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  1. I'm 33 years old. I'm the manager of a small steel-recycling company. I've been married now for about six months. I live in Wyandotte a suburb that's just far enough away from Detroit to Not Totally Suck. I went to college for a few years after high school, majoring in Psychology. Then suddenly one day I realized I couldn't stand listening to people's baggage. So much for that major. My hobbies are anything that has to do with the outdoors and computer gaming (surprise!). Lately, however, I have grown envious of the mass of 13-year-olds out there that can create game mods that are developer-quality with one hand while playing Halo with the other, so my latest hobby (obsession?) is 3D modeling and texturing. Considering that I am using a couple of freeware and cheapware programs to go about it, I think it is going quite well. I may be overdoing it. I have a tendency to look at my dog now and wonder what his polygon count would be.
  2. It's a sad story, and I am sure a very scary one to anyone in the game development business. What I want to know is where these publishers come up with their data as to what will/will not sell and therefore be developed/cancelled. Maybe my own particular taste in games lies in the vast minority, but I am constantly seeing games that seem to have great potential and depth cancelled in favor of games that seem to be catering to idiots. I've grown to abhor "-lite" or "more accessible" or "broader appeal" in a game's description, not to mention all these console ports that keep turning up like those unsavory relatives that always turn up around Christmas with no invitation. I think these publishers, if they approve the idea at all, should let the development of these games run their course and actually see how they sell in the real world rather than guess how they'll sell. Granted, I can understand if they pull the plug because of some gross negligence from the developers, but barring that, they should see it through or never approve the development in the first place. Gaming news overflows lately with projects that are canned halfway through development. Like I said earlier, either my tastes in games are completely atypical, or publishers are really losing touch with what gamers really want.
  3. Oh, I'm not saying an upgraded Megaron is better than an upgraded Super Carrier. I'm just saying it's a fine ship, particularly when upgraded. It's all a matter of personal preference, really. A super carrier packs more goodies than a carrier, but is much slower. For the ACM, this is all academic anyway, because I'm 99% positive you can only take the Megaron. I'd say 100%, but I don't like the taste of these shoes if I'm wrong.
  4. 1. Sleep with the manual and a hard copy of the VCF under your pillow. This will cause all the information to seep up into your head. 2. Listen to my patented copyrighted BCM/UC hypnosis tapes. "You're a good commander. You know what you are doing. You hardly ever perform stupid blunders that lead to a catastrophic loss of life, equipment, and planetary real estate. And dog-gone it, people like you on the message boards." 3. Play Freelancer. Take note of everything you CAN'T do in that game. Then come back and try those things in these games. 3. Eat your bran muffins to generate more "reading time" for the manual.
  5. I am particularly green at the ground operations side of things, but I believe the SC changed some of the formerly MP-only gestures to signals that would convey your orders to your troops when in FP mode with them. Check out the appendix materials on this one. I could be way wrong on this one. I think you may be able to issues orders to groups of units with the PLV, as well. These are the things I'd look into until someone that knows a lot more about ground-pounding gives you a better answer.
  6. If you're talking about the ACM scenario, then I do believe you have no option to change from the megaron. You don't get much bigger than Meggie, unless you move up to the super carriers. Even if this were an option, in this particular ACM that might be ill-advised since this mission involves an extremely long voyage. Unless you could find an extremely large box and FedEx a Firestorm or Aestrom to your destination, I don't think you'd make it in time. Besides, hang in there. The Megaron is one of the finest ships in the game, particularly after a trip to the upgrade shop.
  7. One suggestion: (Can't test this myself right now, at work on a slow day). Rather than turning the solar reactor on/off, turn the ship so that the solar reactor output is zero, see what happens, then turn so its output is 99, see what happens. The reason I say this is because the solar reactor will provide power even if it has been allocated no power in logistix. Those times I kill the nuke while planetside and power the life support systems solely on s/r output, it powers those systems even while allocated 0 in logistix; for this reason, I don't think turning it on/off is going to produce any difference in your test, at least as far as radine consumption goes. [ 03-11-2004, 11:47 AM: Message edited by: Olias7 ]
  8. I've never seen anything that leads me to believe any power is being stored anywhere, like this "battery" people are talking about. My guess is this, though I haven't tested it: Perhaps when you are getting a high power input from the solar panels, your systems are drawing off of that first, the nuke second, and therefore saving you radine crystals. Perhaps power allocation to the solar reactor affects that somehow. You can of course force this situation by orienting your ship towards a light source and shutting down the main reactor. Not much use in a battle, but sometimes useful in idle situations. Sometimes if I need a long idle time to conduct repairs, I'll set her down near my mining drones on a planet where it's about 8AM local time and shut down the main reactor. Still, I will say that allocating power TO the solar reactor seems to do nothing but eat 5-10 power units.
  9. Retail through RC7 here as well, ATI Radeon 9800xt 4.10 Catalyst. Happens like clockwork at about 10 clicks away from jumpgates and stations.
  10. Dead? And still appearing on Perscan? Are you low on Nutripacks and using the Hannibal Lecter cookbook? If they're dead, they shouldn't be appearing as prisoners, or appearing at all, as far as I know. Please verify that their LF is 0 on Perscan. As for the fatigue factor stuff, they generally do a good job of that on their own. Sometimes if you force them off-duty they turn around and come right back on-duty.
  11. That explains that. Thanks, SC.
  12. One thing I've noticed regarding this subject is the amount of experience lost is consistently 5,000. In the experience points section of the appendix, I can't find a listing for an action that results in a 5,000 point penalty. I should point out that I have never personally destroyed a craft friendly to my caste. This pertains solely to other ships destroying each other in my PZ. I do have one question, as well. In the appendix, the category is listed as: "Any ship friendly to player race/caste is destroyed in player PZ" My question is, is there ever a situation where a ship friendly to my race/caste appears on the radar as blue rather than green? This -5,000 experience point penalty occurs when a ship registering as blue destroys another ship registering as blue on the radar.
  13. Kalshion, I've found that there is ample time to dock somewhere along the way to pick up a heapin' helpin' of Radine, particularly if you pawn some of your starting spare parts or weapons. The APN missles snag a pretty good price. You should top up the plutonium a bit, too.
  14. I personally don't deploy fighters to escort me while I am sector-hopping, I generally take stock of the situation in the new sector and decide whether I am going to be hanging around or pressing on. If you are simply passing through the sector, it is this commander's opinion that having the fighters escorting you is of little tactical value. If you insist on doing this, however, perhaps issuing a halt order to all fighters prior to making the jump, then issuing an escort or fly to (command craft) order once in the new sector may produce the desired result for you.
  15. Yeah, if the engine was out, I imagine it must have dropped like a rock. Shoulda used Beagle2 to break your fall. At any rate, keep in mind that either through the Tactical>Launch or Logistix>Crafts (can't remember which off the top of my head) you can get an exact readout of what condition your fighters are in, so in the future try that rather than running to the airlock with a wrench in hand. There's always a bright side; with the crater you must have made, your widow should save some serious bling bling on the burial.
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