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  1. There is no doubt that the Iraqi civilian today is in FAR greater danger than they ever were under Sadddams rule. That is just a matter of fact.
  2. don't say anything that remo or jaguar will take as negative or they will have you banned
  3. Thank God. Now I can sign up and defend my country from the Iraqi invasion.
  4. Those of us who see the truth recognize the fact that the corruption is within this country. don't worry Kal, we're here for ya
  5. Rest assured there is NO GREATER SCANDAL than the one where the president of the united states invades a country under false pretenses so that his cronies can profit from it and that so he can alternately win a second election by whipping the country into a panic and telling them that god made him the president
  6. Good for China. Perhaps the US should follow suit and expand space technology. Am I the only one who was fascinated by the lunar launches as a child only to grow up and discover one boring space shuttle launch after the other? I admit the mars thing was very exciting but...why haven't we gone back to the moon? Jeez, I thought we'd have a base on the moon by the time I was 30.
  7. nomad and jaguar...one question and i speak in all sincerity so if the question sounds ridiculous it is in no way intentional, so here goes: Any possibility of a "EU military force" i.e. EU countries' military forces joined as one that may or may not replace or support the U.N.? Just curious on your thoughts.
  8. Yeah, I have to agree, the leader of the free world is a bit much. Especially for a guy who would have trouble finding his way out of a paper bag. I think that leader of the united states is about as far as you can take this clown seeing as he despises any foreign relations unless they kiss his texas ass.
  9. I hope she wins the lawsuit , she was clearly delusional when they held the shotgun to her head. I'm not gonna lose any sleep if american express loses 2 mil.
  10. I agree. You shouldn't watch 60 minutes unless you're some kinda pinko commie liberal. they love that crap. damn commies. where's my shotgun....and my chewin tobaccy.
  11. The overwhelming majority of insurgents are Iraqi? What does that tell you? "Oh great leader bush, you have freed us from the horrific lives we once led. Why in the hell did we worship Allah for all these years? We have been fools. We love american voting systems, especially this diebold computerized thing. And while you're at it could you put some of your starbucks coffee places in and around baghdad? we love you, george"
  12. I believe it's the intense polarization the country is feeling. this message board is a microcosm of what is happening within the country. So, justly there are some very intense feelings being thrown around, which is why I have stayed away from it for a while. Because I was worried that I might say something that may get me removed from this message board. I am happy to say that I have found peace. May the best man win (I will be voting for neither, so in my estimation the best man cannot win). I will always have an open mind and I will always enjoy conversating on these message boards with my brothers Street and Jag. By the way, if Bush loses, I have to scrub the bus yard with a toothbrush (you GOTTA love THAT Jag).
  13. Just make sure you sell your stock before November 2. I'm predicting another Bush victory and another stock market plunge to the bottom.
  14. I'm gonna have to take Denny Mala's advice and try the Megaron on for size. The Aestrom has served me well in BCMG and I actually picked that ship after reading a thread Denny was involved in concerning the PTA sweet spot. Outstanding ship...big crew, lots of support craft and a big punch... Well, if I like the Megaron better, I'll just have to shed a tear for the old Aestrom.
  15. Present and equipped with my new ATI 9800 PRO video card. Just played UC today for the first time and loved it! Woohoooo!
  16. It's SO much simpler than all that. The Democrats have a candidate who has a war record and the republicans have a pussy who hid under his daddy's money.
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