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  1. On a side note, PCGamer magazine's 10th ANNUAL GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS issue: (page 46) YEAR IN REVIEW: "BEST FEUD: Derek Smart versus Dreamcatcher over the release of "Universal Combat". (check out the forums at www.3000AD.com)" Got my issue in mail yesterday and had to mention this.
  2. Im going to try to cancel my pre-order...and I know this is not what DS said to do... But I can always purchase the game if things get straightened out... To leave pre-order in will only be good for DC if anyone. I do this with regret, tho , as I was looking forward to the game (even tho it was published by DC) But I can wait for a DS approved copy, be it after litigation or be it the next game being developed.
  3. This is just another example of big business trying to screw the independant (and therefore having less resources for lawyers etc) "Dreamcatcher" titles have always been games that I avoid buying because they always seem to release "CRAP" or games that are not ready for the public. They are obviously not a company that is run by gamers. I bought your other release, BCMG, even tho it had dreamcatcher's logo on the box,and will buy anything else that you make... Good luck against them and I wish someone would just put them out of business as they give the industry a tarneshed image. My opinions of DC were formed way b4 I heard of BCM or DS... but what they have done to you is just icing on the cake. {edit) BTW when do we get the demo? J/K
  4. It's weird, cause if you click on the link to buy the game you get taken to a screen that says the release date is Jan. 30th, and that you can pre-order it... It looks like it is available now until you actually try to buy a copy.
  5. This "Brotherhood" sounds like: "YARRR! HARRR! Kindly cut your engines and drop yer freight or else..." will be heard thru the Universe. Not a bad idea.
  6. yep it seems that way... i just went with a different ship that had more useful loadout (thks to the appendixes) took a few jumps to Majora and made like 500k ... and blew up my first warmonger on the way back to sol.
  7. Quazar... You just answered a question that I just put up on the board a few minutes ago. In addition to several other things I was just wondering about... and more importantly, you explained how to properly use the search feature and did all this w/o browbeating us newbs jeez what a civilized forum!!! Thanks
  8. Where can I sell CAVs ? The merc loadout I have with a cruiser gave me 4 CAVs and I dont need them ATM and want to get the cash to use for a few trade runs... I have been reading the manual (pages are allready falling out) and checked the appendixes...so I hope this question isn't too offensive. (BTW I really do have adult ADD and an aging memory too boot (over 50 yrs old) but I truly love this game allready despite the my mental deficits)
  9. It is right on the money... I have not even put my X2 disc in the cpu since I got BCM Gold... and I cant even play really BCM yet; I'm still re-reading the manual and the Appendixes and trying out different combos of race/career/ship Not one of my AE have made it till his first payday, but I am thoroughly (sp?) entrenched in it. the TTD ot the TDD now which was it? Just getting the major Abbreviations memorized is tough, but the investment is paying off... (I really got a thrill when I got my first kills) one was from a missle i fired and the other was one of my fighter pilots shots (and he sounded happy when he downed that enemy too!) Which is a great example of the "extra" you get with BC... I mean it could have just registered that the target was down, but instead you get a radio comm from the pilot in an excited tone of voice...registering the report of the kill. That made me really feel like I was commanding a ship in hostile space...more so than the eye candy from EVE or X2.
  10. Ya, reading and more reading...I have been doing for past 2 days... I got the patches etc, and game is updated properly... I found out that I could go on to MP server w/o reg key fixed, last night got on Dreadx server just to test if I could join MP... But do not feel at all adept enough to join regular players... Hopefully I'll get some sp gaming practice in b4 UC releases I am a MMOG player but do realize that one needs to invest quite some effort into learning b4 going public with BCM G MP game. Looks to be an awesome game universe once you graduate from the "cc flight school" and know what's up. Hope to catch you on my radar screen asap. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. I got patch from fileplanet on 1/4/04 and I checked the size was correct (8.25) ... This is not corrupted? I should leave it be as is?
  12. sounds like kodak film never heard of either term. W
  13. Do you EVER sleep? You are THE most responsive dev I have ever seen or heard of (not to swell any head size here) W
  14. So I take it that the ship date of "1/14/04" on my pre-order at ebworld is a figment of their imagination still?
  15. I was in the early beta of the Project Entropia... I may have come a long way since I was there (more than 18 mo ago) but it seemed to be having problems because the only way that the devs could make money was by planned obsolesence (everything you bought degraded WAY WAY too fast so that you had to buy another ) I left just before release (still think I might have like 10 or 12 $$$ in the kitty there. It certainly was a novel idea though. Some pll had dreams of becoming rich by playing online... hehe W
  16. I have UC pre-ordered (eb says shipping next week)...but wanted to get a jump on the learning curve for UC, so I got BCM Gold this past sat. Right now I just want to get the registration key problem fixed so I can go MP and check out servers etc. impatient
  17. I have been playing X2 for a while and I am relatively new to space sims, I come from more of MMOG gaming (was into JG, beta-tested EVE for a while until I (unfortunately) got invited to test SWG and lost 6 months of time) But now I am looking for a new MMOG to get hooked on and ended up at BCO site... I was impressed to say the least and ordered BCM gold (it arrived 2 days ago and the manual is all ready falling apart on me and not from poor bookbinding)..I also cant seem to keep any other cd in my cpu, even tho I dont know what Im doing yet in BCM. Just wanted to say that I hope that your online project goes off well...I am really really jonesing for a good online game to drop a few years into. I'm sure that BCO will fit the bill. Whispers ps sorry i just registered and am having serial# problems (dreamcatcher tech -support gave me a new one and it gets rejected) so my sig isnt up yet.
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