyone. I am back from nullspace and ready to get started back in my training.
  11. I am having the same problem with trying to replace my Main Computer after I bought a new Mainframe on the Starstation but the replace icon isn't lit.
  12. Well I agree with that. Who is actually here for a free ride anyway? I'm not. Lets get OUR web site back up and running. Merry Christmas Prime Fleet.
  13. (wiping the slob from my mouth) HUH! Oh yea, I'm here too
  14. Osjuanc


    Yes welcome. Nice to have some company when we get our HQ back meet me in the Bar for a
  15. Here and ready to go I've got a fire under me right now.
  16. Osjuanc


    Hey what's going on with the P.F. HQ. I can't get in the front door
  17. Hello everyone in Prime Fleet. I am very interested in joining your Fleet. I am willing to go by your rules and regulations and eager to learn more about our universe. Please conside me for membership. Thank you
  18. Yes thats what it is the ACM Campaign. Its been so long since I played it I forgot what it was called Sorry.
  19. Well that was 3 computers ago and one slow process. After the 7 mission the speed of the game slows down and it takes forever to play it but I went through it.
  20. After 3 long years since I bought the BC3000ad version and finished it I finally found BCMG and I bought it and loaded it and now I am back in the groove of things. I hope to get the chance to chat with some of you soon and even meet in the MP sometimes. I hope everyone will welcome me in.
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