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  1. Hey the last thing I want is cause any trouble. Think of this post as deleted.
  2. Mr. Smart I remember from a previous post that you said you had a new game on the works. Is it going to be BC scenario related and of what genre? By the way have you ever thought of a first person shooter only BC? Thanks.
  3. I am going to do a Master in 3d programming.In the two Universities I have seen until now they only teach OpenGL.I really want to do C# and MDX for 3d programming and the only MSc that has C# is not 3d oriented but about distributed computing.My predicament is whether I should go with the OpenGL since DX is taking the market.One of the MSc in 3d is doing the whole thing in Linux also.I am very frustrated.Of course I could go with the distributed computing and learn MDX by reading books.Any suggestions?
  4. I dont believe what they did even when they know that the RC1 build is not capable to go public.If the game goes public with the RC2 build Mr.Smart will you release a patch for the rest of the fixes?Also is there a faq I could read for various questions about the new game besides searching the forums?Good luck.
  5. Being a future game programmer,I am going to do a master in game programming,I am starting to be concerned about all this.Not only about the publishers but whether I should reconsider game programming and follow a different path.I mean how do I know that I will find work with all these things happening.I dont now people I am really afraid about my future carrier.One minute you have a job the next you dont.What are your thoughts on this?
  6. I dont understand these people.The game will sell even if it comes out later since the game is that matters to the people not the date it comes out.Anyway good luck Mr.Smart.
  7. What makes me curious is how DC is going to release the game when they know that a DRM exists.Is it possible for them to bypass this?
  8. I have been playing BC games for many years.It was 1995 when I saw the silver box of the first BC in the store.At first I didnt know what it was but the back cover clarified it for good.From then I have been playing this game until UC.Indeed I dont care about the name change since the game is that matters and the people that made it. Mr.Smart dont listen to anyone that tells you when are you going to release the game.Release it when you think it is ready and you are satisfied. What more can I say than keep up the good work.
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