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  1. I know it has been mentioned before, but Noctis is an amazing piece of software. It turns you loose on a galaxy with something like 70 million star systems, each with its own planets (up to 40 of them!). Each planet/star can be explored, named and documented. You can then send these descriptions to the website via an "outbox" file, and download an "Inbox" file containing data on star systems that have already been explored by other players. Even though the galaxy is randomly generated (which is why the entire program is so small), the randomizing seed is the same for everyone, so everyone is in effect exploring the same galaxy. The game is very low-res, because it runs in old DOS 320x200 VGA, giving it a dreamlike feel. The 3d engine was programmed from scratch by the dev, making the visuals completely unique to any game I've ever seen. It includes light halos, lens flare and water reflection, impressive considering it was written in ASSEMBLER! I think it is as close to Zen as a space sim can be.
  2. If you are serious about writing a complete game, I would suggest you leave the 3D graphics alone for awhile. First see if you can program a complete 2D game (something like a top-down shooter) before jumping into the 3D aspect. No offense intended at your programming skills, it's just that the DirectX API was lovingly created and sculpted... in HELL! The OpenGL API is supposedly easier to use. Good luck!
  3. I've been checking out all manner of sites, and, yes, it seems the only way to get BCMG is to hand over a very large sack of moolah. None of our local stores stock it ("Is it a submarine simulator? Could I interest you in a copy of the Sims? How about this crappy console game?"), so I'll have to order it online. I have to think about it for awhile tho'. Have a good weekend everyone!
  4. Yes, but it seems Amazon UK may only export software to certain countries, and I didn't see South Africa in the list. No worries, I'll continue pootling around with BC3000AD v2.09.
  5. Hi all! I was just wondering if someone knew where I could order BCMG online. I know Gamestop stocks it, but their international shipping costs are exorbitant, something like $60 for a $30 title. My wallet immediately burst into flame at the sight of this. My computer wont be able to run UC, and no upgrades are on the horizon. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Will this game ship to South Africa, or would I have to order it online? Can't wait to get my hands on it!
  7. UC currently listed as $39.99 at Dreamcatcher . Hope this means you won the fight SC. Or has the fight not even started?
  8. UC currently listed as $39.99 at Dreamcatcher . Hope this means you won the fight SC. Or has the fight not even started?
  9. IL2 FB absolutely rocks. My arm actually started hurting from gripping the joystick too tightly. If only the upgrade patches weren't so damn big.
  10. If you follow the link to Amazon.com, you get reviews for Amazon. If you follow the 'read reviews' link at Yahoo shopping(next to the UC box), you will find that Yahoo allows anonymous people to review products that aren't even available yet. Update: If you check the link again, you will see the abuse has started.
  11. UC gets its first rating at Yahoo Shopping Anybody find this slightly strange? [ 02-25-2004, 09:01 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
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