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  1. Hey, guys, I haven't posted here in awhile but I just reinstalled the game and everything went fine, installed patches, DX 9c and everything. Then I went planetside and all the foliage was yellow. The trees were just tree-shaped yellow blobs. I did a search here in the forums and couldn't find anything, anyone know what may be up?? Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Elric_Sloan

    Yellow Trees and Foliage planetside...

    Ok thanks SC, I will try that!
  3. Elric_Sloan

    Yellow Trees and Foliage planetside...

    Ok, since I have the newest installed, should I go back to older drivers? Is anyone else having this problem with the newer drivers?
  4. Elric_Sloan

    Yellow Trees and Foliage planetside...

    Yep, sorry about that, I am at work and haven't been able to update my profile. I have directx 9.0c and the newest drivers. I will update the sig tonight.
  5. Ok, I have been perusing the appendix trying to decide what Carrier or Cruiser I am going to start out with. I am stuck, so I thought I would get a few opinions! What is the best to take out? And what exactly are the primary differences between the Carrier and Cruiser classes? To let you know I plan to be a Military type Trader/explorer! Thanks and sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I used the search and found several topics but nothing that I felt completely helped me out!
  6. I am thinking of becoming a Raider in UC. I normally play Military in BCM, so just kinda looking for a change. So, here is my question: How does XP work for Raiders? How do you get negative XP, or can you? I did a search and found the question asked before but for some reason never answered, so I was hoping I could clear it up. Also any tips for the Raider class would be helpful! Thanks in advance!
  7. Elric_Sloan

    Bush '04 campaign slogans

    How about the after election slogan: Bush: President 4 More Years!
  8. Elric_Sloan

    Ship Names

    I primarily use two names for my ships depending on if I am playing human or Gammulan races. For human it is always "Thor's Hammer" and for Gammulan I use "Stormbringer" WOOT! No longer a Cadet!!!
  9. Well, I am now a Republican for the most part. I am ashamed to say I voted for Clinton the first time, but I saw the error of my ways and voted against him the second time. In my late teens and early twenties I was pretty liberal. But as I get older (I am 30 now) I see what harm the liberal mindset causes us. So, now I am pretty conservative in everything. I think the immigration problem is really hurting this country. I am against affirmative action as I think that it actually hurts minorites in the long run as well as the job market in the short term. I am pro death-penalty. And I think we need a stronger justice system instead of giving the criminals a slap on the wrist everytime. I am a member of the NRA and I think that it is our RIGHT to keep and bear arms and taking that right away from us it the first step toward an end to our freedom. I am not a christian so I tend to veer away from alot of the faith based things that some of the conservative espouse, I believe we should have freedom to choose and practice our religion in the privacy of our homes and churches and that it should NOT be pushed upon us with SCHOOL SPONSERED prayer in schools.
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    Night at the Movies: The Passion of the Christ

    Good review. We are going to see this tomorrow night. I am not a christian but I am a sucker for good movies and this may be one. Just wish they would make a good movie about my Gods!
  11. Elric_Sloan

    song for soaring around the galaxies

    It is a band called Train. Their website is here. The song is called "Drops of Jupiter". BTW, I have no idea who these guys are. I have never heard the song, but I went to Google and searched for the lyrics and this is what I found. I prefer Covenant for my space travels! Their website is here. They are a black metal/spacey techno band. Really good exploration/conquering music!
  12. Elric_Sloan

    UC appendices in printable PDF format

    FLY, I checked with Kinko's and they charge about 22 bucks to print it and bind it. This is all black and white, by the way. I got mine from Kinkos the other day and it looks great. If you try it in color from Kinkos they charge MUCH more...like 200 bucks more!
  13. Elric_Sloan

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    Well, I am not sure, so take this with a grain of salt, but it may allow cheating in MP if you allow this to be editable. Back on topic, I think I have settled on the Gammulan Stormcruiser. Man, is it HUGE! Very slow but I like it alot. Any tips on this ship?
  14. I am getting CTDs everytime I hit Alt-E to exit a ship in space. The details: Location: Jupiter off of Europa Moon and deeper into space between Jupiter and the moon. Ship: Both the Command Craft and a fighter. Save game status: Once with a saved game and once with a "fresh" start ROAM mode game. In one of the CTDs I was just going out sightseeing, slowed the fighter to a Halt, went to Orders menu and ordered a Halt so craft would not leave me as soon as I stepped out! Hit Alt-E and immediate CTD. The other one, I pulled my CC close to my disabled shuttle so that I could jump out and take command of the shuttle. Again immediate CTD. This is unlike the other CC CTD that I posted earlier. It is hard to explain but this CTD happens "faster" than the other one. With the other one I had, I would hit ALT-E, get a sec lag like I was going to exit the craft, then black screen, then CTD. This one as soon as I hit ALT-E I get CTD, almost like I hit ALT-F4 or something. Thanks SC!
  15. Elric_Sloan

    Strange "fire" coming outta my CC!

    Yep, all good! SNAFU!
  16. Ok, my CC (Firestorm) is currently showing all green in Logistix, however, when I hit F9 or am in the bridge view, I can see "flames" or something coming from my ship? Anyone know what is the cause of this?
  17. Elric_Sloan

    Is Resnig smarter in UC?

    Resnig, so far, has given me no problems in UC. I know this will change sooner or later (probably sooner!), but so far he has been on his best behavior! BTW, Drac, you need to fix your sig! Go here and here. to find out how to do it. It should at least have your system profile in it!
  18. I have to try this tonight. But, I gotta tell ya...I am HORRIBLE at ground ops! My marines just stand around and point at me: "Hey, look at that idiot!"
  19. Elric_Sloan

    Strange "fire" coming outta my CC!

    Rgr that, SC! I thought so, but was unsure because my ship was showing all green. had me scared to see my ship "on fire"! I thought it might draw every enemy in the galaxy! "hey, look that ship is on fire! ATTACK!!!!"
  20. Elric_Sloan

    Universal Combat: After Action Reports:

    My new AAR: Commander Sloan sit in his personal fighter, a fully outfitted Raven, and waited for his remaining Fighter pilots to ready themselves for the patrol. The rest of his fighter pilots were prepping in their respective bays, in total there were five fighters going out today. Sloan in his Raven and the rest piloting Zenstars. When the others were ready, Sloan gave the launch orders and the fighters zipped nimbly out of the Thor's Hammer, a Firestorm class Carrier that was Sloan's pride and joy. "Okay, ladies and gents, this is a routine patrol. Scorpion and Hellraiser cover my six, you other two cover theirs." Sloan said as they pulled away from the Thor's Hammer. Sloan was right this was a routine patrol that would take the group away from the Thor's Hammer stationed above one of Jupiter's moon, Ganymede. Their carrier had been stationed there for the past couple of days while mining drones on the moon's surface gathered valuable minerals from the surface. Truthfully, Sloan would not normally be going on one of these patrols, but he was feeling pretty antsy from sitting at the bridge with nothing to do but read periodic status reports. "Ok, guys lets set our Nav points toward Earth and see what is going on at Galcom!" Sloan said into his helmet mike as he sit his own ship toward the Earth's jumpgate. A flick of a switch and he was in Hyper Space, speeding toward the jump point. Sitting back he looked over his flight instrumentation. Everything checked out okay so he settled down in Tac-Ops to see if there was anything interesting in the immediate area. A quick scan of Tac-Ops told him exactly what he knew it would, nothing in the vicinty but the Thor's Hammer and the small shipping and merchant cruisers that they have been seeing the past few days. Before he knew it, the Raven slowed down and entered normal space just a few klicks from the jump-gate. "Ok, guys..see you on the other side!". He hit the throttle and steered toward the entrance of the huge jump-gate and suddenly he found himself in on the other side, within easy jump distance of Earth. Sloan again went through his instrumentation, when suddenly he saw a red dot come up on his TRS. A quick scan of the object showed it as a Gammulan Questar. "Ok, guys, we got a Gammulan Cruiser in the area picking on some unarmed transports! Set course there and let's show these guys they can't mess around in our neck of the woods!". Sloan veered his craft in that direction and, after allowing his hyper-jump system to recharge, bolted toward it. He was followed closely by his other fighters. As they came out of hyper space, each sit up in a attack perimeter with each watching the others tail and accelerated toward the Questar. "ok, this is a bad boy and he will pick us apart at range, so get in close to him!" Sloan yelled as he did just that, firing the Raven powerful guns at the Questar at the same time. "Aye-aye sir!" Pilot Hellraiser said. He sit up a postion above and behind Sloan and began his strafing run. The Questar took immediate action, maneuvering around so that it could bring more guns to bear and firing its turrets at the incoming fighters. It was no use, however, the Questar could not target the fleet fighters and it took massive damage in the first run. "I wonder what this Questar is doing all alone this close to Earth? Surely it has to know that it will be severly outclassed and outgunned?" Shadow said, has he fired three quick bursts at the rear engines of the Questar. He smile as they impacted solidly, causing electrical sparks across the body of the Questar. "Sir, we have a friendly Cruiser coming in...a Solnar class. This fight is going to be over before it begins!" another Zenstar pilot, Lace, yelled triumphantly. Before the words were out of her mouth, there was a flash from behind and above the Questar as a Gammulan Heavy Carrier ucloaked. "Oh shit! We have a Stormcarrier coming in! Its launching fighters!" Sloan yelled as he twisted his Raven to face the new foe. Looking at his TRS in dismay he saw that another Gammulan cruiser had just arrive on seen as well. "We have another Questar hypering here as well!" The Galcom Solnar arrived at the battle with all turrets blasting at the crippled Questar that was the first Gammulan vessel on scene. "Okay, leave the crippled one for the Solnar, everyone concentrate on the fighters leaving that Stormcarrier!" Sloan yelled as he got on the six of a Gammulan Corsair. Sloan's Raven was faster and more maneuverable than the Corsair so he had no problem establishing a position on its tail and waiting for a missile lock. "Come on damnit, get a lock!" he yelled desperately. As soon as the lock was established he fired off two of his Questor missiles and followed with a quick burst from his main gun. The first missile whizzed harmlessly by the Corsair but the second impacted on the rear of the fighter and with a quick flash the Corsair was no more. Turning his fighter back toward the fight he saw that his group was handling the fighters quite well, but the Solnar was being battered by the Gammulan Stormcarrier. "Well, let's see if I can help this guy out.", he muttered to him self as he throttled up his fighter and swooped into the battle from behind the Gammulan carrier. Again he waited for the missile lock and as soon as it was established he fired two missiles. Both reached the Stormcarrier at the same time as a missile from the friendly Solnar, and the blast was fantastic. The Carrier seemed to implode on itself, coming apart from the middle in a blinding flash of light. "Yeah!! Take that ya Gammulan bastards!" Sloan screamed. Looking around Sloan saw that his fellow pilots had disabled the last of the enemy fighters and were zooming around as escort to the Solnar cruiser. "Okay, guys, great work. Let's get this cruiser home to Galcom Headquarters and then head back to the THor's Hammer! The beer's are on me!"
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    UC Review - Games Domain

    Oooops! That was my fault SC! I started the collapse. Back to the regularly schdeduled topic! Have you heard back from DC? I am seriously interested in hearing GD's response to your points. From reading his "review" I doubt if he even read the game at all!
  22. Elric_Sloan

    UC Review - Games Domain

    Great e-mail SC! What you point out should be obvious to anyone who reads that "review". BTW, are there any pics or info on UC:E2E? I did a search on the forums but found nothing.
  23. Elric_Sloan

    Strange "fire" coming outta my CC!

    No, it is in the front of my CC, actually closer to midships. It is where the two "struts" that stick out of the front of the Firestorm meet. I think the bridge is in that area.
  24. Elric_Sloan

    Strange "fire" coming outta my CC!

    Nothing repaired on my CC. I havent even taken any hits on my CC that I know of. I did have 2 sets of intruders on board but I can find no damage in Logistix at all.