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  1. I have added 2 new albems to UC's list. Daft Punk's Discovery (or as I call it Disco Very) and the Homeworld Soundtrack (found a copy in a dark forgotten corner of my local music store)
  2. One thing I was wondering. Do you only have to Prep them once? Or every time after they have been off duty. What I did when I first start wes send them all to be preped. Then send 1/2 on station (and 1/2 of those then went searching) and send the other 1/2 off duty again.
  3. The music that came with UC was good. But I have currently replaced them with soundtracks from two TV shows/movies. I have the Babylon 5 Soundtracks 1 & 2 ('messages from earth') the music seems to match the feel of UC (mainly since the series has a lot of music for the space battles) Another one added is the soundtracks from Cowboy Bebop (including the movie). At first the mix of Jazz and blues seems strange for space combat. But after seeing the series and their use in the combat scnees it has grown on my. Just wondering if anyone alse has replaced/added music that matched the feel of the game.
  4. *rubs head from GreyDog's slap* ouch! No I am not lazy, I did do a search. but after scanning the 220 odd posts. All of them talked about what Resnig dose but not WHO he is. Now I know who he is, I never noticed him doing anything out of the norm. I must be lucky and got one that flunked Resnig school.
  5. I know I will get a 100 head slaps from everyone on theis forum. But who IS Resnig? (I only had BCMG for 2 months and UC for a month)
  6. I had that in UC as well (RC4) I arrived at Wraith station, only to find it disabled, with full shields and hull. And the station looked like is was distroyed (just the station's framework) Or was it distroyed and it is being rebuilt?
  7. At the time I couldn't think of a ship name so I used the first thing that came into my head 'Hammer Of God' I was thinking of changing it but the crew have grown to love it, ss they now call the ship 'The HOG'
  8. What song is this? Who is that artist? Sorry I am from a hick backwater country
  9. I used Acrobat's Web capture to make the appendix for my iPAQ. I now have that, the manual and a help guide I got off the net all in my 'Tricoder' hehehe no more ALT-TAB for me
  10. *Humpf* you should try my local EB. They just looked blankly at me and said, "Universal Combat?... never heard of it. Is it a new game or a old game." Other game stores I went to knew or heard of it but said that its not released in australia yet.
  11. I got bored watching the UPS tracking of my copy of UC (it's somewhere in Sydney now but will take another two days *sob* to get here). So have been playing BCMG again, but I hated going back and forwards between the game and the manual/appendix. So I tried to import the PDF manual to my iPAQ. But Acrobat 'spat the dummy' becouse on how it was formated. So I spent today reediting the file (taking out the print marks and croping the pages) I now have a nice manual in my hands while playing. I have also converted the appendix into PDF as well.
  12. I love a Tooheys Extra Dry, very nice.. BTW: That is an Australian Beer
  13. Doh! Sorry, I had two forums windows open and I wrote in the wrong one hehehehe BTW: If you are wondering it was http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...2989;p=1#000035
  14. I love a Tooheys Extra Dry, very nice.. BTW: That is an Australian Beer
  15. I had the same thing. Every station I went to was at -1. but that was a while ago on my friends copy. Mine is in transit somewhere in the US so I'll see if it happens when I get it.
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