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  1. Thanks, I am a huge supporter of 3000AD and all of its games. Merry Christmas, Spectre
  2. My brother has been tourturing me for years (yes years...) to get an Xbox and I finally picked one up (no booing please). I read a couple of days ago that Galactic Command - Excalibur will be available for Xbox next year. I hope it has the capabilities of Universal Combat - Collectors Edition (mining, FPS, air & ground vehicles, space flight etc..), because I have never found a game anywhere that is as good as (or even comes close to) UCCE. I picked up the "texting pad" which attaches to the controller and was wondering if you will be able to assign commands to the textpad buttons... ...? Being an avid PC gamer (but bowing to my brothers requests after he kidnapped my dog...) I kind of snub my Xbox and go back to the higher resolution and faster PC... but the Xbox is still fun and I play on line with my brothers using the headsets (all we do is constantly bust each other up...) Please, please, please, get UCCE capabilities on Galactic Command - Excalibur for Xbox and make my dreams come true... Thank you very much, Happy Holidays! Spectre
  3. I recommend UCCE now, the game is incredibly broad in its scope... you can do almost anything your heart desires in a huge universe... I'm addicted, but that doesn't mean I will not scoop up a copy of ES asap...
  4. Also, when the intruders get into the shuttles, they load a bunch of your best cargo (weapons, artifacts and other really expensive stuff...) and try to make off with it. Next time intruders get to your shuttles (and are subsequently gunned down by your marines - remember power down launch control) check the cargo loaded into the shuttle the intruder was in... you will be surprised how much they can make off with.
  5. Ok, Here is the lowdown on the 400 + page printed manual, it includes all of the appendices which have all of the info you are looking for... Start - Programs - 3000AD - Universal Combat Collectors Edition - Docs - Appendix & Glossary I have printed all of this info, so I can access all of the data (which is extremely handy) during full screen game play. This game is absolutely incredible in its scope as you will see... The programmers have set this up to be the future "realistic universe simulator" of all time. No game is perfect, but after spending thousands of hours (Hard Core Gamer ) on many different games, this one is well worth the effort. Use the appendices, play the tutorials, read the manual (again and again like me) and let your imaginaton run free... Have a blast!
  6. I also am interested in editing certain values, I would like to force enemy ships to get to a range of 0.5km before entering a jump point (this gives me more time to crush them). Also, strange thing happened where one of the star stations I captured changed to disabled after I had my (and the stations) shuttles tow several disabled fighters and shuttles to the station. The timer reset to 4:00 hours and never commenced countdown to rebuild. I would like to reset the flag for this station. I would like to allow the capture of planetary star bases, military bases and cities etc, so I can capture and convert entire regions on the planet to terran military. I also would like to change the distance at which I appear from objects upon exiting hyperspace. I will start reading the information on this forum and in the GBSIV module to see what MODS are available. I have 3D Studio Max v3 - v6, so I would like to add a Star Destroyer and a Klingon D4 to my ship choices (I already have models) Thanks in advance, Spectre
  7. Also, Play the tutorial games for space and planetary combat roles, it helps a lot. I printed and bound all of the information manual, tutorial, config options, glossary, keyboard commands, and all of the appendices that are listed under Docs in windows after install and bound it as a handy reference book ~400 pages. I recommend doing this as you are able to look at stats of all ships, planets, star stations, FPW etc and determine (with the game paused) whether you really want to attack something or not... If you read the manual and play the tutorials you will be in awe of the depth of the game design and capabilities. Remember, this is not HL2, but using your imagination and putting some time in, you will have a blast. Save early, Save often... (do not be afraid to restart the game after your ships reactor goes critical...)
  8. I have to say, those people who say anything negative about this game must be incredibly lazy, illiterate, stupid or just were spoiled children who grew up to be adults who need everything spoon fed to them... To all of you who have put 10 hours or less into the game and complain... This is for you...
  9. Darn, I guess it's back to Crush, Kill, Destroy all enemy bases on Earth (to start.... ). Then once all of my enemies are dead, there will be peace in the Galaxy... Thanks again, Spectre
  10. Good Evening, I have been trying to capture planet based star bases. I have destroyed everything in the planet mission zone several times (until the destroyed units no longer re-spawn). The only thing left is the lonely Star Base... he he he I have driven up to the star base in my Wildcat and blasted it until it goes SOS. then I dock with the star base, but it does not give me the "Capture Station Y/N" option, I just dock with the enemy base and buy some stuff... When I log off, the Star Base is still showing as enemy unit (although still badly damaged and regenerating). I then tried the same thing with a fighter craft and again, when docking with the SOS base, upon leaving, no capture credit... In the book, it says that you can dock with stations and bases depending on what type of craft you are in, and that you can capture stations that are at SOS by docking with them. Is the same not true for bases vs stations? Game Rocks... Total Addict...
  11. Spectre want Starcarrier... Ugh... Spectre NEED Starcarrier... MMppffhh... (Spectre take Christmas presents...)
  12. Ok, I'm a dope, I admit it... lets get that out of the way... When I went to load one of my career mode save game files in UCCE... I must have selected "Delete" instead of "Restore" and then selected yes without paying attention... My entrie career mode player and all of the save games under him "went away". Without a backup for 7 days, they are not available in the restore utility in Windows XP... I know... I am royally ouched... right? or am I... Is there any utility out there to scan my hard drive and restore the data that has been "deleted"? I am not sure how many hours I have put into it but I had been doing pretty good and I hate to lose all of that time... Be gentle... please... Spectre...
  13. Acquired... Installing... (JAWS theme in the background...) Gammulans beware... Spectre out...
  14. SC, WalMart online, they had them in stock and shipped overnight. I had been scouring retailers at lunch (calling and stopping in...) and the only ones who had it listed in their computers (as being on order, but not in stock) were EB Games and Fry's, I clicked the vendor links on the web page you listed, called local WM stores and had no luck finding a copy on the shelf, so finally I decided to order them and have them shipped overnight. Thanks again, Spectre
  15. WOOO HOOOO !!!!!! I just ordered my 2 copies !!!! overnight shipping !!!!! I am dying !!!!!! I would like to thank all of you at 3000AD and Dreamcatcher (programmers and developers etc...) for your excellent work on this game. There are not any other games out there that offer this amount of flexibility in what you can do... while having gotten the scale of things right. I have played many many games (ask my wife, she says I disappear into my "Black Hole". I thank god for her and the fact that she is so cool about my only addiction). SC, My first copy is to use myself, the second is for safe keeping and maybe if you and (or) your team is ever at comicon or a game convention, maybe I can get autographs on it. Thanks again, Spectre
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