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  1. haaaa understood. for wraith,it was because my problem began when wraith "shot" a missile in my face by the way, is it possible to load a quicksave, using the load saved game menu? thx for your answer
  2. mmmm is it normal that I tried to do what is explained in the vcf : I renamed the .sav file to .sav.bak and but it doesnt work?
  3. ok, that s really weird, but I think that s what happened : In acm1, I hjed to wraith, which was under attack at this moment. The enemy dies, and a few seconds after leaving hyperspace, I get a BIG bad missile in the face... Ooops I m dead... Now the problem is, when I click on resume last game to load my last quick save, I enter the start new game menu... I ve tried to do this : is dead forever topic which worked for bcmg, but it doesnt work for uc :-( does anybody have an idea? thanks for your help
  4. sorry for my last post, i found the answer :-)
  5. quote: Remember, you have fleet C&C and they will respond to your commands. Which means that you can have them stay in one place, while you run off and come back etc. does that mean they are supposed to appear in the menu fleet command and control? because they are not listed in my menu, they are just set to follow me but it doesn t look like I can change their orders.
  6. I ve searched through the forums for info on the fighter s pilots ai, and I haven t found the answer to that question. Is the fighter s pilot ai similar to the one of the marines? can they mimic your way of piloting? coz yesterday, I sent of them against one zenstar, and 3 of them got destroyed :-( thx for your answer
  7. ok, I ve searched on the forum but didn t found any answer to my question. I ve just picked up the falkerie transport ships which r following me and I ve got to bring them from lv103 to lv130. Aouch... I take a look at the navitron and sees that it s almost at the opposite of the map. Then I see a flux field (f12) which almost connects both. I take it but the ships don t follow me into the flux field. I think it s because the sc said that npc ships would t enter flux field. Does this mean I have to protect those transports during this HUGE trip? or is there a shortcut that I haven t seen? maybe it s stupid but I fear this trip :-) thx for your help
  8. but in this case, it takes several minutes to be able to engage them and to destroy them.Maybe it s just my computer which needs a lot of time to initialize the game, It s a bit disappointing, cause during that time, it shoots at you and you just cannot reply :-( I would add that one of my friend had the same problem in the elite force pilot instant action scenario,where you have to intercept two enemy fighters and he is now thinking that the game is weird. I tried to convince him that it s not representative of the quality of the game but he was disgusted :-( couldn t that initialization phase be included in the loading time, or make the ships only "jump" at the face of the player once they are fully initialized? or maybe I m just posting too much stupid questions? ;-) sorry for the disturbance :-)
  9. /me paints himself in black not to be seen I m not a programmer (erhmmm... except in maple and tescs but that doesn t really count) so I m probably stating stupidities, but wouldn t it be possible to modify slightly the script so that you can destroy the EVIL :-) nightstar and other invulnerable ships when you first see them? /me starts running very fast sorry if it s not understandable (french...)
  10. same problem here. I use rc7 and I am attacked at the beginning of the ACM campaign. I get on the back of the nighstar and shoot it for a couple of minutes, all my shots hitting him. suddenly it explodes.... and with the first ia scenario, same problem. The enemy fighter hull is unbreakable for several minutes. maybe I m going to get a good bash in the face, but could you do something about taht issue? because shooting at a ship which can t be destroyed looks a bit weird at the beginning of the game. (go hide himself in a dark corner :-) StanRex (sorry for my bad english, I m french)
  11. I just noticed something weird : installed your fix, created a test profile to check : tradcom wasn t crashing anymore. I deleted my old profile and created a new one, and when I tried to use tradcom, it crashed.... Is there anything I did wrong? thx for your help StanRex
  12. ok thanks for the help sc :-)
  13. hi all, I m a big noob to the bc community, but I think I learning :-) But I have a question : can cruisers detect cloaked carriers? cause I often "lose" an enemy when he s about to get disabled, and it prevents me from doing my raider's job :-( Is there any way to detect cloaked ships with a cruiser? I know carriers with the tmcd artifact can, but I don t think that this artifact will work properly on a cruiser since it is supposed to require a RO. But maybe having it on board would allow me to see cloaked ships, but not allowing me to cloak? I searched through the forum and the appendix but wasn t able to find an answer. Sorry for the bad english (I'm french) and thx for your help :-D
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