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  1. Hiya, I thought about adding a few more servers on machines which are basically 1 hop away from my country's backbone and would be very playable throughout europe. However, I can't - UC is eating up CPU cycles like [email protected] Is there any chance of a future patch making the server less greedy? I have no problems with UC using 20% of a 2GHz CPU, but 100% is not feasible for machines that are supposed to also do something else. And yes, I tried the console server, the graphical server, in fullscreen and as a little window, and running minimized. No joy.
  2. Thanks for the appreciation, it's.. um.. appreciated
  3. As for how I lost my vessel, I just Alt-E -ed out of it. This worked fine in this new version, however my command craft was gone thereafter.I was floating in space, and checked really thorougly if maybe I overlooked my own ship. It really wasn't there anymore. Other than that, so far I did not experience crashes anymore. We'll see how the server keeps up today though.
  4. I wasn't trying to cover myself, Fox. It's a known fact that every version up to RC7 crashes at least once a day. Sadly I have to click that damn error message away to have the batch file restart the server. As for a free dedicated server package, I don't think this would help to alleviate the lack of servers. You don't need the CD in the drive anymore anyway, and the chances of someone donating machines and bandwidth without playing the game himself are close to zilch.
  5. Good to hear you're working on MP, SC. I hope that the next version doesn't crash as easily as RC1-RC7. Then, we'll just have to round up more players. EDIT: Oh and I didn't mean that in an inflammatory way. Stabilizing multiplayer code is among the hardest things to do. Anyone who expects a networked game to be rock-stable out of the box with nowadays development cycles is either insane or has no clue what he's talking about. [ 03-05-2004, 12:17 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  6. Drat, hoxdna.org is down until I get home to reactivate that frikkin' network card which I disabled by accident. Sorry, my fault. EDIT: It's up again, just in case you didn't notice [ 03-07-2004, 09:00 AM: Message edited by: Werewolf ]
  7. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: uhm, how do you know its dead? That friendly exception popup told me that. Call it a hunch
  8. When I run it with /console -s, it dies at "Load completed, Standby" everytime.
  9. Alright, alright. BTW, I've now set allow_ag=0 to see if maybe that helps stability. I'll yell if it does.
  10. Please do NOT make repetitive posts about the same thing. I *GOT* the report. Thanks! [ 02-11-2004, 06:41 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  11. Is your IP 80.111.10.* ? If yes, then it works
  12. Here's a dedicated server crash that happens on 2 totally different machines running win2k. Both using FX 5600 cards and the detonator drivers listed in my profile. I don't know any exact steps to reproduce this, except to just run a server overnight with a few people joining and leaving. It will work for several hours, then it'll just crash. Screenshot SC, I suggest setting up a public ded. server with debugger running in background. Let people join, keep the server running for a few days (not just hours) and wait for the crash to happen. Without debugger running this is not going to get us anywhere. EDIT: Command line for server: @start ucmp.exe -n -x1 -s Config: ; this is a comment line [server] ; set this to 1 if a private fleet server server_fleet=0 ; this is the name that shows up in the server browser window server_name=hoxdna.org ; this message is displayed on successful connection to server server_welcome_message=Welcome To My UC Server ; the IP of the server. If behind a router and setting up an internet server, check router for the IP address server_ip=localhost ; the server port. If hosting a server behind a firewall, be sure to open this port! server_port=2302 ; set password to prevent clients from connecting to private server. NO spaces allowed in password server_password= ; set to 1 if a dedicated server and client on same machine cannot connect server_dedicated=1 ; set to 1 for internet server or 0 for LAN server server_type=1 ; max number of clients that can connect to the server. This should depend on server hardware and bandwidth! server_client_limit=16 ; limit kilobits (Kbps) packets sent to/from the server depending on bandwidth. Set to 0 for no limit server_bandwidth_limit=4 ; limit the max client connection type ; 0=no max, 1=modem(28800), 2=isdn(64000), 3=cable(256000), 4=dsl(128000), 5=lan(1500000), 6=ti(1500000) server_maxconnection=5 [game] ; delay (in secs) before client is allowed to spawn after being killed spawn_time=20 ; delay (in secs) before client is allowed to enter game world after connecting start_delay=20 ; set to 1 in order to have balanced teams. Players are picked at random and switched auto_team_switch=0 ; set to 1 to enable friendly fire damage from weapons. Does not affect explosion damage friendly_fire=1 ; set percentage of damage to apply to player if friendly fire is off friendly_fire_penalty=0 ; set to allow the display of friendly TTDs in cockpit, fp and tacops friendly_ttd=1 ; set to allow the display of hostile TTDs in cockpit, fp and tacops hostile_ttd=1 ; set to allow the display of neutral TTDs in cockpit, fp and tacops neutral_ttd=1 ; set NPC autogeneration on the server. Use with caution due to performance reasons !! allow_ag=1 [game.scenarios] scenario0000=scenario0000 [ 03-15-2004, 07:12 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  13. With VNC (http://www.realvnc.com) Oh and meant that the crashes are certainly not features, not VNC.
  14. Well, mine crashes about 3 times a day. I check back remotely every now and then, but it's certainly not a feature
  15. Planet rendering is definitely not UC's strongest point, at least when compared against the beauty of Orbiter (www.orbitersim.com) which uses extremely high-res textures that really make use of that 128Meg gfx card you probably don't have Then again, I really didn't buy UC because of the graphics. And Orbiter really is a space flight simulation (albeit a free one), not a game.
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