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    Night at the Movies - War of the Worlds

    8/10 from me. Loved the entire movie except for the ending. I had a whole group of teenagers sitting in front of me and at the end they all pretty much said in unison "that was stupid". Ah, well. Everything else was pretty good.
  2. Andergum

    Night at the movies - Fantastic Four

    Bah! I haven't seen it yet but I think I'd give it a 6/10 just for having Jessica Alba in a skin tight outfit in t.
  3. Andergum

    Falcon 4.0 : Allied Force

    Thanks SC, I figured out what was going wrong. I installed the game and just wanted to try out some instant action in "easy" mode since I didn't have time to drag out the old Falcon 4 binder manual and re-figure out how to target air and ground targets again. There is something screwed up with the easy avionics and changing targets. When you switch targets you get the buffer over run CTD if the target you are switching to is either just leaving the radar screen or has just been destroyed. Using the realistic targeting works fine and I haven't had a single CTD since. Also note that using 4xAA with an Nvidia card (maybe others) causes the opening movie and game menu to start with a blank screen. 2XAA and 8xAA work fine though. Whew, I think I would have spent less time dragging out the manual than wading through all this stuff. At least its working now.
  4. Andergum

    Falcon 4.0 : Allied Force

    quote: Originally posted by LostInSpace: Do you have the latest direct X. I see in your profile you have Dx9b the current one is 9c. Also, make sure your video card drivers are up to date and most importantly scan your hard drive for any spyware etc.. Uninstall the game Then do a chkdsk and defrag on whatever drive you are installing the game to. Ah heck, do a check disk and defrag on all your drives if ya got em. I found out more than not once people do this (cleaning the hard drive and doing maintenance on it) solved their problems. Once you do all the hard drive stuff re-install the game and see what happens before ya give up on it. All of the above except defrag is done already. The hard drive is a new 200 gb and Falcon 4 is the only thing on it. I'm not giving up on it, just going to wait till patch one is out. My gaming time is limited and troubleshooting time even more so. I was so ready for this game too, sigh.
  5. Andergum

    Falcon 4.0 : Allied Force

    I'm getting nothing but buffer overrun CTD's. Shelving this one until a patch comes out.
  6. Due to real life time constraints I have been unable to contribute to the Insurgent cause as much as I have in the past or as much as I would like to or should do now. As others have stepped forward, I feel more and more that it is time to step aside to make room for those who have contributed so much over the past years and especially since MP began. I hereby relinquish command of Eversor Fleet to enter retirement effective as soon as Vice Admiral Chavik and Vice Admiral Shohashi have promoted a replacement. I will remain with the fleet afterwards in an advisory capacity or in any other as deemed necessary. Vice Admiral Andergum signing off...
  7. Andergum

    Special Announcement And Promotions

    Whoa!!! Hey Rattler, care to take a retirement cruise around the galaxy with me?? Good to hear from you old friend.
  8. Andergum

    Insurgent Fleet Promotions

    quote: Originally posted by Remo Williams: Congrats Mordax, and Eclipse!! Does this mean you'll be taking the lead position in Team Spectre now Eclipse for MP? Just noticed your sig says retired Andergum hows the retirement plan with the Insurgents anyway? I've been meaning to ask the SC what us old timers retire on in GalCom for when he puts me out to pasture. Its probably just going to be a kick in the arse as I go out the airlock Well I'm not sure what the retirement plan holds for me, but I got my ship stocked with enough food and Empirian ale to last quite a while. Right now I'm just going to fly around the galaxy a bit, do the exploring I've always wanted to.
  9. Andergum

    Insurgent Fleet Promotions

    Congrats and good luck!!
  10. Andergum

    Trailer - Fantastic 4

    The Fantastic 4 trailer will be showing on Jan 14 at the Electra premier. I've seen a few sites where they had it up already but had to pull it for legal reasons. Would anyone happen to know where I might find it?? Can't wait for this movie, The Fantastic 4 were always some of my favorite superheros. [ 04-28-2005, 07:13 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  11. Andergum

    Doctor Who leak suspect is sacked

    Pretty good episode BTW. Its good to see the Doctor back in action.
  12. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6981361/ "A pair of NASA scientists told a group of space officials at a private meeting here that they have found strong evidence that life may exist today on Mars, hidden away in caves and sustained by pockets of water......"
  13. Andergum

    All-Insurgent February 2005 Muster

    It works!!! Reporting in....
  14. Andergum

    Late-Night King Johnny Carson Dies at 79

    Huge loss... About of half of all the actors in Hollywood owe their careers to Johnny. There will never be another like him. Thanks for the memories Johnny...
  15. http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/home/ Looking forward to 4 plus years of pictures and other info from Cassini-Huygens. The early ring pics are stunning, can't wait for more.
  16. Andergum

    Trailer - Fantastic 4

  17. Andergum

    Night at the movies - Meet The Fockers

    I agree. Totally loved it!!
  18. Andergum

    December 2004 All Insurgent Roll Call

    I'm still here lurking. Hopefully I'll get some time over the holidays to get back into some gaming.
  19. Andergum

    The Ladies of Leisure Suit Larry: April 2004

    quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Fox__Trot: Yay the sc plugged ign.com uhm, no, I plugged the game. And yeah, I wish they'd make another Space Quest about Roger Wilco, our hapless space hero. Oh man, I'm getting this feeling nostalgia as I type this. Space Quest was the absolute best. Hmmm... I'm feeling a bit older all of a sudden.
  20. Andergum

    Night at the Movies: Team America

    I just saw it and I loved it. I'm so ronrey......
  21. Andergum

    October 2004 All Insurgent Roll Call

    Here and lurking as always.
  22. quote: Originally posted by Grizzle: Come on Jag, where have you been? This is not the only example! BUSH: I wish you'd have given me this written question ahead of time so I could plan for it. Listen to it and then ask yourself if he answered the question. I watched that press conference live and was absolutely floored at how poorly Bush handled that question. I kept asking myself how someone with such poor speaking/question answering skills could ever become president. Bush has had fewer press conferences than any other president in modern times and this is the reason why. He sucks at answering unplanned or unscripted questions. I don't know how good Kerry is at this kind of stuff but it is Bush's worst quality IMO. You can bet that the candidates will know exactly what questions will be asked of them by the media at the debates because I'm sure its scripted and I'm sure that Bush's handlers wouldn't have agreed to the debates otherwise. I'm hoping that the other candidates will have tough questions for each other. For the record I don't like either Bush or Kerry and will probably vote libertarian in disgust this election.
  23. This is really sad IMO. CBS and Dan Rather have totally lost all credibility with this. It is so obviously a forgery that I don't believe they had an "expert" look at or verify the documents at all. Then again, Al Gore says he invented the internet, maybe he secretly had MS word running on a computer in 1973. hmmmm