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  1. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: The installer [installshield Express] checks for WIN95 or WIN98. Back then WIN2K and WINXP were not out yet. I have no idea if there is a commandline parameter to pass to the SETUP.EXE in order to get it to ignore this OS check. Oh well. I was hoping you knew how it checked for it, but that's how it goes. I'll play with shims for a while and see if I can't fool it. Or maybe I'll find a buddy with Win98, get him to install it, and send me the result. Does the game install anything in the registry, or in directories other than the installation target directory? Thanks for your help.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: And the downloadable version does NOT require a CDROM. If it asks for it, then the person installing it did NOT read the readme file AT ALL. I can't even get that far; the installer complains that my opsys "is not adequate" and won't install anything. Now if I could just find the right shims to fool the installer into thinking it's on Win95/98... Do you happen to know what specific system characteristic the installer checks to see if the opsys is "adequate"? If I knew that, finding the right shim in System Compatibility Toolkit would be a breeze. Oh, and thanks for taking the time to post on this thread. I know that 2.x and 1.x are unsupported, so helping out here qualifies as above and beyond the call of duty.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Spindoktor: Official Frontier siteThanks!
  4. $ilk: Thanks! I eagerly await your results. Cmdr Chavik: Thanks for offering to do that! I'll gladly pay you for media and shipping costs. Before doing it, though, it would be a good idea to get permission from the Supreme Commander; after all, it's his IP and he has the right to say how it can be used. Copyright law can have odd implications. For instance, I think that program X can be offered both as freeware and as retail and it can be legal to copy one but not the other. Hmmm...one more thing...I assume I can get patches on the net to bring it up to 2.09, but what about a manual?
  5. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Chavik: Try this old thread. Last post. Right. I read that one. He installed it from the CD, patched it, fixed the CD-asking problem, and was able to run it from Start->Run... My problem is not that I can't run it after installation...I can't even get it to install. I suspect that the freeware installer performs a system check that the CD version does not. That's why I'm looking for a way to fool the installer into thinking it's on Win98 (the Windows built-in Compatibility Mode setting has no effect)...or for someone to zip up an already installed freeware version for me.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Marvin: Try here. That would provide me another space sim*, but it doesn't solve my specific legacy problem. Thanks anyway. * But then, so would Starfleet Command I or II, or Vega Strike (once I fix the code), or Frontier (which I've now found and got working), or to a lesser extent the X-Wing and Wing Commander series. I'm not committed to the Battlecruiser series yet as I haven't seen any of the games in action. Will the BCM demo run on WinXP? Is there a UC demo? Is it worth a 12 hour download at 28.8K to try?
  7. I read in one of the other threads that someone had gotten V2.0 to run under XP...however he was starting from a CD release rather than the v.209 freeware. I tried compatibility mode for Win95, Win98/ME, Win2K. No dice. The installer says "the operating system is not adequate". Can anyone suggest a way to fool the installer so it'll run? Failing that, would someone be willing to zip up their freeware 2.09 (i.e. post-install files) and post a torrent for it? Or does it have registry settings and DLL installs in windows etc without which it won't run? At this point I'm about ready to give up and move on to other space sims. Vega Strike looks okay, I just have to modify the source code to fix the mouse pointer problem. Or maybe just start an open-source space sim project of my own.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: BC3K 1.0 has very little in common with v2.x. You can find the freeware v2.0x all over the net. Thank you. I am in the process of downloading v2.09 now, to see what the game is all about. Actually, most of the places that used to host v2.09 don't any more. FilePlanet was the only place I could find that officially still has it, and Tucows still has it on their site but has no path from their games page to reach it. Since v1.0 has little in common with v2.x, does that mean it's worth my while to continue to try to find v1.0? Is it possible that if I visit one of the fleet sites, I might find someone willing to (say) seed a BitTorrent of it? Or do you no longer wish to make it available as freeware? In which case I'll stop looking. Thanks again for your assistance. Aside: Were you influenced at all by Elite or Frontier in making BC3000AD? If your game meets or exceeds the playability of Frontier, I'll definitely buy the latest version; I've been looking for a good space sim ever since my Amiga died and my copy of Frontier joined it on the dumpheap.
  9. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Technically though you can download the patched version from Underdogs...Actually, technically you can't. Underdogs doesn't host the file, and their download link points to electricgames.com. Electricgames.com no longer exists (redirects to cd-hut.com) My attempts to use the Internet Archive to retrieve the files failed; I think the Archive has a size limit on files it saves.
  10. I've scoured the 'Net looking for a download of BC3000AD v1.01D without success. I've tried Google, Usenet (through Google), even the Internet Archives. Apparently all the sites that used to have it no longer exist, or no longer carry it. Am I wasting my time looking for it? Is it different enough from v2.09 to be worth acquiring, or is everything in v1.01D in v2.09?
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