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  1. he actually can't have sex anymore--with anything. He is diabetic and now has this strange condition called arachnoiditis, that is deteriorating his lower spine...if his sexual preference is a test, then he's getting a lot of help!
  2. Yes, you are correct. And it was the men that were trying to have sex with the angels there. My point is, if you believe in God and the Bible, then you must believe that God does not approve of homosexuality. The scriptures are clear on this matter. So its hard to believe that humans are born that way. -------------------- yes, I do believe in God and the Bible, but I also believe that God is a lot more loving then men and women are. To me, God made everything the way it is according to His Perfect Plan. I admit that it is hard to accept even for me that people are born that way, but I just don't discount that possibly yet. In time, I'm sure humanity will understand why things are the way they are...I am looking forward to that day. My Uncle, (who is completely gay) claims to have been born that way, is one of the most loving christians you'll ever meet...I am unsure as to how his belief system has evolved so that he does not condemn himself. It is hard for me to see God codemn him to hell...that's a hard thing for me to think about. I just have to put God's will ahead of my own, and trust that His judgement is better than my own. I appreciate all the replies I have been getting on this topic, I have learned a lot more about it and have been provoked to thinking about it a lot. I really feel that I know more about it then I ever had. Thanks everyone!
  3. Politicians never seem to remember what they've done and where they've been! LOL! I would probably lie about it to if that is what I had done!
  4. sodomy is one of them...they also tried to have sex with the angelic messengers there
  5. interesting article, by the way, I hadn't heard of that
  6. I can't argue with that. The only thing that got me fired up initially is the comparison between gays and pedophiles...I just don't understand the logic. Gays aren't predatorial...at least not any more than heteros. I do understand it based on sexual attraction, but that seems flimsy to me when I think of rapists (a better comparison,in my view to pedophiles)
  7. Don't worry, I am not trying to convince you that gay marriage should be legal. It is obvious that no one can...and that's fine. The reality of the matter is that pedophiles aren't asking for equal rights, nor are beastiality doers. I doubt they could even if gay marraige was legal. And yes, I am saying that sexual attraction is built into us when we are born. Its in the DNA...it unlocks when we hit puberty, and it is natural...even if it isn't considered normal. Primates are not naturally monogomus, and humans are in a state of trying to trancendend our natural tendencies-by denying that they exist. That's even true for your hurt friend, who now prefers males...he might be in a state of heterosexual denial, and isn't naturally gay...but that doesn't mean that all gay people are just mentally challenged.
  8. Silk-upon further thought, I'd like to ammend my question how do you know that these people weren't made that way...blah, blah, blah... It seems to me that that is an impossible question to answer; as I am a believer that we were made with free will, and are co-creators of this reality (including ourselves). We all (including God) made ourselves this way...
  9. when I got married, it was my declaration to God and man that the woman I loved and I were promising to spend the rest of our lives together. Had nothing to do with kids or property...only a promise. Marriage, to me, is a symbol of two souls declaring their unity-their oneness; and pleging their lives together based on that unity. Kids are a perk! Silk, how do you know that these people weren't born that way? You seem convinced otherwise!
  10. All of us seem to be taking things out of context...it's kinda fun!
  11. Incest had to be the "norm" back in the day when there was only Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel...and?... You took my words out of context leaving out the part where pedephiles are predatorial people, that prey on the innocence of others...how does that compare (logicaly) to homosexuality and incest? Besides it being a non-heterosexual reality? Pedephiles are more comparitable to rapists as far as I can tell. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a homosexual advocate--nor am I a condemner, I just think that denying harmless people equal rights isn't a good idea. That may be outside of the "normal" opinion, but that's what's great about this country...I can have any opinion I want! hehe Anyway, thx for your reply as this is a touchy topic, and both sides have valid arguments.
  12. Its hard for me to understand the comparison between homosexuality and pedophile/beastiality. There is one dramatic difference: Homosexuals are consentual...meaning that both parties agree with sharing intimacy. Unlike a child, who has no idea what intimacy is...pedophiles are predators. Does a donkey agree to getting it from a human? I just don't agree with that comparison...
  13. Hello, and welcome to all the newcomers. As a newcomer myself, I'd like to introduce myself: Hi, my name is Sorren, Commander of the Emp. Mercenary Vessel UCV Manic. I enjoy long walks on the beach and playing tennis....oh, wait wrong forum for that hehe... --ahem... ...anyhow, I am very grateful that a game like this exists, because this is the first space game that actually simulates commanding a starship accurately, with all the abilities of exploration, economy, and managment involved...not to mention combat as well. Thank you very much, SC for all your hard work! Because of you, my 4 year old boy knows what a jumpgate and a wormhole are!
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