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  1. Upon learning the game, fully addictive in all it's glory I played the game to long.... for some reason the AE never gets tired, but that doesn't mean you won't. I was saying just one more dock, then I'll go to bed. Coming up on Galcom... H... Q.... sleepy... not to much further.... 5.... 4... 3... 2.... 1. Uuum let's see it's Alt D to dock... Damn what the hell I am in Space .... I look around only moments later to see my ship burst into flames as it ran into Galcom HQ. Warning: Your AE doesn't get tired, but you do!
  2. Yeah I have 56,000 EP points. Thanks Denny for the info. A WAR is looming on the frontier.... or maybe it's like this...
  3. Gates has too much $$$ he can never make up his mind what he's gonna do.
  4. Yee Ha! Ok, experimented a little with this. It seems like you can order other craft around. Can you get these ships to cruise with you to other places or no? I tried but not really successful. anything simple I may be missing? Or did I send them to a black hole or something? Also if a base like Galcom has a bunch of fighters like 9 or so and I click on it to defend my ship it only releases one. I was trying to get it to release all of them. [9]? Oh yeah, take that you insurgent scum!
  5. yeah ok, I check those regulary. I decided to throw Kendrick's sorry butt in the medibay. Then I assigned the engineers to the navitron and guess what. They fixed it and that's that. No more damage since! It's unbelievable. I took a closer look at the AI of each officer and Kendrick's was the highest at 41 my AE was at 38 so maybe that's part of the reason. I don't know it's weird. Kinda funny now that I think about it. I know how everybody here keeps talking about the Gamulan as being tough fighters, I tell ya I ran into Mandorian Raiders and they are pretty bad. I taken out several Gamulan with no problem, course there wasn't many of them around. The Mand. Raiders came out of nowhere. They damaged me so bad I could do nothing just space junk. I at least had enough power and the rockets still worked good enough to kill the bass. that got me. Then I self destructed for the first time.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: i always found odd to have no nightvision on starships / fighters / shuttles, but hey, that's another topic Yeah I was just about to post about that. Heck even our own military right now uses it. Wonder if UC will have it?
  7. Ok, I read the thread. The original poster had used the cheat so his instance was different than mine. However, someone else posted that didn't use the cheat software and was describing pretty much what I see except I think it was a different system [bridge]. The link is hard to find... I had to do a search thru all forums to find it. For easier reference it's right here. At least now I have a few ideas to try and hopefully solve it. BTW, just blew up a bunch of insurgent scum on earth and gained 30,000 EP's! I did it the easy way tho' OTS!
  8. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Chavik: quote:the idots reassinged themselves to the navitron even tho' I had suspended it. Re-read my above post about watching what they are doing. Doesn't Deck 3 have an arrow you have to click to see the last three systems on that deck? This crops up every so often. You may just have a corrupted game. Yeah I watched them for awhile. It seems they think they are big stuff now. hmmm? Deck3 on the CC? yeah it has a little arrow to view like 2 more things. That should be their right? Yeah I did a search for Navitron computer and it just displayed normal behavior type questions. As far as the corrupted game goes, in order to fix it I probably have to start over. So what do you think about the FC3 fighter and the 3 things at 99%? Also I replaced 3 fighters before all this started happening. [They were stolen! I learned quick on how to solve that problem.] Thanks for the info gize!
  9. Well the game was acting kinda weird. I had saved the game before going on the planet thank God for that. If I didn't do that I would be up a creek right now!!! So I just resumed where I had saved. Too scared right now to try it. The planet is freaky looking "red" and it was very dark I couldn't see NOTHING! pitch black. I will go back though... count on it!
  10. Ok, I decided to look at this closer. I found that I also had a FC fighter with some damage so I re-assigned them to the FC fighter. after sitting there watching them for a few minutes the idots reassinged themselves to the navitron even tho' I had suspended it. In the display navitron is tan in color which is susposed to mean a suspended repair right? Well the fixed level will go up to 100% and a few minutes later it is 50% damaged again. Ok, so after beating it into their heads I got them to fix the FC3 up to this.... 99% weapon pods 99% shields 99% Navigation comp << I can't get the above to repair above 99% I can assign them to it but shortly after that they either just stop working ...it turns green like they finished but it's still 99%. Some of them will reassign themselves to the CC navitron computer... and there goes the cycle. It works and all, but it's annoying every so often the computer says "Navitron computer damaged"..."Navitron computer under repair" it's about driving me nuts. I guess if I had cheated I would have deserved it, but I didn't cheat. Cheating would defeat the purpose as to why I bought the game. BTW, I tried to replace it and it won't let me. It show I have one in stock but the replace button is not lit, can't select it.
  11. wow, so we could plan a night-time bombing spree! cool.
  12. quote:Originally posted by DREADA: Yes, but its not so much about attaining a certain speed, you pitch up and use the afterburners just to get to the 35k egress altitude and then press 'O', thats it. If you try to afterburn vertically into orbit, rising higher and higher, then your ship will seem to lose power and descend rapidly after a while. quote:Originally posted by Ace Ventura: the reason I do it this way is so my ship is less likely to explode, I forget how to manually get my ship out of a taxi state Try switching between FTOL and VTOL quote:For some reason the return to base order won't work you have to do it manually. If it is a shuttle or fighter you give the RTB command to then under a/p it will leave the planet and return to the CC - if not then try checking for damage to things like engines and communications etc. Yes, but I think he is referring to having his AE on board. If you have the AE on board and give it a RTB order it won't work. It will planet fall again. [The shuttle]. I know you don't want to pitch it too much that's why I let the program do it. By giving it the RTB order it determines the pitch automatically. All I do is take it out of auto pilot and hit the after burners +make sure the engine is at 100%. Even once you get into space a message flashes on screen prepare for planet fall. That's why I imediately hit the after burners after the Y key to enter space to stop my ship from reentering the planet/moon. I usually have the shuttle pretty full anyways as I have 2 drones on one planet and 2 drones on a nearby moon. So the shuttle is just about completely full when I go back to the Mother ship.
  13. well sometimes I can repair it and it will be fixed for awhile, usually until I dock at a station then it is damaged mysteriously again... always at 50%. At first I thought a ship was attacking me while I was docked, but now I am 100% positive that isn't happening. How about money wise???... if you have a certain amount of money does it think you are cheating. I had over 70mil when it started happening. The engineers have been on an off station... I've tried to fix it many ways.
  14. Is there such a thing? The reason I ask is that I went to Zelana in the credian quadrant. I decided to try and land and it's very dark there, can't really see anything. Got to thinking that there might be night and day time zones within the game? also for some reason the ship goes really slow when on that planet and acts strange. Tried to leave once and I couldn't. However, there are military base zones on the planet. Hmmm?
  15. do you actually reach orbit [35,000 alt]? I had this happen to me too. What I do is give the ship a Return to base order. Even if my AE is in the ship. Once the ship is at least 5000 alt I click a/p key to disable auto pilot and select engine and make sure its set to 100% then press down the ' key. When your shuttle is at or above 35,000 alt press the O key and then Y to enter space. However for some reason you then have to hit the after burner key some more the ' key is the afterburner. [the reason I do it this way is so my ship is less likely to explode, I forget how to manually get my ship out of a taxi state.] If you are at or above 20,000 alt its unlikely you'll get up enough speed to enter orbit, go back down to 10,000 or so and try again. But you have to press the afterburner key or you'll never make it. For some reason the return to base order won't work you have to do it manually.
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