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  1. Reporting in. Snap to it, Colonel! Don't let that paperwork pile up.
  2. I have a large post in the works and am re-reading the entire mission from the beginning. Stay tuned.
  3. [RP] Pluto/Sol In the time that Badman had spent aboard ICV Daedalus, he had practiced various forms of combat with Shingen and Mariko. The two of them taught him about small and large arms aiming and control and modern martial arts. As a springboard from the computer-taught fencing demonstrations, Badman proceeded to teach them his century's art of sabre dueling, mainly without a shield. Badman also knew a thing or two about sword fashioning and - after studying 31st century metals in detail - wrought his own new blade in Daedalus' research lab. Now all three had joined Smitty aboard UCV Deathstrike only to be boarded by 20 intruders from the Stromcarrier before the Sunflash cruiser could even get a shot away. They were well trained too! So as Badman exhausted his supply of projectile ammunition from the weapons issued him by Shingen's crew of two, he took a deep breath as he reverted to his many years of training and teaching in his native Roman combat method - and withdrew his shiny new shard from its place. Smitty took great care to protect the ship's internals from the intruders, as Mariko layed down covering fire with deadly accuracy. And in his own way, Shingen quickly extinguished enemy life that had invaded his home. Meanwhile, the odds were much better aboard Ashdod - 24 to 20 rather than 4 to 20. But Tracey still lost many of her best enlisted men. Combat Officer Staff Sergeant Brock Lewis moved and fought with a speed that defied his 7'4" 300lb frame. The intruders wore full pressure suits that hid their faces from their victims. When Shingen finally had a bit of respite from the fighting in the corridor he was in, he cut open one of the dead intruders' helmets with his ZS10.... .... only to discover that these attackers were not Gammulan at all! Suddenly, several more came rushing at him from around the corner.... ------------ Small conference room Starbase Ragnarok "I know who you are," Kalshion said to ShoHashi. "What about the rest of you?" he asked, looking about the room. Here it was, a meeting of two groups of humans that had been enemies since the early 2400s. Due to the tension in the room, the assembled individuals did not speak for nearly a minute, they just looked at each other. Kelley broke the silence as he slowly drew in a breath, "I'm Major Kelley, Vanguard Fleet's commissoined officer for these talks." He pointed to the Non-Commissioned Officer next to the Insurgents. "This meeting was the idea of First Sergeant Richard Garrison." The room fell silent as Sho realized they all now looked to him. "Admiral ShoHashi, Co-Commander of the Insurgent Fleet. This man to my right is Commander Canshow." He paused. "He will be representing our field officers in these talks." Kelley stood up and strolled toward Kalshion's side of the table. "I haven't been given the same level of authority to act as have you, Fleet Leader. In fact, I don't even want to be here. I was ordered to by my Colonel." He took a new seat next to Kalshion. "I'm not a diplomat and I don't want to try. Garrison, you wanted them here," Kelley said pointing to Sho and canshow, "You be our mediator." Kelley glanced over at Kalshion's reports, which he could see quite clearly now. "Strategic Commander, if you would like to interface your reports with this room's holographic projector?" He gestured toward a port on the table, "...we can get started. I see you might be citing some of the same incidents as I will." Garrison spoke up as he remained seated, "Gentlemen we are here to address our differences, attempt to solve them, and better defend our respective peoples. I believe the best way is not to unite by conquering the other, as we've failed to do for the last 500 years, but to join together as an Alliance of sovereign nations - from where ever we are in the galaxy - united against the emerging threats we now face." With the intro and the meeting's purpose stated, Garrison turned to Kalshion. "Let us start by tackling our differences. Fleet Leader, would you care to start us off?" [/RP]
  4. [RP] November 3, 3020, 0833hrs ICV Daedalus received a transmission from UCV Deathstrike. Shingen had informed Smitty of his location. Now he wanted to join the fight against the Gams before it was too late. ShoHashi agreed and Shingen, Mariko and Badman transported over to Deathstrike before the Indie cruiser changed course away from the corona and towards the ensuing battle. ------ Pluto/Sol Now farther away from Gazer1 starstation The battle had now been joined in earnest as sixteen Prime Fleet craft, consisting of 5 carriers and 11 cruisers, now engaged the lone Stormcarrier. The ship had now deployed its full complement of fifty fighter craft but was not yet done with its supprises. As its shields finally dropped below 10 percent, it beamed 20 warriors to EACH of the attacking capital craft, including Ashdod and Deathstrike! Bison Gon Flurie had broken away just in time. Operations aboard ECV Ashdod came to a halt as Tracey led her surviving crew of 24 against 20 intruders in the already cramped Vanguard Fleet Starcruiser. On the Sunflash-class UCV Deathstrike, the situation was even more grim as twenty intruders faced off against only Shingen, Smitty, Mariko and Badman. Now came the ultimate test of their close quarters and hand-to-hand combat skills! ------ Starbase Ragnarok orbited Sol on the edge of its corona. Since the sun's atmosphere was never completely spherical and fluctuated up and down the orbital starstation often passed within the fiery plasmic cloud surrounding the yellow dwarf star. Consequently, the Vanguard fleet HeadQuarters (VHQ) was equipped to harness nearly all of the enormous energy that bombarded it every day. One solar orbit took roughly 8 earth days. The starstation itself consisted of several three-dimensional triangles connected by long thin wires which could be surrounded by a large spherical energy shield 400km in diameter. This meta-structure could not only weather the sun's activity without the shields but could also take on other configurations in the event of attack. Though it was technically an orbital starstation, its official name was Starbase Ragnarok. This large structure served as one of two seats of Vanguard Fleet operations. While Galactic Command also undertook scientific and research operations on behalf of Terran, Empirian and Vesperon governments, Earth Command focused solely on defence and for the Terran United Free Nations. This was reflected in Ragnarok's lack of major research labs. Everything was devoted purely to military operations. The other seat of Earth Command operations consisted of seven atmospheric floating cities in the thick atmosphere of Venus. Each of those Starbases had 12 to 17 times the capacity of Ragnarok alone. Collectively the Venerean installations were called Earth Command Headquarters, constructed after the formation of Galactic Command in 2993. Now an Insurgent Heavy Carrier was preparing to dock with this starbase in a firebreathing solar orbit. And Bison Gon Flurie was now enroute as well. "ICV Daedalus, you are clear for docking in Carrier Bay 92. Welcome home Garrison." Rick addressed the all too familiar docking master, "Thank you, Beverly." But his ship was his real home. And she and her crew were still out there dying, without their Commander! Commander Canshow's helm officer slowly guided the bulky and nimble Battlecruiser toward a forcefield-covered opening near one corner of the nearest 3D triangle structure. The forcefield was only configured at the moment to hold the air in and let any metallic object pass through unimpeded in or out. As Dadealus slowly buzzed through the field into the room, Shohashi saw a room so massive it could probably hold three hundred such craft. It was a full service drydock shipyard, with several cruisers and carriers in all stages of construction, dismantling, resupplying, refitting and every conceivable stage in between. Docking tractor beams came to bear on the Insurgent craft as it came almost to rest on the expansive deckplating. Carrier Bay 92 moored the Insurgent Mark Two Battlecruiser far from the room's nearest wall. A service tower had risen from the deck plating and was now telescoping a docking tunnel to the ship. Canshow knew the tractor beam moorings were keeping Daedalus from leaving even if he wanted it to. But he preferred to not directly connect his ship with anything metallic from Earthcom, at least for the time being. ShoHashi gave him a questioning look as instructions were relayed to not use the docking tunnel. "Gentlemen, if you will follow me to our lowest deck?" Canshow said as he moved to Daedalus' turbolift. Like all Galactans, Dadealus was equipped with a long sternward-facing embarkation ramp normally used for planetary landing operations. The ramp began to lower as 10 of Canshow's marines stood at the ready in full battle attire. Daedalus had its own air-tight forcefield across this ventral portal not unlike the one they'd just passed through. Rick, Canshow and ShoHashi could see the Earthcom personnel looking up at them from the main deck were not wearing masks, just armed with light weaponry, all holstered. Canshow's marines descended the ramp first, through Daedalus' forcefield, in pairs; and proceeded to take up defensive positions at and around the ramp's base. The Earthcom personnel further away continued moving about as if nothing was amiss. The ones gathered around the ramp's base, not more than two dozen, just stood there and did not reach for their weapons. Then the three Commanders came down the ramp too. The slightly cooler air of Ragnarok's expansive Flight Deck 4 was scrubbed differently than on Daedalus, but just berely. At the head of the crowd of Earthcom personnel stood a man Rick recognized. Upon seeing Garrison, he stepped forward. "Gentlemen, welcome to VHQ." He made no gestures for his associates to follow or stay behind, but several did follow. "Which one of you is the Commander?" Canshow stepped forward, "I am Canshow, Commander of this vessel. This is Admiral ShoHashi, my commanding officer." "Commander? Admiral?" The man nodded to them and to Rick. "Sergeant Major Teknocack Prime. My ship happened to be here and I was tasked with escorting you to your meeting with the flag officer in charge of these talks. Your marines are more than welcome to accompany us. Additionally we have a standing rule that all personnel of legal age must be armed at all times. That is our insurance policy against intruders and effectively deters internal crime as well. This way please." He gestured toward the base of the maintenance tower where a 20-man personnel carrier awaited them. The personnel carrier only took them to the edge of the Flight Deck. It took more than an hour of walking corridors and escalators and riding turbolifts and more personnel carriers - passing by this 3D triangular structure's operations section - before they finally reached a small conference room. Sergeant Major Prime looked to Garrison. "You'll like this bigwig, brother." "Petty Officer Prichart." Canshow addressed his most senior Marine present. "You and your top Crewman enter the room with us. Station your 8 other men outside all this room's exits." "Understood, Commander." Prichart saluted and relayed the orders. Prime chimed in. "Now if you'll excuse me, gentlemen, ECV Stormhammer is needed out on patrol in light of the recent Gammulan incursion." Rick nodded, "Thanks for your help, Tek. Godspeed!" Teknocack returned Garrison's nodd and left. The conference room door sighed open and ShoHashi, Canshow, Garrison, Prichart and Prichart's right-hand marine entered. The commissioned officer in charge stood to greet them as Garrison snapped off a salute. "Gents, I am Major Kelley. I will be handling these talks." Kelley said returning Rick's salute. They were just about to sit down before the door on the opposite wall chimed. "Enter" Kelley said. The door opened and in walked first two even more heavily armed Galcom Marines followed by the Prime Fleet Leader. [/RP]
  5. Will do, Canshow. And congratulations on your new GM position! Gentlemen, At the conclusion of our current mission I will take a hiatus until early 2011. Why? What I consider to be a gratifying game setting has changed since I started/considered simming with 3000AD in 1999. Specifically our genre allows for no new alien nations and little opportunity outside of Galcom, Insurgent, Earthcom, Gammulan circles - except of course for what Shingen has accomplished. Why now? I have now found a game setting that satisfies my current goals. While I'm not entirely pressed for time right now between school terms, that will change soon. I was carefull to not reinstate the title of Fleet Leader to my signature for just this reason. Without realizing it, I have become sort of a leader over more than just my own fleet, but over the entire RP community. Do you want to be a leader? Then be the most active of all, and others will gravitate toward you as they have to me. Gentlemen, this is your opportunity to make something of this community without my spearheading the effort - and before Galactic Command Online really starts to bring them in in droves. Sho, Eclipse, RT, Kal, Denny, Tek, Badman, this is your time to shine! Therefore I have updated my signature accordingly. You still have me until the end of this mission. And I'm thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. Let's make the most of it!
  6. [RP] ICV Daedalus, in Sol's corona Bridge "Helm, lay in a course." Canshow sighed after a brief pause. "Engage." The Insurgent Galactan-class Battlecruiser adjusted its sub-orbital path to quickly traverse the sun's corona (atmosphere) to the far side where Ragnarok awaited her. Rick informed the starbase and Ashdod of Daedalus' intentions and ETA. Within minutes Earthcom had transmitted a message to Galactic Command. Galcom brass quickly forwarded the pertinant info to GCVs Svoboda, Bison Gon Flurie, and Echelon in the middle of the Gammulan battle. ===Begin Transmission=== From: Galactic Command To: Ben Zwycky, Kalshion, Case SUBJ: For Your Eyes Only Stratetic Commanders, Vanguard High Command has informed me that a delegation of Insurgents is visiting their headquarters in deep Solar orbit. I'm charging one of you to go to that Earthcom Starbase and participate in the talks. I don't care which one of you it is. Ben, I understand you may be otherwise detained at this time. Case, I haven't heard from you in a while. I'll leave who will go for you three to decide. I also don't care if you decide to befriend the Insurgents or make enemies with Earthcom. I hereby vest in the three of you my authority to formulate new policy and carry it out as you see fit until I say otherwise. I do not wish to be disturbed with this rubbish until our next scheduled high command meeting on April 4th. Dismissed. Supreme Commander Clint Renies Commander-In-Chief Galactic Command Alliance ===End Transmission=== ------ Pluto/Sol, near Gazer1 The Canlon armed transport got a few more shots away before the Stormcarrier destroyed it and its companion transport in four well placed shots from its main guns. It then turned all is attention on the Galcom carriers and cruisers now coming to bear on her. The Stormcarrier waited until now to launch any fighters as Sergeant First Class Tracey Dodds took ECV Ashdod in for its first straifing run and quickly deployed its own two fighters. Would Commander Presto and the other Prime craft followed suit? The stormcarrier then proceeded to deploy two hundred crab and leech mines. Fighters kept emerging from her cinsister hull - now at 17 - well above the standard complement of 12. As the carrier began to launch its own missiles and target its turrets at the scientist station's long range missiles..... More fighters were coming on line.... [/RP]
  7. No, that was fine. It's good to consider various outcomes. Though you could have just waited and sprang it on us In Character [evil grin]. Seriously, Kal. Don't hold your opinions back. That's what this thread is for.
  8. That sorta split between the two 'commie alliances is not what I had in mind, Kal. I knew this would be a delicate balancing from the beginning.
  9. Hey there, Tek! Merry Christmas to ya guys!!
  10. You know what's funny? We have so many Christmas threads that I can go perhaps 4 or 5 years without bumping the same one twice, let alone bumping the same one two years in a row. This topic was the oldest one in the general chatter forum. I dare any mod to top that sorta thread reuse and I'll be back later in the month to wish y'all a very Merry Christmas once again.
  11. Will do Sho. He's definately going to bring some different ideas to the table than what the Earthcom blue suits have cooked up. Sho, the character, won't just passively go along with whatever Garrison has in mind. He has an agenda too and the trust of millions of Insurgent members riding on the next few In-Character days. Badman, Shingen, thanks for the heads up's. A little one liner at the start/end of an In-Character post is fine. But let's try to keep the mission topics clean of posts that are only OCC. You too, Sho. That's what this topic is for. This plot may spell a turning point in Insurgent-UFN relations. It'll also be interesting to see how Badman adjusts to a century far from his own and how Garrison's other organization can work with the ever-independent Shingen.
  12. Well done, PFC Badmanidus. First Sergeant Garrison reporting in for December. Gentlemen, this is the final call of the year. Let's count it!
  13. Fair enough, Denny. But I'm now 3 for 3.
  14. [RP] ICV Daedalus, in Sol's corona Bridge "Commander, Admiral, we're receiving a transmission from a Galcom craft on one of our own frequencies." "Put it through, audio only." Canshow ordered. The voice on the speakers was severly distorted, perhaps from the ensuing firefight in Pluto region. "This is Commander Sensha of the GCV-Gentre to ICV Vessel, we know you have an Earthcom officer on board - his name being Garrison. If you expect to evade Prime's forces, then respond to this message," "Ignore it." ShoHashi said. "I'd like to deal with one UFN command structure at a time. Unless you have any objections, Canshow, we're going to Ragnarok." Rick stood near the comms officer and the ship's communications console, ready to offer to transmit their intentions to Ashdod and Starbase Ragnarok depending on what Canshow decided. ------ ECV Ashdod Pluto/Sol, near Gazer1 Tracey Dodds had learned in Command School - a 4 year program taken by all enlistedmen who hoped to break into the Sergeant grades - to protect the most amount of lives she could when faced with a choice like now. Should she let Galcom do the dangerous work and protect Rick's crew of twentyfive? Or should she do what she could to keep that Stormcarrier from taking more innocent live than it already had? She had posed just such a hypothetical question to Rick before this mission. The answer was clear, it wouldn't have mattered if this was the middle of Valkerie space, with no Galcom forces around at all. Tracey knew she had to take the Ashdod into combat and at least help Prime Fleet take it out. The Stormcarrier hadn't launched any fighters or missiles yet. It began to target its turrets at the Gazer1 fighters as it's main guns finished off the shields of both transports and disabled the engines of one. The other, a Canlon armed transport, returned fire as best it could. Ashdod moved in for the attack as it's own two fighters prepaired for launch. [/RP]
  15. Bump for the year-end recruiting drive!
  16. I imagine you start them, Denny, without Kal asking you. Why not ask Proto to start next month's? It'd be a good way to show initiative.
  17. Kalshion will meet Garrison in this plot. [RP] ECV Ashdod Kalshion's upper eye twitched. "And no one felt it prudent to at least give some unofficial word to Prime?" he said and then shook his head. "I have a general idea on where you sergeant is, luckily my own fleet intelligence officers have noticed this odd movement as well," he tapped his lower lip. "Let's just hope this has nothing to do with the Gammulans..." Tracey squinted, "I don't see why my superiors would keep that sort of info from you, sir. It seems in our common interest to know if the Credians are turning aggressive toward the UFN. I will try to contact Garrison and tell him you want to talk with him." With a heavy sigh Kalshion looked at Tracey Dodds in the eyes. "For your sake, First Officer, let's just hope he doesn't get the attention of anyone else in Galcom and those he enlists are truly there to help us and not destroy us from within," he said and glanced off screen. He briefly silenced the screen as he gave an order to his helmsmen, then unmuted the audio. "God Speed First Officer, keep your crew safe. Commander Presto will continue to be your escort," he said and closed the communications. Tracey was just about to relay a message to Garrison's last known location when Comms Officer Kamezaki told her that a trader had visited New Frontier and saw Rick and Shohashi board ICV Daedalus. Why would he ask the Insurgents for help? Tracey shrugged, content to pass at least that much back to Kalshion. "Reestablish contact, 'toshi." The comms officer pressed a button and nodded. "Sir, we've just received word that Garrison is aboard the Insurgent craft you've been pursuing, but not as a prisoner. I don't know why he's chosen this course of action. Vanguard Fleet procedure is to approach such a formerly enemy craft as neutral in the short term. I have my own battle to fight now and so will leave my Commander's protection in your capable hands. I ask that you not hurt him if you attack those Insurgents. In light of these developments Strat Cmdr, do you need anything else from me?" ------ ICV Daedalus had just passed out of the Jupiter region as unbeknownst to them the still cloaked GCV Bison Gon Flurie had reassumed its former position trailing along side her. Kendrick reported that the radiation level had dropped off sharply, but not enough for the cloak to hide. Canshow ordered the ship cloaked nonetheless as he took Daedalus into Sol's corona, before decloaking. They did not know if Kalshion had followed or changed course. Rick addressed the two Insurgent commanding officers. "Up 'till now we've done about all the evading we can. You both now have a choice. Either follow the corona to the other side of the star and dock with Ragnarok, or emerge from the corona and go help defend whatever the stormcarrier attacks when it arrives. Either way we've run about as far as we can. It's time to act." ------ Pluto/Sol within 900k of Starstation Gazer1 Two armed transports had launched from station Gazer1 after a significant trade of goods and materials and were now headed for Empirian space. Just as they were about to ender hyperspace, the Stormcarrier appeared on long range sensors at the edge of Pluto's nullspace. Before the transports could even change course, the G-super carrier was on top of them. Gazer1 was too far away to lend assistance with it's turrets, but it did launch missiles and 10 fighters. The Prime Fleet craft Kalshion had ordered in pursuit quickly made up ground, followed closely by the engine-labored ECV Ashdod. [/RP]
  18. Shin, we're going to confront the Gams in Sol. Your char will be needed there. Right about now I'd imagine he's pretty upset with canshow, Sho and Rick's bumpy ride getting there though. And of course you have Smitty manning Deathstrike in stealthy escort. He'll be needed too. You're right, Kal. canshow, I don't want to take too many liberties with your ship and crew. I'll wait for you to post or give the all clear to take the plot to Sol. There be fireworks and magic dust soon!
  19. Sho, Kal, I'll bet I can get MY guys to start roll calls FOR me three months in a row. What about you?
  20. [RP] ICV Daedalus, in hyperspace between Lyrius and Jupiter So far, few of the other pursuing Galcom craft had achieved a weapons lock on the Insurgent heavy carrier, though two Wraith Fleet craft had since joined the chase. But rerouted shielding to the aft emitters could only slow down the onslaught of main guns fire from the Prime Fleet flagship. Another volley found its mark as Canshow's comms officer spoke up when Garrison finished speaking. "Sirs, receiving a wide beam unencrypted transmission from Earth Command." "Put it through." ShoHashi ordered as Canshow confirmed the Admiral's order with a nod. ===begin transmission=== From: ECV Ashdod To: All Terran Ships Subj: Gammulan Incursion to Sol The Stormcarrier we've been tracking with Beta Wing will reach Sol in 30 minutes. Godspeed, Commanders! Sergeant First Class Tracey Dodds First Officer ECV Ashdod ===end transmission=== Kalshion's craft suddenly stopped firing at ICV Daedalus and pulled along side her in hyperspace. GCV Bison Gon Flurie fired a modified burst at Daedalus before moving off in pursuit of the Stormcarrier. Two Nightstars took up trailing positions behind Daedalus, not firing just following. canshow's Tactical Officer frowned and rechecked her readings. "That last burst was different. Several spots on that side of the hull are now radiating on several frequencies." "Got it, thanks." Commander Canshow pressed a button on his command chair. "Chief! Talk to me." Engineering> "Kendrick here, Commander. I'm reading the same emissions from our port-side hull. I've currently got all system engineers on the engines and all flight engineers repairing other systems." Canshow outwardly still looked frustrated. But at least his crew were still at their best. "Very good, Ken. Leave the radiation alone, as long as it doesn't spread and doesn't hurt anyone. ETA on current repairs?" Engineering> "You will have full impulse in 20 minutes, all other systems within the hour." "Helm, ETA to Sol?" The Flight Officer didn't skip a beat. "7 minutes to Jupiter, 9 to Mercury, depending on where we're going." Shohashi sighed; this was beyond just cutting it close. Those ETAs didn't add up. "Garrison, where within Sol are we going?" "To Starbase Ragnarok. It's in direct Solar orbit currently on the other side of the star from Mercury, orbiting twice as close. If we make it that far, then Vanguard Fleet forces will take responsibility for us there. You'll be safe from Galcom for the moment while the brass try to sort it all out. But 'till then we've got to keep going." ------ ECV Ashdod, in hyperspace between Centeris and Pluto Space travel worked a lot like air travel. After many painstaking years of failed experimentation in the 24th through 27th centuries, humans finally conquered the light barrier. In the process, they discovered such a barrier worked a lot like the sound barrier. Subsonic was analogous to sublight. Resistance at a given speed was low to nothing in space. But once one crossed the light speed threshold with a temporal dampener, space-time frontial resistance increased exponentially. As hyperspace engine design evolved, it was the bigger ships who often had the edge over smaller craft above the light speed barrier - while the little ones generally maneuvered better anywhere below the speed of light. Sergeant Dodds reflected on that as the Galcom craft pursuing the Stormcarrier with ECV Ashdod slowly pulled passed the Earthcom craft. Apparently, word had reached Fleet Leader Kalshion. More ships were on the way. Would it be enough? Or even in time? Where within Sol were the Gammulans going to strike? Comms Officer Lance Corporal Hidetoshi Kamezaki pipped up from her station. "Sir" she stuck to regulation calling any superior sir regardless of gender. Tracey almost laughed, it'd been a while since she'd been called sir. "Yes, Hidetoshi? What've you got?" "We're being hailed by Bison Gon Fluire." The Prime Fleet flagship? "On screen." she ordered. "Ashdod, this is Strategic Commander Kalshion, leader of Prime Fleet, please respond to this message," "Strategic Commander! This IS and honor. First Officer Tracey Dodds speaking. What may I do for you sir?" The man on the bridgeviewer did not look happy. "Sergeant I understand your Commanding Officer is currently off ship. What exactly is he doing?" Didn't Strategic Commander Kalshion know plenty of Vanguard Fleet brass he could contact? Aw well. He probably wanted to skip the horse's mouth and get right to the meat of the action. Dodds knew she'd have to address the Galcom flag officer as a superior, even though he was in a different command structure. Additionally, such a little cruiser as Ashdod lacked even a Commander's ready room to take such a potentially private call. But Tracey had nothing to hide from her crew, let alone Galcom. "Commander Garrison is gathering intel on recent Credian Fleet movements. Brass in Vanguard Fleet's General Combat Wing fear they may be mounting an invasion of Terran space. Rick was ordered to enlist any help he deemed necessary. We've not heard from him in two days. As far as I know, this has nothing to do with the recent Gammulan incursion." [/RP]
  21. [RP] ICV Daedalus, a Galactan-class (Mark 2) Battlecruiser In hyperspace from Lanix V enroute to Sol Currently entering the Sirius system After Rick had finished in Engineering he headed for the Bridge. Weapons fire struck the ship and sent the Earhcom Command Officer into the starboard bulkhead. He picked himself up as the turbolift reached the Bridge. The doors opened and he entered. Commander Canshow spoke with his Chief Engineer over the internal comlink. ".... I want the cloak activated the second we drop out of hyperspace. Also, activate our jammer. If there's no shielding around the engines, then we're flying targets out here." ShoHashi was a bit annoyed with the recent developments when he saw Garrison. "First Sergeant!" He started. "Just what is one of my best ships doing here playing tag with all of Prime Fleet? With the freedom of over one hundred Insurgents at stake, what exactly is your plan?" "We are here to find out about Credian fleet movements and to open talks with the UFN about recognizing the Insurgents as a separate nation, with its current territorial holdings and ending the cold war with the UFN. Initially, there will be a confrontation. If we can make it happen in Sol rather than out here, then my negotiating job will be a bit easier. Keep going, yes. But I'm asking you to trust me." ------ ECV Ashdod, tracking a Stormcarrier near Centeris, Alpha Centauri Sergeant First Class Tracey Dodds, currently commanding the Ashdod in First Sergeant Garrison's stead, watched the tactical display as the Earthcom cruiser scanned one nullspace sector after another. Commander Presto's and several other Beta Wing craft now shaddowed them as well, now drawing attention from Orion Fleet HQ as well. A trace of radiation suddenly accelerated away from the planet, turning into a full fledged Stormcarrier that could no longer hold its cloak within a modified hyperspace field. The new threat also headed for Sol, with its own Prime Fleet pursuers and Vanguard Fleet pursuer. The developing incident was quickly reported to Garrison and Kalshion through different channels. [/RP]
  22. How do ya like them shiny new engines, Kal? Thanks for using plenty of give-and-take like you did. Let's all try that!
  23. Shingen, Badman, I describe the intruders on ICV Daedalus in my post from the 9th. You have described your char's hand-to-hand combat skills, Shingen. And Badman's got to be good at sword fighting where he's from. Here's your chance to show off those skills where they're needed! You guys are both writing good. Yes, even you, Shingen. Let's see what you do in a real fight! The intruders might or might not be dead/captured before canshow's latest post. Did they win? Did they kill Mariko? You guys decide! I want to see some fierce fighting. Ohoh! The Admiral's not going to have any time for Scotch, canshow. But don't blame me - Garrison didn't know the Prime Fleet Leader had grid-ed his ships so densely across ALL points between Lanix V and Sirius. Let's see what happens. BTW what ship class is your carrier, canshow?
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