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  1. Pasific Storm has you build units and factories, research jets, A bomb, Battlestations Midway transports you straight to the battle.
  2. Just looked into this game and its pretty frickin awesome. I can't wait till this comes out.
  3. Here is the video of the incident. It is still under investigation. This http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=06/11/20/1448245 is the inital report of what happened. I shorten the link if I could and put it so you would just have to click on the word to take you to the page but I don't know how to do that if someone could please tell me.
  4. Game is out today (yes) I preordered mine from Amazon so I am gonna have to wait a few days. If anyone gets it before me post some inpressions please.
  5. So does this mean if I move to vista my current video card won't work because it uses DX10 and I have a DX9? *sighs* Oh well, I was planning to wait anyway.
  6. I hope they have a really good multiplayer mod in addition to the single player.
  7. Here is the PW I will be playing when NWN2 comes out. Its by the creators of City of Arabel. Check it out. www.talesofmoonsea.com Be warned the boards are currently having trouble at the moment.
  8. My current system specs are as follows 1.6 Pentium 4 Processer 1 Gig of RAM Ati Raedon 9600 with 128 MB Yes, its not state of the art but so far it has been able to run Oblivion on more than decent settings along with other games.
  9. Redownloaded and it works much better now.
  10. Do you they will release a patch by any chance?
  11. What other alignments does the collectors edition come in?
  12. I tried the lowest system specs and it still lagged which is really odd because the tutorial ran smoothly on the high settings. Which leads to me to believe that if it will run well one scenario just fine there must be something with the other two missions.
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