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  1. Thanks for replying Derek, but not to be a jerk, but what good does it do to play the game as a space marine on a space station that outruns you? Am I supposed to wait until it catches me from the other side? Besides doesn't that defy a law of Newton that once an object is in motion that it remain in motion. When I am attached to the space station, my velocity is the same as the space station. So when I detach, I should remain at the same velocity, right? Example, theoretically if an astronaut taking a space walk on the space station and the only thing holding him to that space station was a handrail that he was grasping, when he lets go of that handrail, the space station does not go whisking away from him. I am not saying this is a bug, but for a ÔÇ£space simulatorÔÇØ, it is not correct. Ok I donÔÇÖt mean to knit-pick every detail of the game, especially orbital physics. I really enjoy the game and I plan to continue playing it, and UC when it comes out. This just was one of my small irks of the game. By the way, great job on a great game. I have read and followed up on this game since 1999. A sales rep at EB talked me out of buying the game at the time claiming it was full of bugs and unplayable. I bought the game (BCM) last year, and played it while I was deployed on a naval ship on my previous job. I ran the program night and day almost non-stop for 3 months. I lived 8 hours of my daily life doing a normal work shift, and the other 16 in Battle Cruiser world. If I wasnÔÇÖt able to sit in front of the computer, I would park on a moon and mine till I could get back to my computer. Now that I have returned home, I have a ton of questions. So please bear with me.
  2. I played a game as a space marine. It starts with my marine on top of the space station. I take a small step (for man) and a giant leap (for mankind) and the space station starts wisking away from under me. I use my jetpack but it still moves faster than I can keep up with. How do I fix this?
  3. I was reading on msn and Space.com that the aurora's have been seen as far south as Texas, and will continue through the weekend. This was due to the 2nd flare on Wednesday, which they are saying may catch up to the 1st blast on Tuesday. Anyway, I will be looking for them.
  4. Speaking of HUDÔÇÖs, one of the things I donÔÇÖt see on the CC when on a planet is the artificial horizon display. Of course when I get into a shuttle, it has it. Does this exist for the CC? How do you turn it on? It would be useful when I am on the dark side of the moon and I canÔÇÖt visibly see the horizon.
  5. quote: /gives Delta a new asbestos suit /hopes he wears it well Demo is on hold until after UC goes gold./wearing brand new asbestos suit /fits well will be in "hurry up and wait" mode until UC goes gold.
  6. quote: Wildlife (land/sea) are just models and have nothing to do with terrain vegetation. And you'll probably never encounter them unless you are out in the wilderness, since they offer no gameplay benefits.Do you mean I canÔÇÖt take break from blowing up the universe and go hunting?
  7. From what I have read about UC and the screenshots it looks great. I usually hold off buying a new title until it gets official post-release reviews and I get a chance to play the demo, but my pocket has a hole burning in it for this game. Speaking of demo, it is near the end of October. Is there any word on when the demo is being released?
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