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    anime ,UC :P , girls ,etc
  1. TheRedComet

    UC Review - PC Gameworld

    quote:I never have problems finding something to fight in ROAM that's an understatment i can't get through one region without being mulled by at least 2 interceptors and a crusier i suppose the dude reviewing didn't bother past the first 5 quiet minutes.
  2. TheRedComet

    Help: Locating BC3000AD v1.0x

    why not get 2.0x instead? i mean 1.0 was barely playable well you can get it here
  3. TheRedComet

    Modeled Cockpit?

    quote:Yeah that was pretty cool for BC3K and feasible since there was only 1 cc, 4 shuttles, 4 fighters and 4 OC that had to have cockpits modeled. Its completely unrealistic to consider that feature for BCM, BCMG, or UC though due to the number of vessels in the game. well what about doing cockpits for the default vessels (megaron?,etc) and leaving the others without one?
  4. TheRedComet

    Opinions Wanted: BCMG vs. BCM

    well finding MP servers for either BCMG or UC can be a tad easier with a little program called ASE (the All Seeing Eye) get it here and as for the amount of people well i can only say that UC has about 15 people or so playing at once.
  5. TheRedComet

    Manual for Attacking Planetary Bases

    just a thought tanks would be just as effective (and less vulnerable an assualt force marine is good but can you really afford losing one to sniper fire? there are only so few of them even with a stormcarrier as a CC) with taking down bunkers and SAM sites seeing as the only oppisition the AI would use against ground forces are marines and an occasional turret or two but those won't be much of a problem .
  6. TheRedComet

    Battlefield Vietnam

    well it's not too bad , the small interface changes (less com options ,etc) and some new vehicles were refreshing i've enjoyed it twice as much as bf1942 it's not a major leap from the original but it's still more original then other seemingly exact fps sequals (UT 2004 , Counter strike : condition zero ,etc) in which some so petty modifications to the original are added it should be illegal to put a 50$ tag on them.
  7. TheRedComet

    Intercorp Rollcall

    perhaps an IM program we'll use for all intercorp members and our meetings (as some game clans demand) like ICQ or MSN?
  8. TheRedComet

    Intercorp Rollcall

    well i wouldn't mind anytime or place expect please take my time zone into consideration as in 2 am i wouldn't be much help .
  9. TheRedComet

    New Products Announcement

    quote: Sugoi! Sugoi! Sugoi! indeed amazing simply amazing somebody call a medic BC fan having trouble breathing...
  10. TheRedComet

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    quote:P.S. BTW, is the city Dreamcatcher is based in locateable on Earth in the game somewhere? Heh heh heh... lol now there's a use for a bugnor OTS.
  11. quote:Israel has through several wars tried to continually expand its land and now is faced with the "terrorists" that are causing its figurative walls to close in. Just look at that ridiculously giant fence they constructed, I doubt that's going to really do much to stop their problems. now where did you get that load of BS? every war in the last 50 years was started by the arab nations .1948- right after the UN's vote regarding israel was accpeted most frightning moment in my country's history an army of barely trained farmers with one airplane as an airforce and trucks as the armor corps against 5 trained armies and a volunteers legion ,1958- not mainly on Israeli soil but started after egypt seized the UN held sinai which worried nations like the UK and france which came to our aid hence the name "operation musketeer" , 1967- ok we've started this one but tell me enemy armor and missile launchers near you border heck all borders.. it's better to act then react , 1973- this little thing a soviet idea attacking us on a holiday in which most of the country is almost shut down almost a loss for our forces but victory came.. with a price 10,000 dead for them and 2,000 for us well my point being they've attacked us we kicked their asses again and again now is that a crime? if a bully pesters a kid and then the kid hits back hard why would you stand up for the bully? but your right about the fence it's a total waste of good tax money i say one big operation to wipe those war mongering SOB's off the face of the earth and if the palstinians want to talk about a nation they should do what we did , they should try developing the land they already have and request nicely from the UN regarding this believe it's easier and cheaper then stock pilling weapons (arafat himself has 4 billion dollors in various foreign accounts the wifey in paris gets 100,000$ each month she gotta eat right? and the palstinian people? they can take care of themselves apperently heh) a bit off topic but this topic seems a spin off of just about every political issue anyway.
  12. TheRedComet

    Ok this is Rather Embarrassing

    well the other option is simply sending your CC back to the planet (make one waypoint near you and another in which choose "land" in the rightbar of the waypoint bar)
  13. TheRedComet

    The Galaxian Probe

    quote: Unless I'm mistaken, there is a galaxian base in the Unknown sector when you're playing multiplayer. and a big one too damn it's a minture death star. well i'm puzzled about stargazer there is nothing there in that utopia zone (apart from some good minerals to mine) am i missing something or was it one of the things that didn't make the cut?
  14. TheRedComet

    Ok this is Rather Embarrassing

    quote: since I can't access the Logistix panel in FPS mode.actually you can unless it was disabled in one of the RC patchs ,just alt+s into tacops from there you can access all of your CC's coms even while you are still on the ground.
  15. TheRedComet

    The Galaxian Probe

    yes just seen it did anyone notice those lightning thingys surrounding your ship (whilst on the planet) rather then normal explosions? also one of the officers started babbling something about "be prepared...we are coming...stargazer"