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  1. Let me first state that I in no way claim "my" RC7 problems are bugs or that any one else may even encounter them, this is a Release Candidate and not the final patch. That said here we go. Made it to LV-103 with minimal problems, major task was keeping fleet members from suiciding against enemy StarStations. Upgrades, trading, Radine cost, repairs all worked well. Lost 1 of the 4 diplomats on way back towards GalcomHQ lost expected xp. For some reason, I lost about 10,000 xp between the point shortly "after" losing the diplomat. I had no probes out and all ships in same system, I did attribute the possibility that some xp was lost in the time I was waiting for some of my ships to HJ to me, as there existed the chance a "blue" ship was lost to an enemy in the system my fleet was jumping from. But upon arrival to GalcomHQ and a total loss of a bit over 15,000 xp I severely doubted it. So I started keeping track of all activities of all ships in the systems I passed through. Upon my arrival to a certain system where a scripted ambush awaits "I believe its scripted" I destroyed all enemy ships with a loss of only 2 fighters and still lost xp. The destruction of ZEL and or CRED are giving -xp not +. The ambushers were ZEL and I received the - equivalent xp for their destruction. All enemies I destroyed throughout were of course RED. But this was made all good in the end, as I jumped into LV-130 (which is your delivery point) I started receiving non-stop xp, I saved quit restarted and jumped out of the system and I am still receiving xp, I am Supreme Commander with over 9 million xp and 81 each of the Commanders shields, Star of Merit, Order of the universe. I quit shortly there after. I have never had a CTD since starting this game the original save was an RC4 with every RC copied over as they came out. And I now have 3 dead prisoners permanently stuck in detention. Any else finish this without my problems? Willing to reload a fresh install and only RC7 and try again but I just want to be sure I do not waste my time again. I want to try the TOW through Flux point trick out. [ 06-13-2004, 07:37 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  2. A couple other questions. I have been micromanaging the crew to keep fatigue levels below 25% For instance I am at GalcomHQ and getting ready to head into enemy territory, I have almost everyone off-station to get everyones fatique below 10% and I am waiting for 2 supercarrier escort's to repair their hulls. Is it worth the effort, or should I just leave it alone. I realize that as the command crew gets more AI that they will handle it better, but am I really gaining anything by doing this? Should I just worry about the Command crews fatique? And I must have missed something somewhere. How do I remove dead prisoners from detention (will smack self if known issue) Tried looking for a way to jettison bodies. And how do I remove Priority targets entries in the PLV. (Now i am getting lazy.)
  3. CrazedOne

    Finished ACM Campaign - SPOILERS!!!

    Ok, thank you, I would like to try the mission again, will this be in RC8? Question, in the first mission are any xp deducted based on time? I am going to keep good track of my xp as I go and will not post anything further on lost xp till I can recreate it. Thanks.
  4. CrazedOne

    Experience Points

    Is there any such thing as losing xp for docking at an illegal SS as Galcom unit? Only violations and xp loss if a Journalist is in the area correct? Anyone else figure out why they keep losing 5k, when they know they havent lost any diplomats?
  5. CrazedOne

    Experience Points

    I did not mean different as in losing -5k to another reason other than a diplomat being destroyed, I meant by sending my fighter RTB I must have lost 5k while he travelled back to base, because in a system that the fighter passed through must have lost a diplomat? I started writing down my xp before each save on a sheet, along with my trading shopping list, and while I sat peacefully at Galcomhq with my entire fleet, I had 9,914. The only thing I did was tell one fighter to rtb because its hull was at 10 and I recruited it from a far away system, it left system and about 30 minutes later as I was ready to head off I saved then checked xp and it was at 4,914. I have no probes deployed all my ships are in same place. One thing, is that I do believe everything works as designed and functions correctly in its intended and correct manner, but I realize that "posting" about it infers overwise.
  6. CrazedOne

    Experience Points

    I too just lost 5k xp seems there are many ways for this to happen. I told an almost destroyed fighter I had recruited from a far off galaxy to RTB so I wouldnt lose the xp from his death, well on his HJ into a system 1 hop away an enemy attacked and destroyed what must have been a Diplomat, though I thought it was a journalist but I am unsure. Guess I will just keep fighters till the end as -100 is better than -5000.
  7. Ok, the dead bodies have been onboard through 3 different boarding raids and at least 4 docking procedures to offload the live prisoners and do some trading. Yes, 0 LF first 2 entries darker all the way across and listed as DEAD. I think they died during RC4, then before I docked anywhere I patched, then docked somewhere, so I guess I should re-install before claiming its a bug? Thanks for the info.
  8. Here is my situation. I have 3 carriers selected in PLV and F1 (escort/defend) This order works as it should except in certain situations. When coming out of a jump, unless I use the PLV+F1 right before they enter normal space they tend to select the nearest star station and HJ to it which is instant suicide. Even though before they went NAV they were in Escort mode. Also when I am in a system with an enemy starstation and my escorts select the nearest target attacking me, after that target is destroyed they automatically select the star station and HJ to it before I can even re-order them to F1 (escort/defend) the fighters are doing the same thing. And yes I have C&C at all times and all crew on-station. Maybee I need to re-install? I am using my original install, then all the RC's up to 6 installed over each other, the saved games I am using in RC6 were new from RC4. This is causing me to have to reload quite often as I keep losing carriers on suicide starstation attack runs, or is it that they despise my blueblood and background so much they waste themselves rather than take orders from me?
  9. CrazedOne

    first mission of the acm campaign (uc)

    Wow dennymala, thats a great idea. Wish I had time to try it right now, but I think I have to work or something.
  10. Yes, I generally leave all fighters in the bay while hopping, It was the Carriers in the fleet that were troubling me. Yes the "halt" command is working great, and using different escort targets other than myself helps, as I am the first to jump into a system and get targeted by the SS, I have 2 carriers escort another carrier that escorts me, so I usually only end up having to watch 1, plus I make it hj quick so it can not go running off, till it's engines are recharged.
  11. CrazedOne

    first mission of the acm campaign (uc)

    S.C.,Thanks for the info.
  12. CrazedOne

    first mission of the acm campaign (uc)

    I have managed to make it to Lyrius so far w/ 3 of the 4 transports, I got pretty lucky heading out to pick them up, I made enough off cargo pods to upgrade everything except the artifacts and buy as much Radine as I needed. Upgrade the reactor/engine quick it will make life easier. And I kept going w/ 3 out of the 4 transports hoping I didnt lose the critical one? So if I lose ANY? of them the mission will not complete?
  13. CrazedOne

    Gal Civ

    Darn, I was just at Best Buy an hour ago and almost bought Gal Civ, as I heard good things about it, it was at 29.99, was looking for Jagged Alliance Wildfire (not due till tomorrow at EB) as I love turn based stuff. (Reflexes getting too slow for RTS, hit pause in slow speed every 5 seconds.) Yeah I played the demo of Enigma, I liked it, hows the MP going? Enough people?
  14. CrazedOne

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Gnowor What does Kinko's charge us to do a 3x4' if I might ask?
  15. Ok so anything that targets your ship via TRK is going to be attacked while in (escort/defend) regardless of AI. I am thinking that the initial SS TRK is what triggers the AI escorts to attack it, then if I use TAB-F1 since the TRK is still in place it does not "re-trigger" the AI to attack. Hmm I should use the cloak to test that, the SS would lose TRK then right? Yes it would be nice if a higher AI (friendly) carrier used its cloak, I will have to wait and see. I do believe that the ESCORT order should "I may be wrong" have a defined range as escorts HJ-ing 500,000 to 900,000 km to assault an SS means close to 5 minutes before they could return to whatever they are escorting. As has already happened to me once, the 3 carriers jumped for a distant SS, then an enemy carrier uncloaked w/ 2 fighters and HJ to my location, regardless of the fact my three NPC carriers were already dead at that point, they had no way to defend what they were escorting, as they were in HJ would have to recharge HJ engine then HJ back to my location. So ESCORT will basically seek all threats in an entire system regardless of distance. PS: I know it is the way it is and my views differ. I just dislike the loss of control over my kamikaze battlefleet. I am sort of stuck on Escorts should not leave what they are escorting. So which order will keep a "tighter" battlegroup? Patrol? And yes I am going to test them all out. Click EDIT: Oh yeah, I have 2 dead prisoners that are stuck in detention, I am probably just supposed to jettison them right? I only stopped at 2 Blue SS was not sure if a Green SS would be interested in them. [ 03-02-2004, 08:01 AM: Message edited by: CrazedOne ]
  16. Ok, sorry if I was being a bit tedious, I have this thing where I must know the details of how and why. And that was a bit more clear. I now believe they are still in escort and carrying out their proper actions. So if I jump into a system and my escorts target a Star Station but I catch them before they HJ with TAB-F1 it makes them "rethink" their actions so to speak, meaning their AI is low. So the NPC carriers start out with a low AI and that low AI allows them to target Star Stations which is suicidal, so when their AI gets higher these actions should take place less often? And SC please feel free to let others of the community respond to my NOOB questions as I may have a few of these, I "honestly" do not want to be wasting your time, thatÔÇÖs time that could be going towards more important work. Thanks for the replies. OUT
  17. Thanks. Yes, I found the same. I also think they go SAD after they destroy the last threat to the ship they are escorting.
  18. My point still stands. My escorts jump with me to the next system, as we come into the system the local enemy jumps to my location, the escorts correctly destroy the attackers. All attackers within 900,000 km are dead, the escorts then proceed to HJ to a SS that is 900,000 km away in same system. So does that mean that the correct behavior is that the escorts attack the Star Station because it "might" deploy more fighters? And then "why" if I hit tab then F1 quickly, before they commit to HJ to the distant SS that they go back into escort mode and do not attack the SS while I spend the next hour doing nothing. I believe the NPC's are going into SAD mode on their own after the last "local" threat to myself is destroyed. Or is it normal behavior as SC specified that somehow the SS 900,000 km away is targeting me? So AI cant be it as every time I have sucessfully tab-F1 to reorder them to escort they always stay locked to me if I catch them before they HJ for a distant non-threat SS. And I am referring to C&C Carriers and fighters not just fighters.
  19. Thanks, understood. I am not sure I would have figured that out for quite a while. But why then, if I catch them with a quick TAB (PLV) and F1 right before they HJ for the Star Station they stay in Escort mode and do not re-attempt to HJ for Star Staion, this is happening well out of the Star Stations missle target range. They then travel through the system to the next jump point without re-attempting to HJ for the enemy ODS or SS. It seems after the last designated NPC escort target is destroyed within the defending area that the NPC's go into SAD automatically and then HJ for the only target left in the system, which is the ODS or the SS.
  20. It shows 3 points out none of which are black holes. I tried the fly to: command and when I go through with all of them assigned escort1 to my carrier none will follow. The older posts from previous versions of BC show that it was possible. Feel free to point out what I missed.
  21. CrazedOne

    RC4 Patch Comments

    That stinks, Ive been playing RC3 then RC4 wrote down some of the issues I encountered, then read the updated "Known Issues PDF" realized none of what I encountered was new so left it alone. Im always happy to get some new updated features along with some of the "Known" with no complaints here. You cant let the "few" ruin it for us can you? err here....
  22. CrazedOne

    UC appendices in printable PDF format

    Actually, did you try to print the (html) pages. I printed the html appendices in the docs folder on my HP with no problems, white background and black text with no changes to my default page options other than sizing. Some I had to resize to 90-95% to not lose the edges, and a few that were wide printed fine in landscape (wide) mode. Try it, just watch the first page print and if it doesnt look right hit cancel. [ 02-26-2004, 07:16 AM: Message edited by: CrazedOne ]
  23. CrazedOne

    Power Allocation

    Ok, I read all manuals, appendices ect. And searched the forum for an answer, to no avail. If your main reactor is on and you shut down all unnecessary systems then face the solar panels so that your creating more power than the ship is consuming does it automatically stop using radine. And does even a little solar power coming in help slow down radine use, or is radine use a set number? And if not, when shutting down systems to save power does it cut down on the radine use?
  24. CrazedOne

    Power Allocation

    Thanks for the answer I appreciate it. I wasnt sure how dynamic the fuel use might be. I only just started a campaign and realized Radine would be my primary problem and was looking for any way to cut down its use. So it doesnt really matter if I micromanage my power systems, the reactor will consume at the same rate, correct.