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  1. Why are you all mourning? The man lived to be 93! That should be celebrated.
  2. That chasing beaver one is really stupid... Like, I mean really stupid!! Is it that really a Molson Canadian beer commercial, cuz their commercials are actually meant to be retarded like that...?
  3. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: OK, this is interesting to say the least. First read this accounting of events. Then read this forum post by one of the STALKER devs. Wow, I found her website to be touching... And now, several weeks later, I found it was all a shame. Man, I feel like such a goof for falling for that junk. sheesh...
  4. WOW!!! It's THIS very post that got me into Falcon. To think if I had just ignored this thread, on that Monday morning in February, I would have never even heard of this flight sim's development and it's aims to make it modern and better. The Falcon story is a very interesting saga of fan ambition, and I encourage everyone to take the time check it out and read up on it!! ...when you're free from UC or BCM of course
  5. quote:Originally posted by Hellbinder: I have no Doubt now that Sega will introduce a new console within a couple years. Oh hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Bo hahahahahah!! Now isn't that a laugh...
  6. quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: ...Anyway, may I suggest to him that he use Game Commander... I concur Game Commander 2 is the way to go! This game and that piece of software go hand and hand. I'd recommend it to anyone who plays a 3000ad game! ER
  7. Have any of you guys heard of Wulfram II ?? I have been playing this for 2 years now and I love it!! I worked my way up to level 11, so I am now considered a vet. In the last couple of months though, the player pool has been slipping slightly. So, in light of this, we have been asked to spread the news and get more people into this kickass tactical, strategy and action MPOG. If you think the graphics are too outdated for yah, well.... you are missing out and shouldn't really judge a GOOD book by its cover. The gameplay is superb and that's really all you need to ask for. Oh by the way, It is 100% *FREE* So read the sight thoroughly and give it a try...
  8. quote:Originally posted by Hellbinder: actually that is incorrect. Captain america can lift a small car. His strength is enhanced past normal human limits. Cap can lift/press approx 1 Ton. Or 2,000 pounds. *NERD ALERT* VOOT VOOT *NERD ALERT* *NERD ALERT* VOOT VOOT *NERD ALERT*
  9. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: The 9/11 panel is nothing more than a group of political vultures who want to feed their own agendas by using a terrible event... I 2nd that! I totally agree... quote:...a proven technology that can turn any carbon based material into oil... Umm... I missed something? What is this technology !?
  10. Man, I have been playing Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age for the past week or so and I absolutely love the premise of the games. Sneaking around in the dark is just kickass! I really can't see how they could possibly add to this game, as far as game play features go. In fact, I think any major adjustments to the game play scheme would just ruin the concept. Do you think the Thief lead, Randy Smith, stepped down voluntarily or someone fired his ass? Because, With that guy gone, what's stopping people from making this into an 'action-packed-just-like-everyone-else-today' kind of game!? *keeping my fingers crossed*
  11. I hope this thread doesn't turn into an ethnic bashing fest.
  12. Well, one things for sure, the flight combat sim will never get tired. It will probably be perfected again and again until it captures the real thing. And that's nothing to get sad over DeepFreeze. That?s good news to me, only in this regard though... I agree, that all those other genres are just making clones up the wazoo. One genre I wish they would focus more on also is free roam or Exploration.
  13. Wow! I heard about this The Airborne Laser thinger before. I saw it on television. They USAF rep, in the tv program, couldn't show much though, "top secret" sort of dealy. To have that on a fighter, with a rotational mount, would be b*tchin!! Nothing could touch that jet. Well, at least until they develop counter measures against it. For all of you who don?t fill like reading all that, thi is what the ABL does: "The pointing and tracking system tracks the missile and provides launch and predicted impact locations. The turret at the nose of the aircraft swivels towards the target and a 1.5 metre telescope mirror system inside the nose focuses the laser beam onto the missile. The laser beam is locked onto the missile, which is destroyed near its launch area within seconds of lock-on. Where the missile carries liquid fuel, the laser can heat a spot on the missile's fuel tank, causing an increase in internal pressure resulting in catastrophic failure." Cool eh? If that captures your interest, read Mano links provided above.
  14. "...and I would love to see the "oh sh##" face of the first victim before he ate it." ROFL
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