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  1. I have not seen anyone from Spectre Fleet post in this forum in a long time, nor any of the members post in this forum as well. Is this fleet inactive? Or, is this fleet dead?
  2. Fyasko

    starfleet command 3

    http://www.stcd.sgnonline.com/unity/ This is the link to the Unity Camp Website.
  3. Fyasko

    starfleet command 3

    http://www.stcd.sgnonline.com/forum/index This is the one.
  4. Fyasko

    starfleet command 3

    It is way bigger than OP. Check it out. Also, more ships are being developed for it so your options are enormous.
  5. Fyasko

    starfleet command 3

    Hello All, SFC III can still be a tactical challenge. I and my fleet play on GSA and the "Unity 2.2" mod. It is fairly easy to install and get on the Dynaverse. Coordination is done on Teamspeak. My fleet is currently the best and most feared in the Dyna on this mod. The Unity 2.3 is in the testing phase and the new Camp will begin in a week or two. If you are interested in participating, check it out at http://www.stcd.sgonline.com/forum/ and check out the progress. Hope to see you there.
  6. Your Expenses?!?!?! Your going to need every monetary unit you can get to repair your devastated home system after the MPS are done with you.....oh, No Offense Taken.......
  7. Tremble in fear as the MPS has arrived, and ready to wage Universal Combat!!! I, The Dread Pirate Fyasko, will lead my Syndicate into these uncharted waters. See you in game in a couple of weeks.....The Countdown has begun!!! [email protected]
  8. Fyasko

    Universal Combat Demo Status

    SC, I hope that the conflict that you experienced with DC does not shirk your drive for putting out great products. I know DC is a "pain in the a**" and it really awful that the "ambulance chasers" had to get involved. The good thing is that the vampires were on your side (for once) and that everybody is satisfied with the outcome (I hope). Best wishes to you and your family this Holiday Season. P.S. My kids came down with that crud, too. Its been hell trying to take care of sick, screaming kids, oh well....a labour of love........