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  1. so am i... when is the online game coming?
  2. when's the new online game coming up?
  3. I'm here! When can we expect GalCom Online?
  4. All is well on the Lusitania front.
  5. Commander CesarPim reporting all clear here.
  6. Sorry for the delay... Still kinda new to these procedures. Commander CesarPim reporting!!
  7. Same here, free most of the summer. My computer is quite ok to launch a server and a client at the same time, and I think I have a good internet connection (50Mbps download, 5Mbps upload) but I am in Portugal so I'm not sure this speed will be kept all the way between countries... So whenever you want to launch a multiplayer, tell me in this forum or by pm. But I never did it so you will have to walk me through the process (I have Hamachi 2 up and running).
  8. Before this thread derails, I'll say one thing: We better get him before GalCom does! -Sho Even in UCCE I cannot see any servers up, ever Does anyone have the possibility of having a permanent (or, at least, temporary) server up and running? Derek, Supreme Commander, Sir! Could you maybe do us this big favour? .... just to keep us in shape until GCO arrives (one year from now?). Keeping my hopes up
  9. Curson, count me in!! I also love multiplayer. I just bought UCCE through Gamer's Gate and updated it to 1.01.04. Looking forward to meeting your cruiser
  10. Hmm I see. But isn't Galactic Command Echo Squad SE an improvement to UCCE? Doesn't it have better graphics and stuff? Another question... is it possible to purchase UCCE online for download? Thanks.
  11. Hmm, I thought UC didn't have much people on MP, I thought it was the reason why version 2.0 doesn't have multiplayer... I like all aspects of these games, but what I mostly love is the space exploration (AAW and AoA don't have)... So, from the existing 3000ad games that have space exploration, which would you say that has more people on multiplayer , nowadays? Thanks. Cesar
  12. Hi. Just wondering whether anyone is playing this game in multiplayer nowadays. I am thinking of purchasing the game mostly for multiplayer purposes, so first I would like to know if there are active stable servers for it and people playing it, with some frequency... If not, I guess I'll just have to wait for the GC Online Thank you.
  13. Yes it does. I have played it in multiplayer dozens of times when the community was active (in 2004 and 2005). I have the game installed right now... You can check it here where it says "64 player multiplay support". I guess AAW and AoA does not have outer space travelling and fighting, does it? I want something like UC but with active players Should I go for "Galactic Command Online"? What is it about? Thanks.
  14. No. I am using UC the original version. I understand what you are saying, it has to be settled with people to play in LAN through Hamachi. So my questions are: 1- Is there an active community for UC ORIGINAL VERSION? If so, where can I find them to settle games with them? 2- From all the different 3000ad games that exist nowadays (these ones), is there any that has multiplayer servers up and running regularly, and an active multiplayer community? If so, I might just go and buy the game... Thanks a lot. CesarPim
  15. Greetings. I have some Universal Combat nostalgia and I would like to play some multiplayer... but I don't see any servers in the game browser (I have the original UC patched for version 2.00.30). Is anyone still playing this game online? If yes, how can I find some active servers and join? Thank you for your help! Looking forward to seeing you online CesarPim
  16. To Prime Fleet Command. I hereby request to join the Prime Fleet since it is the one that mostly corresponds to my objectives. I am sending my request through the fleet DB system. My preferences are to be a Commander in the Beta Wing assigned to SpecOps or Intel. Awaiting response.
  17. What about multiplayer? Will it also need the server to be always dedicated? Live long and prosper.
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