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  1. Dr_Nick

    BBS Missions in ROAM

    It's kind of like what I have to go through to get human subjects approval for psychological testing. One of my friends picked up a new xbox360 and he showed me some of the games. The racing and boxing game was fun. The other games really did not intrigue me, short of Call of Duty 2. I just can't imagine that you would not make games for the PC since that's really the only platform that can handle the design concepts that you come up with. I can only imagine the conversation at MS about you. "Oh yeah, Dr. Smart is requesting permission to..." How the hell are you going to make a dumbed down game? You won't be able to sleep at night...
  2. Dr_Nick

    BBS Missions in ROAM

    I guess I'm going to buy a Xbox 360. Thanks for making the game...
  3. Dr_Nick

    BBS Missions in ROAM

    You are right. I did not search the board for previous topics on this subject. The reason behind my lack of investigative energy is associated with the fact that I've been watching the development of this game since BC3K. I know that the SC has considered the option of BBS missions. I also know that even though the SC will take a hard line on a topic, he will consider what you have to say. With that said I agree with what you are saying. There is life in the game. I would like to see more. The ambitious design that is this game has evolved into a highly stable, functional, and fun game. Yet it is missing certain elements of interaction that would enhance the game. Not to say that you do n ot interact. Of course you do, but it could be improved.
  4. Dr_Nick

    BBS Missions in ROAM

    I understand the notion behind ROAM. You are responsible for making the game happen. However, what is missing for me is the immersion of galaxy life. To expand on the idea of adding BBS mission, for instance, you cannot communicate with enemy ships. No discussion is possible to either threaten them, make them drop cargo, or to simply inform them that you are about to blow them to bits. At this point the game is running very well and I enjoy it greatly. I've played the ACM missions and I like them. However, the same ideas could work there as well... Just some ideas...
  5. Dr_Nick

    BBS Missions in ROAM

    Why not?
  6. I've been playing ROAM for several days now and I've been thinking about an element of the game that I would love to see implemented...I know that this has been discussed in the past, but I just have to ask. It would be great if you could accept/reject missions at stations in space or on a planet when you check the news so to speak (BBS missions). I think it would immerse the player more so into the game...just some thoughts.
  7. Dr_Nick

    First Impressions

    Hello Derek! I just managed to get my copy of UCAWA Great job with this version. The game plays great, the missions are engaging, and the visual upgrades really made a difference for me. One of the things that I liked about the original BC3K was the ability to transport the AE to any craft any time you wanted to do so. I realize that this had been changed a long time ago, but I still miss it because it added another level of tension to the combat that I enjoyed. Any chance of bringing back that function into the game? I hope all is well with you and your family. Take Care, Nick
  8. Dr_Nick

    Repairs Take FOREVER!

    Hmmm, ok. I guess I was under the impression that it was free at the stations and would go faster...I guess I was wrong...
  9. Is it possible to create some form of time acceleration for repairs when docked at a station? I had signficant damage to my ship so I limped home and docked at Galcom. I initiated repairs, which were extensive, and sat there waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I ended up taking my son to the park, playing on the jungle jim for one hour and then came home. When I arrived the repairs were still going!! Only two of the engineers were available. This really takes away from the gameplay. I am putting in a plea for help here...
  10. Dr_Nick

    Alienware m-51 CTD

    Ok, you were right. The solution was not associated with the video card. I set the acceleration on the video to full and slide back the music slider in the Direct X control panel to standard. Then I shut off the music in UC and disabled the model preload option. Runs smooth as a baby's bottom with no CTD's after three hours of play. Nice...
  11. Dr_Nick

    Alienware m-51 CTD

    That's what I thought. I'll try messing around with it some more. Thanks for the help. Damn gaming laptops!! When I ran Doom 3 it locked up HARD! However, Alienware immediately became aware of the issue and released new ATI drivers that solved the issue. The machine rocks for the most part...
  12. Dr_Nick

    UC Review - Computer Gaming World

    Hi Derek, Well it is time for me to eat crow here. After our last discussion I thought about what you said and re-read the CGW review. I decided that my game time with UC has not been enough to warrent a fair assessment of the game. I have played the game at 45-60 intervals, but nothing extended. So I decided to re-read everything and setup several two hour gaming intervals for a fair test. After doing this for roughly two weeks I have to say that I have a new view of the game. It really takes some time and dedication to get into one of your games and cannot be done without the proper amount of time. I am having a great time now and have found that once the learning curve is complete the game is not so hard. The main point is that I have found it to be FUN. So, I apologize for my statements and take it back. UC is a great game that works on many levels.
  13. Dr_Nick

    Alienware m-51 CTD

    Hi Derek, Well I've been playing the game, primarily, on my home system and have no problems at all. However, when I load it up on my m-51 I get a random CTD after playing for roughly 15-20 minutes. I went through the trouble shooting guide and have checked to see if everything is up to date and I think I have all of the current drivers and directX stuff loaded. I am patched up to the current version. So I went into the ATI control panel and lowered the acceleration by one and then two ticks on the slider. The first time the game ran fine for awhile and then while I was in hyperspace the CTD happened. When I lowered the acceleration again it worked ok, but now the game stutters even with all of the 3D models preloaded. The mouse flickers, but is functional. While it works I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to optimize the game. I have read everything that is posted and I'm guessing my laptop is a specific issue related to Alienware. Any help would be appreciated. Having fun as always...
  14. Dr_Nick

    Gaming - The case for digital distribution

    When I bought Dominions II they sent it to me in a shrink wrapped manual with the disk inside the manual. They sent it via US mail! I would buy the game online, but would want the option of being able to buy a printed manual if one was offered.
  15. Dr_Nick

    UC Review - Computer Gaming World

    Hi Derek, Thank you for your response. While I do not completely agree with your position I think I understand it more clearly now. Nevertheless please know that I am a UC/BC gamer that has appreciated the series since its inception. Perhapes we shall discuss this issue further the future. I'll be lurking...