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  1. q_dragon

    Why did you pick your avatar?

    Yeah, if I want to escape an ordeal in the airlock, i think i had better change mine soon
  2. q_dragon

    New Spammer Tactics

    Same thing happened to me...only though it was my friends that were spamming me..but it wasnt them..
  3. q_dragon

    Adventures in Stupidity

    Ah, so they do not... I said the commanders skin only had one layer because i thought that officers go down without combat suits. Me was wrong.
  4. q_dragon

    Adventures in Stupidity

    Someone beam an officer down to a gas planet and see if he wears a suit...i can't remember..it was a while ago
  5. q_dragon

    Adventures in Stupidity

    ahh, being LMAO'ed by Derek Smart himself. What an honor When I took them back from Jupiter when I tried it again, Resnig was radiated. They must have a cold virus on jupiter or something. Maybe a poor immune system couldn't save the commander.
  6. q_dragon

    Mad Cow

    ROTFLMAO!!!! That's some good stuff
  7. q_dragon

    Game Industry Stars

    Also, the fact that a lot of video games were made into movies should make game developers recognized even more (except for all the crappy ones, ugh...Wing commander...ugh..it was done so much better in the game) On top of that, i am 100% behind Emmett.hendrick
  8. q_dragon

    I can't repair my ship

    Yeah...the easiest way to get a lot of solar energy on a planet is to land it on the sunniest part. Or, If you decide to leave it for awhile, i would park it in a place where there is just enough light to power your life support, and then you have the whole day. Make sure you park in in the MORNING, not the evening, or else you will be waiting for day in complete darkness, and your crew probably wont survive the night, unless they're smart enough to go packing to the SC's and OC's...then again Resnig and his marines will prolly be sitting on the can clueless all night
  9. q_dragon

    Damaged Navitron Computer 50%

    Did you first try calling for a tow ship, when you put power to communications with solar energy first? Or was it destroyed...maybe your logistix was destroyed...
  10. It will be 5 years, maybe they will find someway to stop this from happening...
  11. q_dragon

    Command control

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Earlier today when I was running some tests, Rogers (an Assault Force Marine from Alpha squad) who carries the heavy weapons (launcher etc), decided he was going to up and open fired on some hostiles, even after I told him to stay put. That was the end of that sneak attack from the dense foliage. So stealth plays a role in UC? Can you sneak up behind a guard and kill him silently or something? Or are all the weapons loud? And UC sequel? Are you meaning the XboX thingamajig?
  12. q_dragon

    Game Industry Stars

    First of all, to me game developers are more important than any celebrity because I find video games more fun than movies, because that's the kind of person I am. Secondly, I sometimes wonder what makes TV stars so important? Because they can do stuff creatively in front of a camera makes them rich and famous. Some actors don't have to work very hard at all, yet the rest of us work our buns off, trying to please or achieve whatever/whoever you are working for. Game developers make quality games that match to the greatness of any movie I've seen, so i'm not suprised some Japanese game designers are celebrities. I don't know, maybe the reason movie celebs are so important has something to do with our culture? The way we do things? That is really just my opinion, however somewhat biased except for the fact that I like video games more than movies. Any of my game gods like Derek Smart and Warren Spector can make me happy any day.
  13. q_dragon

    More rubbish from me

    quote:Originally posted by GhostPilot: StarTrek mod?....mmmmmmh.... Its now like 6 years that I dont run 3DStudio,dont remember how I worked with it.But you can be sure you will have a little Star Wars mod for UC available some months after I get my hands on it .I sitll have the models of frigates,fighters and cruisers I did with the first 3DS,I will have to check if I can convert them to the actual 3DS,anyone knows if its possible? Cant wait to play UC with my BCMK1,and cant wait more to play it with my Nebulon-B class frigate "Ypress" I WOULD LOVE THAT! I can imagine cruising around the Star Wars universe with my Victory-Class Star Destroyer, with Lambda class shuttles and everything! And We could have multiplayer, where we can emasculate the Rebel Scum! Then I would switch to the Rebels and restore order in the galaxy. I'm dreaming again
  14. q_dragon

    Adventures in Stupidity

    I decided to test something out... I went to Jupiter one day, looking for some fun. I sent a marine, Resnig, a pilot, and a medic down to the transporter room. I hit the DEPLOY button, and they materialize on the invisible surface, standing, doing nothing but chillin with their buddies. I wanted to join them. I went down to the transporter room and thought "Oh, this is gonna be fun!" I press deploy and get a death message. The commanders skin must only have one layer
  15. q_dragon

    Mad Cow

    He's right! *gasps*