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  1. It's in the ucconfig.ini file where you installed the game. Just search for: "PreloadModels" (Without the quotes). Then set it to FALSE. That should work. Had the same problem on another cpu.
  2. YAY! My I don't need to use my workaround for getting my shuttles to collect cargo pods now! But wait! There's more! My shuttles actually tow things now instead of flying up to it and grinning at the poor disabled fool through the window. Multiplay is OMG stable now. It is so much fun! I do LAN mostly sence everyone I know is not online at 3AM. SC, You always contunue to amaze us!
  3. quote: By $iLk That way I don't have a multi-disc install, and I get all the freebies and such with the DVD. Yea, I hate multi disk installs too. 6 CDs! BTW, what is on the DVD that is not on regular? quote: By DeepFreeze: Earthsiege came before starsiege right? Yup. I still have Earthseige and Earthseige 2. Never got a chance to get Starseige. It goes like this: Earthseige, Earthseige 2, Starseige, Starseige Tribes, Tribes 2, and now Tribes Vengence. How they got Tribes out of the whole deal I have no idea, but if they stuck with the mechs we would have a game that would blow that average Mechwarrior away! It's true....onslaught is just so addicting! But I seriously hope UC:E2E will blow it away.
  4. Do you play Unreal Tournament 2004? If so, what do you think about it. I bought it on the day it came out (And BFV too) but due to a crisis I was unable to actually play it until now. I love the idea of vehicles in the game, and they managed to get the game to actually feel right this time around. UT2003 just felt so sucky for some reason. DM, CTF, and all the other gametypes are now a blast to play again. I play alot of BZII (Battlezone 2) and Battlefield, but I love the way they made onslaught! Seems like I had another game from days of old where you would need to control "power nodes"...... Time to dig in my stash of games from ages lost......oooo...Earthseige.....
  5. quote:From SC: No need. I have tasked Prime Fleet and the beta testers with prelim mp testing. So please don't report anything here. Yes Sir!
  6. Much thanks for the links but due to special resons I don't order from somewhere that I know nothing about, and they want me to pay. Just too much at risk. I hate to lose twenty dollars in a scam. If I send in an free order, and it never comes I don't care. It was free. Sad truth: When it costs money, and alot of it, you learn to not trust anybody or anything without the proper documents and paperwork. Period. I know that for some it sounds rash but believe me, If you've been through what I have...... Worst moment from several years ago: When some fool droped a VERRY EXPENSIVE machine from the crane, then took our money and ran. We did not know it was broken untill too late. It cost us tens of thousands of dollars to the buisnuss. This deal was from E-Bay. Yes the guy was legit too! Moral of the story: Do a background check on these guys first, and look for their statements and documents. Make shure it's all legal. This way you can't get scamed (And if you do you can trace it...muahahahahaha....). Anyway, I still hope I can find a free copy or somethin around somewhere. Im so desperate I'll make a copy of somethin for someone if they make a copy for me of OP2 (But I prefer just to get OP2 ). It would need to be a real copy too (Naturally), not just a "here you go now gimmie mine", then "haha I scamed that sucker JCMan....". The reason why im getting so desperate is because I have seen that OP3 mod and it re-sparked my total intrest to "play" this and not just play it. Idea: If you know of a link to a trusted (Something legit like "Amazon", no E-Bay stuff) site that has a copy, let me know.
  7. Terribly sorry about the HUGE delay! Tragic accidents in real life (Something really bad....) can be a big bummer when they happen.... Anyway, now that I have most of the evil issues under the book, here are the numbers and stuff if you still want them: -101, -112, -123, and -108. All from a server on: Mon Mar 22 17:45:44 2004 All on the RC8 build 2 (I think you called it build 2) I know it's dated late but please forgive me, real life can suck. If you want more info I can send the log to you or something because I'm not shure what more I can do. By the way, I was just wondering (and still wondering ) what it ment because I had alot of them whenever I run a sever, and that's why I didn't think about posting the numbers and stuff with it (I guess that's why they say "Think before you do" ). I'll be shure to include more info next time I ask a question that seems harmless to me. If you do not want me to post any more numbers (or more with more info) let me know, Im here to help! On another note, I will now begin with build 3 and see how it goes. I will try to test it out and report here, but with some real life issues still to be wraped up please (no really, Please) don't freak out if it takes awhile (Hopefully rare) for me to respond. Thanks again for your time.
  8. Just thought I would let everyone know, I experience a really bad rubber band effect when playing MP. For those who do not know what that means: You are moving foward for 6 seconds then *POOF* you lag back to where you were 3 seconds ago. I have this problem every (Seriously) 3 seconds in MP. NPCs have the same problem, even on the server (How?). Occasionaly they get stuck in HS doing that. I use a LAN server (100MB/s Wire network). Bug or do I need a new computer or network? Just wondering. Other than that MP is very stable now for the most part. One more question: Why does It have a bunch of "gc error during QueueMessage" in the server log?
  9. This is another late breaking report from IGN, your number one source for news. Currently, Commander JCMan from the CCV-Warbringer is broadcasting this live war report...... -------- So I was in Herin system in my ongoing quest to destroy Gamma 1 when I got shot at by allies! Shure, I had some OTS weapons on board, but why did I get shot at with a SDM from an ally? Anyway, before I knew what was going on (12 intruders, was watching perscan, the best thing to watch ever ), I heard this "Hostile lauch detected!", and the beeping sound. I thought "Raise shields!" and did just that. A normal missile would just harmlessly thunk on my shield (I have full upgrades in everything but Special Items), and I always like to show my strength..... Well, you would think by now that I knew this this was no BCM...... *WAMMO!* My hull went from 100 to 45 just like that! I totally freaked out and smashed the E button on my keyboard so hard I had to fix it later! I looked and the frendly station was shooting at me with SDM missiles! I had thought it was a cloaked ship (Hence the intruders)! Well, In a flood of MASSIVE damage reports, one caught my intrest....."Enginering......Has been destroyed". I thought "If it was totaled......how is....Kendrick still blabin on in there?". Guess what, the funniest thing ever....Enginering was at 0%, BUT.....My cheif engineer was still in enginering.....I even looked on perscan. He never left Enginering ever! His health was 100% too!!!! I immediately thought "What?!? How?!? But?!? That's IMPOSSIBLE!!!!". Ahhh, but it was possible. Poor Kendrik. He was probibly down there grinnin like a fool with a charred face that was blacker than black and the only thing with a sparcle was his big white shiny teeth:" " (Ahhh...dental care in 3030 is wonderfull!). *He coughs and this big black puff of smoke comes right out* Thankfully I didn't lose any officers (I left the game running for 4 days and 3 nights and their ai is still a pidely 30-38!!! No im not kidding!!!!). But I lost alot of everyone else. Also, all the intruders were wasted in the process....heh heh heh.... I docked at that evil base, bought all my SC and FC assets back, got the repair parts, had to fuel up again, and had to restock in all my weapons and other needed items (ALL my cargo bays were no more. Even the fuel tanks! I was lucky I was so close to the base!). But anyway, that's a bug (mabie?) and a story in one (I say bug because I was Earthcom once and Galcom HQ did the same thing, when I had OTS that is). So there is is. Im in Cyron VI right now so im doin good. Repair is still underway though. For a day now (6 or 8 hours)....Geez.... Other than that, the usual ambush me and kill the nme ship goin on. -------- There you have it, another late breaking report from IGN, your number one source for news. Stay tuned for more war updates as it progresses. Until then, this is IGN signing off saying goodbye and good night.
  10. quote: ...your car breaks down on the highway and you don't bother to call for a tow because you know nobody will come if you're on a planet. LOL! It's so true......... When you relate every Future like Sci-Fi Movie or show to bcm or UC, and then describe how much cooler UC or BCM is.
  11. I KNEW IT!!! For the past month I've had this really bad feeling about EB. Like they were crooked, dirty, AND cheap (No, I mean "CROOKED""DIRTY"and"CHEAP"). This proves it. I just hope all the other EB stores are not as dirty as this one. But then again...... --Edited because of incorrect sentence form-- I'm not fond of the one in town, and at the first sight of screwin me again im outta there. I've been watching them verry closely, and they've lost alot of my faith in them..... They even lost my pre-order for UC! It wasn't even in their computer backups! I had to pull the recipt on them. On top of it all, they said that it wasn't in when I called that day(It was sitting on the shelf right BESIDE the MANAGER's BACK DOOR!!! They didn't even bother going to the shelf to look! "O, lets look at my stuped lazy computer to see if it's in instead of walking over to the shelf even though I've checked the computer 3 times allready!!!!! It's as lazy as I am!") So I was so mad (Other crap happened the day before with them) I went down there, walked over to the shelf, picked it up because it was in "PLAIN SIGHT" (How in God's name could you miss a brightly colored box that looks like that when its RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU? Some people...... ), Put it on the counter, and said some....uhhhh....stuff..... If they bought Illegal items (Say, goods someone stole from me), then sold it, THEN wanted to charge me ALOT more for what they bought it for......I would take a legal action then and there! This world is just so rediculous..... O yea, Wolferz, I have plenty of rope......heh heh heh......
  12. When your friend does something really stuped and you mumble "Stuped resnig". (I did this once without knowing it) When ur lost on the road and you hold down the "Alt-drive" button and press the "-S-" button on ur radio expecting TacOps to pop right up. When ur boss, manager, and co-manager show up at ur workspace to talk to you and you suddenly hear this voice in ur head "We have intruders on-board!". (Has happened) When you have a mountan of soda cans so big at your computer desk that you can't move. (It's true. It happened before) When you take 1 look at your joystick and think "OMG! What is it doing over there! How am I playing UC without IT?!?!?!" when ur doing something totally different. (Again, has happened) When you can think of too many things that mean you play too much.
  13. Dumb ol resnig..... He's still the dirty little...Grrr ...that he was a long time ago. I usually just beam him down to my mining drones and tell him to catch one. Once I left him on mars doing just that for at least 12 hours. When I came back he was still happily grinnin while chasing those drones (even though he wasn't too healthy HP or FF wise). He MUST have ran at least 200 or more miles! When I tell my marines to ALL go off duty, he puts them back on! When I have 6-8 marines ON-Station, and they go to search, dumb ol...Grrr ...resnig has to put 6-8 more ON-Station. Occasionally he will overrite my orders. I have found that when Im not near a planet I can stuff him in the medibay or the brig to cool. So he's still the same ol...Grrr ...that he has always been. But he is usefull for pluging holes in the bridge! Or even looking to see who is on the other side of the airlock! He's good intruder bait too! Wait, no...the intruders know he bait....Resnig:"Hey, over here! Im bait! Now come toward me and get...uhhhhh....o yea...get shot!". Well, at least he is good at seeing if that last intruder in the shuttle is really dead!
  14. LOL , that is a great story! I just hate intruders.... I had a run-in with gammulans at wrath station a while back. The experience is unreal! As for myself, im still pushing off into gammulan territory useing jump gates. Yup, im still on that same game. Im about halfway there (Too much work in the real life *sigh*). Nothing much has happened so I haven't posted it yet. When something big happens......well we will all see it on "Galcom News" channel (or whatever that news channel is called)! Anyway, good luck with all those prisoners! As for a hull breach in the bridge after combat: When all else fails, use resnig to plug that hole right up.
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