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    New Products Announcement

    WOW! Sweet man real sweet! Great idea to make the main character female, also a bonus that shes easy on the eyes! Will this be Xbox Live enabled? Playing this baby multiplayer with voice communicators on Xbox Live would be awesome.
  2. Crowman71

    New Products Announcement

    Great idea. I for one think the injection of better graphics, tighter more (if thats possible) action oriented gameplay will introduce a whole new fan base for this great franchise. BTW. Are you going to provide a version of KnightBlade/Final Flight for the Xbox2 thats being released next year? As i beleieve its not(Xbox2) going to be backward compatible. Anyway good luck to you.
  3. Apologies if i'm missing something obvious here but i just noticed that when assuming control of a naval asset Carrier,Sub etc the missile loadouts are not as outlined in the appendix. Should they be ship to ship weapons (Exocet etc)? They all seem to have Starstorm and Widow (SDM) missiles. Im playing a commander carrer in Roam mode and the naval assets im using are in region Earth 331 Nbase03. I have not yet installed the patch but i cannot see any changes made to naval asset weapon loadouts in the version control file. My first post and I would just like to say I think UC is fantastic!
  4. Crowman71

    Do Naval assets have wrong missiles?

    What can i say i messed up should have patched first!
  5. Crowman71

    Do Naval assets have wrong missiles?

    I tried 3 or 4 of the ships ,destroyer,Subs and they were all the same,I will try again now and verify. As i said im playing the game from the box and have not yet patched it. BTW Couldnt get sub to 'Dive' and run submerged it skipped along the waves (Theme tune to Stingray plays in my head for some reason!) quite pleasantly though.