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  1. HI I think you have set a sail to other sector via navitron. Navitron doesnt use waypoints,it is not vinculated to them,so clearing or seting waypoints dont prevent autopilot from going to the wormhole cause you set a sail to there and that sail is a priority. Just select the WTS in the NID display and you will see the path throught sectors you plotted.From there you can cancel that sail and then autopilot will follow your orders as normal. Hope it helps,good flight
  2. Hola!!!Aqui tienes uno.De paso te aviso que no esta bien mirado usar otro idioma que no sea el ingles en este foro.De verdad,les gusta mantener el orden aqui. Ultimamente estoy muy liado y casi no toco el ordenata, pero bueno,mientras este por aqui algo se puede hacer ---Translated (more or less) Hi!!! You have one here.I advise you it is not right to use other speak different than english in this forums.Really,they like to mantain order here. Lately im very busy and I hardly touch my PC,but as long as Im here we can do something.
  3. I agree with you.This is not the solution. But I want you to understand how the feelings are running here.I dont think most the people here is prepared to view the things globally and therefor seeing the consequences of our withdraw,but this is what is going to happen.I dont know what would happen if another big attack is made here. And for our victims at the bomb attack, I dont think we are insulting them as long as we capture all the "persons" (if they can be called that way) involved in that attack. And please, dont compare us with japan.We are not even the shadow of them.
  4. <<<<<<<<<<<<< Edit 2: Instead of fighting for what they believed in, like we are where fighting for peace, they instead decided to cowar behind there desk's in hopes that nothing will happen... sorry but something will happen.. sooner... or later.. Spain just signed it's own death warrent >>>>>>>> We never believed an invasion of Irak was a solution for nothing apart for being more hated. Our governement participated on it only for the benefits we would gain,they tried to convince us it was for a good cause to stop terrorism but we only hated them more for being greed and false. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Edit: It's the spanish government who are cowards, not the spanish people in general although, I do think that they jumped the gun when they where attack >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We jumped the gun because we got bombed for a thing we never wanted to get involved in.We dont want to get bombed more or get our soldiers killed when at first we never wanted to be on Irak, althought the best would be to tighten up and face what we have in our hands.Thats not going to happen actually.We all lose here. In the other side if we really had something against Saddam regime or the radicals, or we always had thought it was a priority to go to Irak, then the reaction on this attack would be completely different, I tell you.As long as I have been living in this world there have been terrorist attacks by our inside terrorist group ETA,and never the people has hided or scared away by it.In fact more and more the citizens are fighting this terrorists. Look at one of the last attacks from ETA that got frustated.2 terrorist were driving a bombcar in one of the main streets of Barcelona in daytime.The car wrecked down and they had to push it.When a police went there to give a hand because they were causing a great traffic congestion he got a shot in the head.In the middle of the street with lots of people around them.The terrorist ran away trought the shocked people and then some UNARMED citizens chased them and phoned the police with a cell phone to update the terrorist position,risking their lives by doing so. What is happening is people is more and more upset by terrorism and eventually they participate more and more in the fight of it. So I hope you really dont think we are cowards because you will be VERY wrong.If we really wanted to be on Irak we still would be there.
  5. 1- WE, the majority of spanish citizens DIDNT WANT to enter the war NO and NO!. 2-Our last president, Aznar, made us enter the war ignoring the disagreement of thousands of people manifestating at the streets. 3-We are at the back of europe, our aislament during the Franco dictadure distanced us from the rest of the world.So WE KNEW we were not prepared to counter all of the terrorist attacks that may occur as good as US or England. 4-At the 11M we saw we were right at our thoughts.We are like the little dumb kid that goes to play with teenagers and ends up kicked in his butt. 5-Our new president is correcting the mistake of the last president, removing our troops from Irak.Also this was part of his promises at the elections. 6-So we ARE NOT withdrawing because we are scared or want to move to a side, we shouldnt have never been there.If world powers like the US wants to play with fire then go there and get burned,and if at the end you achieve something positive then be proud of yourself.We are better to keep in a side watching. 7-The worst thing is how the muslin world and specially the radicals and terrorist are going to see our withdraw.Our action is not going to do any good to the rest of countrys that stay at Irak,and certainly there will be more attacks fueled by us.
  6. As far as I understand they dont mail you unless you say it, and what they sell to you is a far more descriptive analisis of your answer(5 pages info they say) plus the access to their site wich has hundreds of diferents test (human resources manager heavens maybe? )
  7. I got an IQ of 131. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Your IQ score is 131 This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others. Your Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician. This means you are gifted at spotting patterns ÔÇö both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction ÔÇö especially in the workplace. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nothing new, I did an IQ when I was only 14 years old and it was like this, very advanced in visual awareness( or espacial vision, dont know how its called in english) and visual maths and very low on general maths and words.
  8. I had trouble using the Starcruisers Pta┬┤s,but finally got what their arc of fire is. Try this: 1-Start roam at GalomHQ with starcruiser/nightstar Military 2-Turn Pta system ON. 3-Look at Earth for an Insurgent military base. 4-Place a waypoint above it,then hyperjump. 5-Turn ECM ON and shields full up. 6-Do planetfall.After reaching atmosphere and leveling the ship dive down directly to the Insurgent base and stop at a desired altitude(not too low) 7-Experiment with the external view,changing altitude and strafing while in CAS,changing pitch rolling yawing turning upside down, and flying above the base. 8-It can be a little difficult, but you WILL find out what are the exact fire arc for every single turret in your ship.If you cant see any shot after 15 minutes then you can start to be afraid As an example, I found that the turrets at the front sides of the starcruisers likes to shot more in an horizontal arc than in a vertical one,so targets at your front a bit high or low will not be easily fired at.But targets at your same level around your 11 o┬┤clock and 2 o┬┤clock will be fired always. Hope that helps.Take fun
  9. Im starting to get ill of reviews that says "non-intuitive keyboard layout","too many keys to memorize"...Try to play Combat Flight simulator2/3 at full realism for some hours till you use all controls.DO you find that controls intuitive??Now switch to IL-2FGB and try to play for some hours.Dont you feel a bit stressed?or maybe overwhelmed? I havent seen anyone *****ing about the inmense quantity of keys to memorize,specially at IL2.Now why do they find that UC or BCG has a lot of keys???? UC is far more easy to get used to with the keyboard than any of the 2 games above.I dont even know how to raise my shields or turn off the engine,not talking about powering the PTA or the IOD,I just use the interface with the mouse to do it.Simple and quick.Why those d***s cant find this out?? I learned to do that way inside the first hour of playing BC3000ad.Im I a mega high IQ? Should I change my job and start to rate complex and high-learning-curve games?
  10. The second thing that strikes you, especially during the planetary engagements, is the unsatisfyingly spare visuals. Textures are blurry, but the most important elements are the sheer space between landmarks and the lack of interesting terrain. It can take a long time to get to your target, and an even longer time to eliminate them, especially with aerial dogfights. The tedium of combat has a lot to do with sluggish controls. It takes a while to turn many of these planes around, and guns aren't nearly as useful as they are in space, since you can't slide and strafe. Before you fire any missiles, you have to ready them by clicking through the interface in mid-flight (or memorizing yet another hotkey combo). Then you'll cycle through the targets using the "<" and ">" keys, on the other side of the keyboard from your directional controls. Even if you're using a mouse to fly, you still need to use the keyboard to tilt left and right. I find myself missing Freelancer, in which you put a target in the reticule and hit the "M" key, although that game is obviously on the other side of the flight combat design spectrum. This guy isnt a sim player as long as I see,neither has seen many sims.Half of this paragraph is rubbish for me, he doesnt know what he is talking about,and shows he didnt experiment enought with the game.I dont think he is the right person to rate UC.
  11. ..... I think what I love most is my little ultralight and my ultralight pilot licence.Fly is what I always wanted to do and I achieved it,so they both are part of me and nothing (including womans) will separate us.I can say I completed one of my main goals for this live:D I dont have a wife neither kids, but them would be the other most loved thing to me.
  12. quote:Originally posted by DeepFreeze: quote:I see Matrix in the same light I see Space Oddysey 2001. Its one of the all-timers, unique and veeeery deep with unanswered questions and I leave it there.I didn't think it was terribly deep. They just made the philosophical intents behind the movie a little more obvious. If you want to see something deep (and I mean deep) you should watch an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelions. That was some crazy and inspiring stuff, especially at the end. If you have winamp, you can find an internet tv station that plays the series non-stop (it's 26 episodes). It's kind of stupid in some parts, but it has a very, very powerful ending. Besides, I'm sure all you sci-fi guys can appreciate giants robots kicking monster ass (cartoon or not). "Appleseed" and "Ghost in the shell" are also 2 quite interesting and reflexive histories.
  13. LOL All my live I have lived in a country with a socialist governement.Only with the switch to Mr.Aznar I saw another class of governement.Now the balance power has switched again to socialist.I cant say im happy with what was done by the last governement, neither Im hapy with socialists again. What I see is the country grew well economically,but the people who has to go to work everyday generally lost.Now the new governement will try to help the worker and the poor,possibly at expenses of the motherland┬┤s economy grow. I think its good to switch powers and dont let them keep it for long.Capitalism and socialism are 2 good ideas, but none of them is truly a good solution.You need to find balance between them.
  14. Fantastic! Life does some strange spins,but as sayed,life tightens you hard but it doesnt drown you. Good luck with your new employment!
  15. Shuttles MK1 are the fastest, and they have the largest cargo bay capacity.Look at the appendix. We are talking about HJ speed, wich is the most important. In other words, Mk1┬┤s rules.
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