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  1. Scarlek

    Beaming from Ship to SHip

    Sure thing. It can't be done. Personally, I wouldn't send my boys over to a ship I intend on blowing up - would you? You can transport troops and crew to planet based locations via Tacops. Hope it helps.
  2. As a second quick tip (thanks to Papi for creating a 3000ad profile btw), I've just installed Xfire and found that deleting the 'testuserxxx' account at the bottom got rid of all the 'random' players I was presented with. This way, you'll only see friends of the profile '3000ad' instead of some of the sucky games I was presented with when I first installed Xfire. It'll make it easier to browse the games list you're interested in (UC ) and the users who are up for a game of UC but not playing a game right now. Hope it helped in some small way; it was beginning to annoy me.
  3. Scarlek

    Multiplayer event ideas

    If it were possible to do this, I'd certainly enjoy the scenario. A Terran Cruiser has been seriously damaged, its engines are out and it's entered the atmosphere of an unknown location. A high-ranking officer is onboard and holds vital information regarding a Gamulan attack force. Your mission should you choose to accept it: Find, secure and rescue the ship. You have X minutes/hours to do it before a Gamulan force attacks. ------------------- At the same time the players are looking for the ship to rescue it, the NPC Gamulans have the same idea and send a 'small' fleet to find it. Whoever gets to it first and takes it back to their home station wins. If the Terran forces get it then they are awarded a note as to where the Gam forces are comming from and an additional 5 terran NPC ships to assist with the Gamulan force attack. The 5 ships are assigned to defend the station. The Gamulan forces have a trick up their sleeves though... a large fleet (of 20+ super cruisers and carriers, the one this lost commander knows about) is also present. Somewhere. The gam fleet is not moving between systems but will attack any and all units who enter its system to avoid the Gamulan location being discovered. If the timer runs out, the gam's find the ship OR the terrans rescue the ship, the Gamulan force will move to Procon and attempt to destroy any/all units at the Terran home base. It's kind of like a big treasure hunt/capture the flag with one big trap sitting out there and a grand finale. It also gives players a lot of scope to pick what they do... scout for the Gamulan force and prepare for attack, attack the gamulan force or hunt for the ship to get your side a bonus before the big battle.
  4. Scarlek

    Various Issues

    quote: -When a carrier is disabled and being towed back to home base, are they suppose to be able to launch fighters to attack the base we're flying to? Its just odd that if the carrier has fighters, why didn't it launch them against me while I had shields down with a tractor on their hull? The AI obviosly saw the bigger picture. Get towed in for free, saved on the engine power and used the time to repair things. (Perhaps even the launch control?) Also, why attack the smallfry when it's towing you to a silver platter served station? quote: -Space Combat Balancing: It seems easier for my MK3 to knock out enemy ships, especially carriers, when compared to combat in BCMG. Main guns seem more powerful now. Lucky smeg. I've got in one lucky shot that must have blown the nuclear reactor or something because the whole ship went 'bye bye' as soon as shields were down. Other times I can be hammering away for quite some time before the target blows. Could just be that you're getting luck and hitting critical systems quicker? (No idea but it's a guess.) I have also noticed the flashing texture thing, it looks like an effect that 'decals' had in Halflife with certain video cards. i.e. at certain ranges/angle the texture/decal sinks into a texture behind it. To be honest, it doesn't bother me at all but may bother the perfectionists out there.
  5. Scarlek

    GALCOM Du Scrivener

    Your .ini file shows an IP address of isn't that a local network default IP? Might explain why no one's reported any issues with it..they can't see it.
  6. Scarlek

    Planetary Egress

    You could throw Resnig off the ship, lighten the load.
  7. Scarlek

    Planetary Egress

    could you tow it up using a shuttle? I hear it's a faster way to travel..maybe it'll be the extra power you need. (No idea if it's possible to do it like that but it's something I'd give a go.)
  8. Scarlek

    Any UC servers out there?

    Unfortunately due to baby related demands the server I am hoping to be using to host UC is not built yet. (Well ok, it's not had an OS put on it.) Hopefully I'll get it ready in the next two days.
  9. You'll be needing a new video card. You should be able to pick up a Geforce 4200 Ti 128 MB card fairly cheeply now. (Try looking at the Gainward brand as these seemed to be the cheapest when I last looked.) Hope it helps.
  10. Scarlek

    Any UC servers out there?

    I also just sent an email to my boss regarding some dedicated servers... it's going to take some pushing but it may be possible to convince the head honchos to stick one up in the interests of the UK market. I also mentioned it'll be usefull for some of the future games we're looking at. I only sent a brief proposal and nothing is promised by me at all (I'm not in a posistion to make such promises to the end user but I can certainly pass on reccomendations to the folks that can give a yay or nay on the idea.) Heck, I'm not even sure if it's something we're able to do yet. I'd like to point out though that I'm a genuine player of this game and not some poor excuse of a PR person trying to make the game sound better for extra sales. [Did I mention I work for the UK distributer of this title? ]
  11. Scarlek

    Any UC servers out there?

    I'm plannning on hosting a server that will be up most weekdays up untill about 6pm GMT each day. However, I am waiting on the new patch which will provide some multiplay fixes/tweaks that I would like to be running. Additionaly the same patch is slated to have a non-graphical server on it which is good for the machine I intend to use...it'll save a lot of processing time. (I think) Even more additionally, the server I'm planning to install it onto isn't even built yet! My only two primary concerns right now are that my DSL line (512K down, 256K up) will not be enough for it and that my server may not cope anyways. But we'll see. Hopefully it'll be done for the weekend and I'll post about it as soon as it's available.
  12. Scarlek

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    quote: There's easily $40 worth of game there, why the bargain... ? Ongoing stuff, it's mentioned here. As an additional note to my first impressions, last night whilst flying in my Battlecruiser Mk3 I managed to down an enemy Firestorm and watched a shuttle escape from the explosions. I gave chase and being not-so-wise I didn't dispatch my fighters or a shuttle to tackle the issue. Needless to say, the shuttle out ran me and as I came out of Hyperspace, 2 cruisers appeared right by the warpgate. Enemys. Dang it! With my ship badly damaged from the previous fight, it's almost like the enemy shuttle knew where to go for me to be trapped like a rat. I gave it a good bash but in the end my Mk3 was crippled, no power, no engines. It was just barely alive so I thought 'hey, if the enemy can do it..so can I.' A plan formulated. The AE ran down the corridors, chuckling to himself as he mulled over the plan. 'Get into Shuttle 1 and launch, lead the two bastards to Galcom HQ and let HQ dispatch em.' As the AE stepped into the Shuttle bay... BOOM Ah well, maybe next time eh? Limitless gameplay I tell you. Who needs a demo when a noobie has an experience like that?
  13. Scarlek

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    Ah yes, not BCG at all in fact. (My shorthand is awfull!) I meant to type in BCMG. As for cheating, where's the fun in that? I want to be able to win it for real! Suspense and atmoshpere on that scenario is fairly cool, especially when your troops are calling for evac because [muffled noises] and then the [more muffled noises] start heading your way. wot? No spoilers? ah dang it. I'll be playing that scenario all week now and then some more no doubt. Once I get a handle on ordering my troops about and avoiding enemy fire I'll be able to report more on the scene. Seriously good fun though, I was on my way to Zilon in the Banards Star region and pretty much had my ass handed to me on a silver platter by an ODS and co somewhere along the lines. (Had no time to look to see where I was. ) I must have walked right into a 'Rai' party or something, fighters, cruisers and shuttles all labelled as 'Rai' something or other right next to where I jumped in. Again, not much time to look given the bashing I received. I'll be reading up on everything because apparently, some systems are hostile to noobs.
  14. Scarlek

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    quote:Originally posted by Extinct_Reptilia: quote:Originally posted by Scarlek: The combat is exciting, well paced and most importantly...great when your ship is severely damaged and you still win the fight. (I.e. Nuclear core issues) Would you say that the space combat is better than previous BC games? The best? I'd say it suits my preferences to space combat better. This time round I get to see all the glory of my kills and I can do it in my own time. (BCG made me feel like it was a rush to do so, now I can kill in style. Not sure where the difference lies, all I can say is that the 'pace' of the game is nice and even for me. quote: I am more than willing to sacrifice realistic sizes for increased quality per square mile What's real? I consider real to be as close to this world/realm/plane of existence as possible. That means that earth is big, jupiter bigger. Fancy looking trees don't make things 'real' in my books. Scale does. Anywhoo...enough of the Morpheus style chat about the 'real' world or we'll all end up qouting from films. Right then, SC...you asked me to check out IA0114 and I did so. Man alive!! I died in like 5 minutes. I think I'll stick to ordering my boys about from the safety of space thank you very much. I'll give it another go when I'm more skilled and learned in the ways of UC.
  15. Scarlek

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    quote: You are 100% right about this. I find it annoying too. The reason it bounces back is to give NPCs the ability to alter their direction. If there was no push back motion, then they would repeatedly collide with the object if they tried to turn while still close to it. Know what I mean? I need to rethink this a bit and I will probably disable the bounce back for the player. That's good news and something to look forward to. Definately 'sort of' get it. The NPC's bounce back, change their angle/direction and go forwards. Rinse and repeat... It's a guess from someone who read something about AI pathfinding years ago so possibly wrong. Either way, glad it's not just me. quote: Speaking of combat, have you played IA0114? Your thoughts? HINT: Try using the /i commandline cheat the first time you try it - or you'll die. A lot. *Runs off to load up UC at work.* Lets see how a noob survives a challenge from the Supreme Commander eh? I'll screen shot the end result and post a link to it. I'd just like to congratulate the entire Dev team for making a game that I'll never ever finish...I'll give it a blooming hard go though. !