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  1. Good speak!

    No way to say this better.

    Great Welcome Antony. (Form a newbee to a newbee )

    The most important thing is the development of UC. I think that SC must decide when its ready and going gold, too. Because he┬┤s the only one who nows the game realy and can overview all aspects of the project. So Iam ready to wait a month or two, besides that i have a longer wait because iam from europe. But I dont want a bugy game, I want the Battlecruiser experience.

  2. I┬┤ve dowloaded the new movie yesterday and I must say: realy mindblowing. The new effects like shild, reflections and glows are awesome. A game with super gameplay has now super visuals, too.

    What was realy cool to see where the new shipdesigns, especialy of the warmonger and firestorm. I┬┤m seeing foreward to get the first mission with the new vessels.

    Em, SC, one thing crossed my mind as I saw these models. Are there any concept arts of the ships?

    In Homeworld and Freespace I loved these things because they give character to the game.

    At the moment I┬┤m on my way to GALCOM HQ. There I will wait for new assets.

  3. Ok, i understand that SC. So its a part of the scenario. Ehm, sorry, but the APC (or ATV) the mariens run by in minute 1:00 of the movie seems also to be stucked into ground. Is that because the altitude value is for all vehicles or am I mistaken, and this thing isn┬┤t stucked?

    But I must say, that this movie is realy fun to watch. Great work SC.

  4. I┬┤m with Extinct_Reptilia. The atmosphere is realy cool. The birds and vegetation makes the world look allive. My favorite is the sniper sequence , looks like fun.

    Wanna see the other movies, wanna see naval action.

    The only thing that looks confusing to me is that all vehicles seemed to be stucked into the ground. Why that? I now this phenomenon from BCMG, where a vehicle is jumping below ground level. But no big deal, the game isn┬┤t gold now.

  5. Hi Benny,

    have you tried to find the drones visualy via the 3d planetary view? (by panning the cam to horizon level and rotate)

    I don┬┤t think its the savegame, because it would not load it when its not valid.

    I┬┤ve noticed some display errors (HUD) for myself, somtimes when i have loaded a game too many times. Maybe its a bug ?

    And you have a proof that these drones are still down there? Not destroyed or so?


  6. Hi, Im new at this board.

    Im playing the BC games for a long time now, first BC 3000 (silver box) and BCMG since its available here in germany. i love these games, realy impressive and long time fun.

    I┬┤ve pr-ordered UC three days ago at the german amazon shop www.amazon.de .

    I┬┤m realy seeing forward and cann┬┤t wait to hold my copy in my hands.

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