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  1. I have WinMe and I did not have any problems implementing the patch. Also BMCG works very good now on my computer. Merry Christmas
  2. Well for me I┬┤m willing to wait one month or more.
  3. Well for me I┬┤m willing to wait one month or more.
  4. quote: question add by SC so, uhm, how does a sound fix relate to your not being able to see your support units on the planet? I'm so confuse Sorry nothing, I should have open a new topic, but because I could not find anything I just added it there. And yes I in one saved game its inpossible to see the supports units, but only on a planet. this is not important for the moment, first UC. Thanks and Sorry Sorry again
  5. quote:PS. I'm using windows ME and sometimes I get that %^&^%$^#^ blue screen with ERROR (0E)...... problem in kmixer.sys. Had somebody else this problem and what's the solution. I'm looking in google and microsoft but 0% result. Well at last I found the solution in the Microsoft KB, if somebody else has this problem the Solution is a hotfix Q316638.
  6. TO:dannymala, Thanks that is working I can extract my drone this way, but they are still not visible after i deploy them again, even i can not see my shuttle. All the SUPPORT UNITS are invisible on planet. Thanks PS. I'm using windows ME and sometimes I get that %^&^%$^#^ blue screen with ERROR (0E)...... problem in kmixer.sys. Had somebody else this problem and what's the solution. I'm looking in google and microsoft but 0% result. Thanks
  7. Thanks for answering quote: added by BuzzDee And you have a proof that these drones are still down there? Not destroyed or so? (TACTICAL / LOADOUT / SC / DRONES) Yes they are 100% full and I can not see them quote: added by dannymalla Well... you can always send your shuttles down with the extract drone order.....then you'll have them on board agin ready for another deployement.... If the shuttles fail to find the drones they're probably lost or destroyed.... then go to a station and buy replacements.... if you can you'll be sure that your drones are no more; else try again to make your shuttles find them.. Because I could not see them I did not send my shuttle down,but in LOADAOUT they not onboard and full of ore, but I will try it. The other units enemy and friendly I can see. quote: added by Vixef Have you tried this: 1. Go to tacops 2. Zoom to planet where the drones are located 3. Observe planet 4. Zoom to support units -> mining drones should show up. For this to work either your CC have to be in the same region as your mining drones If you read my topic again, the problem is in one savegame i can not see the suppor units on Earth and in the other savegame(new game) I can see them. Thanks Question : is there a problem with the search engine? In the search option SEARCH WORDS I put : SUPPORT UNITS When you get the result of that one I can see that 1) my topic is two times there 2) and the topic from 15 october when you click on it you get something else.
  8. hello, I have 4 mining drones on earth and after updating my video driver I can not see them any more in the TACOPS menu support units I made a new games an put some 2 drone on earth and here I can see them. When your update you video driver or any other driver the saved games are still valid? Before I had de driver and now the Yes I know I should hace search the forum but there is something wrong with this search result here. click on this link and then on the first topic. http://www.3000ad.com/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cg...965-065735-XT2V This is not urgent and I just want to know why.
  9. quote: posted by PugWash I suggest you brows each and every page of the appendix and you'll find what your looking for. or just click on Launch Bases and NAV Links from the appendix menu. Yes I did and there is no information about the planets. quote: posted by PugWash Other than that do a search for navchart.ini and lbases.ini on your computer and open them with WordPad All the equivalent information plus much more is in the BCM/G appendix. BINGO thats is what I want to KNOW, almost the same. Thanks for answering
  10. quote: posted by Enigma that appendix wont work for BCMG, thats for the old BC3000 you should have the appendix already on your harddrive, in the docsappendix folder were ever you installed BCMGYes I know but I don't find the GALACTIC CARTOGRAPHY CHART in the appendix of BMCG Thanks
  11. Hello, I downloaded from http://www.3000ad.com/downloads/bc3k.shtml the file Manual Appendix. The question is in how far are these appendix valid for BCMG version, especially the appendix E GALACTIC CARTOGRAPHY CHART. Thanks
  12. hello, Like you can see in my profile I am using a NVIDIA GEFORCE 2.... with videocard driver version :4.13..01.2942. I don't have any problem with it but I want to upgrade to version 4523. The question is this version is working good? One more question I read in a mail that UC doesn't work with my video card, with good video card should I buy and HOW MUCH $$$$? Thanks
  13. quote: Originally posted by Cmdr Chavik 4) Good tip. You may want to post that in the tips and tricks forum. This is link to the Newbie Discussions Forum. http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...c;f=25;t=000376 Thanks Cmdr Chavik, I should have done this, next time I will do it faster. Thanks Benny
  14. This time I will buy the game in the UK and not here in Spain, NO more problems with translations.
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