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  1. There is a new release out for Privateer Remake quote: Privateer Remake 1.1 Released by Jason Winzenried (MamiyaOtaru) We are pleased to announce the 1.1 release of the Wing Commander Privateer Remake. Created with feedback and observations from the 1.0 release, this version includes many improvements and balance tweaks. Targeting and navigation are more like the original. The HUD images for enemy ships are now 2d wireframes, and show damage levels for the ships' four quadrants. Asteroids are destructible, and mining them is possible. The repair droid actually works. The ship dealer makes a return, streamlining the process of selling an old ship and buying a new one. Cut off your enemies communications by reducing their ship to dust! See the README for a more throrough look at the changes. This release is available as a full download for Windos, Linux and Mac OSX, or as a much smaller patch for Windows and Linux. For discussion and support, visit our forum. Get it here.
  2. I will get it soon, when money isn't so tight. I am looking forward to shooting down those pesky helicopters with the shoulder launched SAM from the Kilo.
  3. quote: For example, say you saw a transport ship in our game and it was bearing the UPS or FEDEX logo on the side, how would you react? If you poke around in the Rebalance mod for Freelancer, there is a FEDEX Ship. Basically a very crudely done tractor trailer with engine pods bolted onto it, you can buy it as a freighter on a couple of the planets. I laughed my a$$ off when I first saw it.
  4. I am having an odd sense of deja vu about this post, but nothing came up on the search.
  5. As far as game technology goes, this one is pretty low tech. Pirates is a highly addictive, collectable, constructible miniatures game (i.e. you assemble cool little sailing ships out of die cut plastic, no glue required). It is quite a fun game. Your main goal is getting gold from the islands, but you can prevent other people from getting gold by blowing up their ships (or stealing them). You can play a game out of a single pack of cards but it tends to be a bit unbalanced that way.
  6. Ah, I can see it now... advertisements for Star Wars merchandise within Star Wars Galaxies. Maybe even new professions for players within the game, like selling little plastic replicas of stormtroopers or making and selling T-Shirts with Revenge of The Sith release related artwork on them.
  7. Of course on the other side of the spectrum, there is always Startopia.
  8. Lately I have been listening to Heart, Pink Floyd, Rush, and Jethro Tull. I was evidently born a decade too late.
  9. The OEM VIA driver that comes with XP Service Pack 2 is identical to the current release on VIA's site.
  10. FYI The current Nvidia drivers are 66.93, I have a GeForce 4 Ti 4400 and the only problems I have had are the jumpgate flicker and the sky/ocean shader quirkiness. I wonder if it could be an issue with the AGP chipset drivers, according to your profile you have a VIA mobo so go here. They just release a new set of 4in1 drivers back in November.
  11. Merry Christmas everybody! We could not find a tree so we trimmed Resnig instead. Mind you, he still manages to short out the lights from time to time, but the screams of agony make it all worth while.
  12. I have actually played the game now. I enjoy it quite a bit. I have been alternating between playing the two campaigns. The good side has been alternating between Eomer clearing out the Rohan countryside and moving the Fellowship along their journey. The evil side gets to really shift from the story. So far I have been playing Isengard, among the first things I did was to kill Treebeard and destroy the Entmoot. At Amon Hen I killed all of the Fellowship except for Frodo and Sam who somehow managed to make it across the river. There is a strategic "living" map, a 3D map of Middle-Earth with lots of neat animated bits, like the eye of Sauron roaming the map being cast from Barad-dur, and Nazgul flying around over the mountains, and if you hover the cursor over certain locations or armies/people, it will show you a clip from the movies. You pick which territory you will attack next in a manner similar to C&C. You can do some off the wall stuff in the skirmish mode like playing Gondor against Rohan. This leads to the unusual situation of Merry fighting Pippin or Gandalf fighting himself. Merry is a Rohan hero character and Pippin is a Gondor hero character. As you defeat enemies in the game, you build up points to use to purchase "Evenstar" powers or "One Ring" powers. These are spells that you can cast on the ground to do various things, like blighting the land, which gives evil side forces armor bonuses, and to summon the uber units. The good side gets the Army of the Dead and the evil side can summon the Balrog. Gondor versus Rohan leads to the situation of the Army of the Dead fighting itself. While I do really enjoy playing this game, I can't ignore some of its shortcomings. If you are looking for something similar to Rome:TW, this is not it. It is a conventional RTS in the tradition of C&C and Warcraft. Warhammer 40K DoW, which is much closer to being a direct rival than Rome:TW, is really much more fun to play in my opinion (the skirmishes at least, the campaign is really quite short), it has a lot more tactical depth with cover and morale effects, not to mention the blood and gore and sheer carnage (specifically the melee weapon death animations, particularly ones involving the robotic walker units).
  13. I use Diskeeper before and after installing all of my games, especially gargantuan installs like Kotor or UT2004. The more often you defrag, the less time it takes to defrag the next time. Of course I am also a big proponent for formating the HD and reinstalling Windows once or twice a year, like changing the oil in a car. Windows tends to accumulate crap over time.
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