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  1. I just got help with the signature. I hope it works??
  2. Oh really cool! My email is [email protected] If any one can help! Thanks PS Being in the middle of nowhere can be tough. PSS I am really looking forward to the next installment.
  3. I have the CD case. I guess I am suck to sending The CD + CD Case + Manual + Box in to get the replacement. I do have a email recipt, but that is most like not good enough. Or do you think I am plainly just stuck to waiting and buying another copy?? I looked im my profile and there is no message... so maybe it was Deleted.. it was quite awhile ago. Do you think there is there hope?? BTW I bought it from EB games. Also i am trying to relax.
  4. No it is in a CD case I am pretty sure it is the CD version. I am Double checking now. No it is the CD version. The properties menu on it said it is in CD Drive(I have a combo drive) and the filing system is CDFS. I was one of the first sets to get it. AND THANKS.......... !
  5. Yes I am a Moron.... I am as dumb as they get. You can't get dumber then me! I resently got seperate from my wife... don't worry it wasn't a messy breakup, just a lonely one. but I am staying in a very small town with a friend. I went to install UC cause I like the game and wanted to see how the patches have inproved it. well I found I have everything except the quick refrence card, it must of fell out. I have been using the manual. but it is a very painful experance as in my mind won't memorize them so I am alllllway be fliping back and forth. Is the anything I can do to get that replaced or if possible a print out. I can only afford $5.00CAD at most. Was hoping I would have more this month just to buy a new copy of the game... but life is on the crapey end right now. I can mail my CDs/Booklet/box as proof I own the game, though it will use some of that $5! My life is in the dumps right now and hoping I won't get kicked in the Nards by posting this question. I kind of get the feeling I am going to get remind of how much of a Dumb*** I am for losing the card.
  6. quote: Posted by Gol_Stoan One thing I would like to see in a game, though it may not be technically feasible, is the ability to have ships, weapons, vehicles, buildings, and even characters composed of interchangable modules. The ability to construct entire ships or stations from nothing but junk parts (where's that spanner Chewie?), or to have to get prosthetic or mechanical limbs when your character gets messed up in combat. I don't think that is weird... but I was always thinking that Ship, station and Vehicles creation program should start use a lego style format that way you can simplify and have control over ship strength/abilities plus it would make sending model over netplay easier cause all you need to send is the "lego frame" code... making it harder for people to "cheat" in MP mode. I didn't want to say a thing because I thought I might get laughed out of these forums.
  7. quote:Originally posted by IntgrSpin: I would appreciate a pay-pal account where I could donate my part of the cash that DC has apparantly cheated 3000AD out of. Maybe a thread dedicated to this topic would be appropriate? I agree I want to give SC his money that he was cheated of... I think you could price a Expansion pack at $25-29.95 with out too much problem... Aslong as it expanded the game alot people might even pay more. Plus I am sure if you asked it, a lot of the people here would help with the creative side, if you asked. Just give those who help Dev first right to beta test it. I would!!!!! heck Some of us are holding money we want to give you!!! I mean WE WANT to give you money!!!
  8. I have played X2 and Own UC. I list Pro's, Con's and what both need. Keep in mind I'll listing differences and what should have been in the either game. So if they both have them I won't list them. Pro's -UC: Planet fall should have been in X2 this would have made X2 more indepth. Isn't that what panets are for??????????? -X2: Has a very indepth menus system that gave you more control compared to UC. I found X2 menu system easier to use and slight more diverse. UC menu system tend to grouped focused though the Tacop was overall superior. -UC: Tacop even though it was superior, it could have used better Z plane control. Yes, in space Z plane tatics are nice, even if human tend to get stuck on 2D ways of thinking. -X2: multiple cockpit was very nice thought in UC it would have been nice to have this ability if you had Autopilot engaged. I love to just jump in to a gun turret and blast away. -X2: Station building... I was sooooo looking forward to seeing this in UC, at least building planet bases. Though I have a bone to pick with X2 on this topic.. It both rocked and sucked. You had to build separate station for every product you wanted to produce and it was limited to select product too. -UC: Has stuff like worm hole and flux point. UC could have expand on this idea by make them item to scan & study. Also to make some randomly appearing or even some that are just duds that goes nowhere. Con's -X2: Need a DAS/CAS/OPA system to avoid crashing into other shipped... infact that is the only reason I did not buy X2 but since they have not respond to my email I won't buy it. UC rocked on this point. FYI D)amage A)voidance S)ystem & O)bject P)oximity A)lert. -X2 weapon range. X2 was very poor in area. On the other hand weapon variety was a little better then UC. -UC No random or freelance pick&choose mission I think this is the only feature that hold it back form being the best god damn game in the universe. though if this was added I believe it would soon out sell a majority of games if not all them! Maybe it shouldn't be add or else I would never go to work..... so that why SC didn't add it... the game might have collaped the economy do to worker staying home only to play this game. -X2: Loose Item system. it was too locked of a system... every item had a single use except energy cells -UC: cargo system was too ridged, In my opinion if you want to control where player put stuff then try making different types of cargo hold that have different traits and cargo that has minimum requirement. What both need: -need more varity on stuff to do... AKA stuff to scan & research, Types of place to explore & locate, and even the ability to change borders. Just put in a lot of low purpose stuff that are there for indepth scaning(AKA distortion fields... is it a cloaked ship or a new dicovery). I think even have ruins/dead-ship to explore/scan would be cool. Have series of ruins and wrecked ship lead to cool surprizes. Make the data retrive per scan/visit varible base on skill + time + chance = Data collected. -Bars, tours trap, Resort, museum, Trading station and research centers that are player built, bought and operate. Plus let them affect the region and even affect neighbooring regions. -User submited ships.. even if they have to got throught an approve system. Varity is the spice of life. after all how many different kind of automobile are there and how simmar are they. though I will give to UC this, FC & OC are very diverse compare it other games. -Fix mounted large/super weapon ships. Weapon that high cost, low usage weapon that are use as tactical strike weapons and only on certen ships. You can even have them have side effects( AKA drains all power for 40 seconds) -Not follow Henry Ford quote of "You can have any color of car as long as it is black!" relax don't worry if players don't do thing the way you think they should be done, I know its your baby, your dream, your child... but your tying to share it with us too, remember! So let us live our dream too, just a weee bit! ------------------------ I hope someone will tell me what they think or how they disagree. I would like that very much.
  9. Many thanks for the help... Guess I have to wait until the next game for that. I think it would be cool to be a Merc... and I mean a REALLY hired gun to go from planet to base to planet Chasing jobs and bounties! Or being a SCIENTIST looking for vital infomation or scans, trying to keep alive. The game is still good. I know some people are hung up on litte tiny details in the graphic but I'm not, Good engine, Good Design! I just need someone to come up with a mod (or expansion pack) that give meaning to PARAMEDIC, EXPLORER, POLICE, COMMERCIAL, SCIENTIST plus other non military caste purpose other then being weak. Until then I'll just keep doing the military, scavenger or trading bit. But I love the dog fighting, it is really cool.
  10. Ya I thought it all look awsume... does any body know if there is a way to get tasks/job if your on planet in a ground vehicle and in a friendly zone and in roam.... or am I just stuck with mining and picking my own targets. I went over the book abit. If I misssed it can some tell me what page?????? PLEEEEEAAAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there is none the that need to be fix with a patch or an expansion pack. But I am still glad I bought it.. And since I payed only $20 USD I want to pay $10 USD to SC just because he has earned it!!! Who else agree?? Hows that for first impressions. SC message me on how best to pay!!
  11. quote:Originally posted by MythicalMino: My 2nd "complaint"....why hasn't LucasArts been knocking down your door, begging you to make a REAL Star Wars game????? I think Universal Combat would make a totally AWESOME Star Wars game...unless they have, and you have turned them down. Chris I have too agree totally..... I think a S*** load of games could benifit from use this game(UC) as a master template for there games... SC you should think about licensing out the engine of your game... Epic Games does it... I think you could make a crap load of money doing that. But what I say before about combining those game is still true.... I would get down on my knee [forget my wife] and beg for your hand in marriage!! Or at least build a temple and worship you as a gaming god!! But maybe for the "1-0" speed control put it as an option in the Option menu. Oh in roaming mode does anyone know it there is a way to get "Jobs" or are you just stuck with mining & trading as a only means of Income/freelance-task? if its in the book tell me what page... maybe I over looked it!
  12. After play it A while longer I still say... wow whats a game!!!! Now if your were to take this game "UC" and "X2:the threat" and a small bit of "Startopia" into spinoff series.... I'll prepose to you(SC) in front of a national audense!!! This game still rock... learning curve is still a little high mainly just because of the keybaord layout. but that is all. I think there might be a bug if you accedentaly walk or run it to any building. Doing that made me pop almost on top of the building but left some of me stuck in the building... I was going to take a picture of it to show me really stuck in almost in mid air... no jetpack at all, but hit the exit key insted. I'll go and do again if you would like.. well I am off to bed. night night.
  13. I got the game am enjoying it. Love the new graphic. Runs awsumly. I am only have a problem with the keyboard lay out... I am too used to BCM. If you don't want to give us the ability to remap the keys at lease could set 1-9,0 as speed control!!!!
  14. Actuct now I am shock That I didn't get flamed or attack... I guess I jump the gun in here.... I just get so used to being attack when I post, So I just learnt to make a second post like that. This Forum ROCK.
  15. Sub-noted & preresponces to my last post: -Sorry if it turn in to a rant -yes even poor people can get computers, it called "Money managing & budgeting" -No. I am NOT, and I REPEAT, I am NOT saying I invent every game idea(how can they be stolen when they don't even get as far as laughter). -I am not tring to be an @ss but thats how I feel. -I wrote that because I am grateful that SC is a Dev that cares. And No I will not goto a corner to *censored*!!!! NOTE: Hey!! This is a T rated site! [ 02-05-2004, 11:01 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
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