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  1. My suggestion would be to get more ram, other than that check your AGP apature (I know, my spelling sucks) size in the BIOS. My system acts screwy if I have it set higher than 64mb.
  2. I just checked my preorder on Gamespot: $49.99 yet the item description shows $19.99 and it mistakenly says that the game is on "back order" instead of preorder. And for those who may not know, Half-Life 2 has been bumped back to July.
  3. I just checked my preorder on Gamespot: $49.99 yet the item description shows $19.99 and it mistakenly says that the game is on "back order" instead of preorder. And for those who may not know, Half-Life 2 has been bumped back to July.
  4. I have just found out about an upcoming game from Sonalysts (publisher yet to be determined). Sonalysts of course, made Jane's 688i, Jane's Fleet Command, and Sub Command. The new sim they are working on is called Dangerous Waters. This will be similar to Sub Command but with more drivable craft. Dangerous waters will include all three of the subs from Sub Command, (688i, Seawolf, Akula)in addition will be a Kilo class diesel boat, a frigate (FFG-7), and two aircraft, a MH-60R helicopter and a P-3 Orion. It is planned that there will be a cooperative multiplayer mode, players being able to man different stations on the same ship and coordination between aircraft and surface ships. The frigate will be able to feed waypoints to other player flown aircraft. For more info on DW and other submarine and naval games, go here
  5. My favorites IL-2 X-Plane (has recently been approved by the FAA for use as a training simulator if used with a full motion platform). I just wish I could still get Longbow 2 to run, even with a glide wrapper, it still won't run. I loved the dynamic campaign.
  6. Some people just have way too much time (and yellow sugar crystals) on their hands.
  7. There are games for the casual gamer, then there are those games that require a major manual read (like BCM) or at least several runs through the tutorials. What are some really good games you guys have played (other than BCM) that have required some serious manual reading or have just been a ***** to learn? Here's my short list: BCT Commander from shrapnel games. BCT Commander is about as realistic a ground combat game you are going to find, all of the vehicles are represented by NATO symbols on a map based on satelite data and played in real time. In other words, unless you have the time acceleration on, it may take you as long as three to eight hours to breach obstacles like minefields and tank ditches. It was written by an artillery officer in the army. Sub Command from Sonalysts. Commanding nuclear submarines, the Seawolf, 688i, and Akula. The only manual to this game is on the CD, but this game is best played if you research information on tactics and procedures on the internet. This game has autocrews to man each of the stations unless you want to do all of the sonar/radar/ESM contact designation, identification, target motion analysis, and launch presets all by yourself. X-Plane from Laminar Research. This simulator is as hard as you make it. This simulator uses blade element theory and such to make the physics as realistic as possible. Flying a Cessna is quite easy, doing the entire reentry to landing with the space shuttle is a whole other matter. This one also includes the ability to fly on Mars realistically. It is up to version 7 now, and is updated continuously.
  8. Mine is GCV Akula. Akula is the Russian word for shark. In the west Akula is used to refer to the current main SSN used by Russia, mainly because NATO ran out of the other designations they were using (Alfa, Yankee, Sierra, Foxtrot, etc). In Russia however, Akula is the name given to (what we call) the Typhoon class SSBN. I occasionally use GCV Yoroi-doshi, a Japanese short sword designed specifically for piercing armor, a variant of it is used for formal Seppuku.
  9. Here is another quote from the same book quote: While the Russians ran headlong into the business of building nuclear submarines, the People's Republic of China (PRC) took a slow steady pace. Their first SSN, the Han class, is a simple boat with very little of the high technology that would be considered standard on an American or British boat. From the Hans has come the Xia class, the PRC's first SSBN. It appears that both the Han and Xia have finished their production runs. With only six first-generation units, the Chinese appear to have mixed feelings about the success of the Han and Xia. Nevertheless, it is likely that within the foreseeable future, the Chinese will begin production of the Han and Xia follow-ons.
  10. quote:China does not have Nuclear powered Ballistic missile armed submarinesThis is taken from Tom Clancy's book "Submarine A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship" quote: Class Name: Xia Producer(country/manufacturer): PRC/Huludao Displacement (surfaced/submerged): 7000(submerged) Dimensions (ft/m): Length 393.6/120 Beam: 32.8/10 Draft: ? Armament: Twelve CSS-N-3 SLBMs; six 533mm torpedo tubes Machinery: One PWR turboelectric drive; ? bladed screw; 15000 shp Speed (Knots): 20 (submerged) Number in Class: 1 Users: PRC Comments: The first class of SSBNs built by PRC, the Xias are roughly similar to the Soviet Yankee II class boat in performance and weapons loadout. A derivitive of the Han class (hull and reactor are virtually identical), the Xias give the PRC leadership a minor and somewhat credible FBM capability in their part of the world. [ 01-26-2004, 08:07 AM: Message edited by: Gol_Stoan ]
  11. I would like to thank Pugwash for showing us noobs the proper format for this. OPERATING SYSTEM: WinXP OS ENVIRONMENT: 1024/768 32bit color GAME ENVIRONMENT: 1024/768 32bit textures(I think) GAME VERSION: BCMG 1.01.01 my CD has a seal that says that it is the Gamestop Special Edition version with a bonus 15 mission campaign GAME TYPE: roam CAREER/RACE/CASTE: cmdr/ter/mil ASSET/LAUNCH BASE: BCMK3/Galcom HQ) PROBLEM Any support craft capable of spaceflight piloted by ai without the player AE onboard will exit the atmosphere of a moon and appear in space at the local planet instead of the moon. TO REPRODUCE 1. Start a new game with the parameters as above. 2. Leave Galcom and fly to the moon 3. Go to tacops and set three waypoints on the surface of the moon for FC1. 4. Making sure that the player AE is on the CC, launch FC1 and immediatly switch to tacops and focus on it. 5. Watch FC1 throughout its flightpath until it docks with the CC from tacops, and be amazed. This can be tried with shuttles as well, it has worked on every moon I have tried it on. Edit by Pugwash:Title changed. [ 01-25-2004, 08:06 AM: Message edited by: Pugwash ]
  12. quote:Doesn't matter a bit, China wants to build a navy to transport troops for offensive operations, it will have to do a lot better then it is now. If China decided to go empire building, it would find that it's line of communications, supplies, etc would be cut off in a heartbeat. Smart weapons are GREAT things, and don't think that if we felt endangered by hundereds of thousands of chinese troops that we would not use tactical nukes to be rid of them. We have the power to stop ANY country from offensive operations at ANY time, no matter the size etc. China is not a threat, and they know themselves that they cannot be a threat. We let them show off in public, but in private we are telling them to behave or else, and that what else is a very big motivator for China. Clinton is no longer in office, if China screws up and decides to dance, we will not back down and apologize, we will finish anything that they start. You are forgeting that China has nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines and land based nuclear weapons. Their SSBNs may be noisier and fewer than ours now but that could change in the future. All of our arms reduction treaties were with Russia, have we had any with China? I think not. So what is to prevent China from building a huge stockpile of nuclear warheads?
  13. Really, what was it about that little picture that made it have to be you. I picked Bumpy from Bump in the Night. This was one of the Saturday morning shows that died when ABC got bought by Disney. It was a hilarius claymation show that featured a green neurotic, hyperactive bed monster (Bumpy), a neatfreak (could be gay) monster named Squishy that lived in the back of the toilet, and Molly the plucky rag doll. It was a well written show and it is a shame that it died when Disney took over and put their own cartoons on. That was the main reason I stopped watching Saturday morning cartoons. :A Rant follows: I think that the sole purpose of Disney acquiring ABC was to put their own crappy cartoons on Saturday, to make their shows look good by eliminating all the really good shows that used to be on. Luckily Reboot got picked up by Cartoon Network but I don't have cable.
  14. I am currently using an old Logitech Wingman attack (ah a gameport how quaint). It is a right-handed stick but it is still reasonably comfortable to use left-handed. What I would really like to get is the CH Flightstick pro, CH is still making this stick in a USB version for about $89. Something basic, durable, and ambidextrous. I am left-handed and I use joysticks left handed, though oddly enough I use the mouse right-handed. I like really durable sticks. The only seitek stick I've had wore itself out too fast, the spring was way too strong for the lack of precision, I could never get the thing to stay calibrated, and it was difficult to hold down during the process. I could hear it groan and crack everytime I calibrated it. It was one of their older gameport models.
  15. As far as beer goes I like Guinness, Sam Adams,Corona, Coors Light, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Heineken, and Becks are good too. I would suggest avoiding buttwiper(budweiser) and Hoffbaur(or Hoffbower I forget). My hard liquer would have to be Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, and Coco-ribe/Malibu/Whaler's coconut rum. My dad likes Pusser's rum but I think it tastes too much like licorice.
  16. As far as Star Trek and Star Wars mods go here is a link to a forum that has a bunch of sci-fi mods for Homeworld. The Gaming Union
  17. IL 2 Sturmovik, Flanker 2.5, and Silent Hunter II combo pack Call of Duty One of those little radio controlled cars with the front axle that spins (the badly translated instructions are hilarius). crank operated parmesian cheese grater,(and the necessary cheese to go in it). A miniature mounted ringwraith that I still need to glue together and paint wooden maze game digital clock 120Gb 7200rpm Hard drive Not a bad Christmas really.
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