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  1. Ok, since I have the newest installed, should I go back to older drivers? Is anyone else having this problem with the newer drivers?
  2. Yep, sorry about that, I am at work and haven't been able to update my profile. I have directx 9.0c and the newest drivers. I will update the sig tonight.
  3. Hey, guys, I haven't posted here in awhile but I just reinstalled the game and everything went fine, installed patches, DX 9c and everything. Then I went planetside and all the foliage was yellow. The trees were just tree-shaped yellow blobs. I did a search here in the forums and couldn't find anything, anyone know what may be up?? Thanks in advance guys!
  4. How about the after election slogan: Bush: President 4 More Years!
  5. I primarily use two names for my ships depending on if I am playing human or Gammulan races. For human it is always "Thor's Hammer" and for Gammulan I use "Stormbringer" WOOT! No longer a Cadet!!!
  6. Well, I am now a Republican for the most part. I am ashamed to say I voted for Clinton the first time, but I saw the error of my ways and voted against him the second time. In my late teens and early twenties I was pretty liberal. But as I get older (I am 30 now) I see what harm the liberal mindset causes us. So, now I am pretty conservative in everything. I think the immigration problem is really hurting this country. I am against affirmative action as I think that it actually hurts minorites in the long run as well as the job market in the short term. I am pro death-penalty. And I think we need a stronger justice system instead of giving the criminals a slap on the wrist everytime. I am a member of the NRA and I think that it is our RIGHT to keep and bear arms and taking that right away from us it the first step toward an end to our freedom. I am not a christian so I tend to veer away from alot of the faith based things that some of the conservative espouse, I believe we should have freedom to choose and practice our religion in the privacy of our homes and churches and that it should NOT be pushed upon us with SCHOOL SPONSERED prayer in schools.
  7. Good review. We are going to see this tomorrow night. I am not a christian but I am a sucker for good movies and this may be one. Just wish they would make a good movie about my Gods!
  8. It is a band called Train. Their website is here. The song is called "Drops of Jupiter". BTW, I have no idea who these guys are. I have never heard the song, but I went to Google and searched for the lyrics and this is what I found. I prefer Covenant for my space travels! Their website is here. They are a black metal/spacey techno band. Really good exploration/conquering music!
  9. FLY, I checked with Kinko's and they charge about 22 bucks to print it and bind it. This is all black and white, by the way. I got mine from Kinkos the other day and it looks great. If you try it in color from Kinkos they charge MUCH more...like 200 bucks more!
  10. Well, I am not sure, so take this with a grain of salt, but it may allow cheating in MP if you allow this to be editable. Back on topic, I think I have settled on the Gammulan Stormcruiser. Man, is it HUGE! Very slow but I like it alot. Any tips on this ship?
  11. Resnig, so far, has given me no problems in UC. I know this will change sooner or later (probably sooner!), but so far he has been on his best behavior! BTW, Drac, you need to fix your sig! Go here and here. to find out how to do it. It should at least have your system profile in it!
  12. I have to try this tonight. But, I gotta tell ya...I am HORRIBLE at ground ops! My marines just stand around and point at me: "Hey, look at that idiot!"
  13. Rgr that, SC! I thought so, but was unsure because my ship was showing all green. had me scared to see my ship "on fire"! I thought it might draw every enemy in the galaxy! "hey, look that ship is on fire! ATTACK!!!!"
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