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    The logical Expansion Of the human race.
  1. ProXimity


    Good deal! Funny how little gems sometimes come through like that... Good to see shareware still going strong. I remember d/l the original Duke Nukem via a 14K dial up to California from Montana.. LOL What was that companies name again? ProX
  2. ProXimity

    The Suffering

    Anyone played this yet on PStation2? GameSpot link Hits PC today.. ProX
  3. ProXimity


    That lil' dood is an addictive lil game!! Thankyou! ProX
  4. ProXimity

    Frontier: First Encounter on XP

    Funny how FFE was so advanced for its time. I am still perplexed by the seamless transitions between planets and space. Must be some sort of fraktal terrain map generation.. Whats this about Elite 3? Can't seem to find it, unless thats another reference to FFE.
  5. ProXimity

    Frontier: First Encounter on XP

    EliteClub Is another good link (to the past.)
  6. ProXimity

    Frontier: First Encounter on XP

    Would you like it? Its just the patch. You have to have the CD/disks.
  7. Was digging down memory lane and came upon my FFE CD and manuals. Someone offered me $200 for it, when I had the box. Got on the web and found a recompiled exe to run it under WinXP. If anyone is interested in this classic, I will post the link. Thanks, ProX
  8. ProXimity

    Tell us about yourself.

    I am a 32 year old manufacturing support technician. Robotics/IT/IS I am a hobbiest 2d/3d texturer/modeler/animator and have produced and distributed 2 CG/live-actionkeyed Sci-fi short films. I am currently living in a north PhoeniX home w/ my wife and 3 year old son. I am going to be on a game development team... Some day. I am hard to understand. ProX
  9. ProXimity

    Intruders Tip

    Whats the premise for the intruders? Are they spies already onboard, or are they beaming over? ProX
  10. ProXimity

    UC 2.00.00 Patch Released

    Going to right now SC! I know you work very hard on 'the game,' and it is a genuine universe that one can really feel. The new frame rate is very creamy smooth... Almost making me dizzy straffing cities.. :lol I find myself putting games like FarCry and Sacred repeatedly on the back-burner to play UC. Thanks for developing this game! ProX
  11. ProXimity

    UC 2.00.00 Patch Released

    W00P! There it is! Happy Camper! ProX
  12. ProXimity

    The Ladies of Leisure Suit Larry: April 2004

    BWHAHA!! Yah... I member those games all too well...lol ProX
  13. ProXimity

    Gremlins in the Navitron, etc

    Yeah I got an email this morning saying it was moved. Thats the exact problem I am having too. ProX
  14. ProXimity

    How do i get rid of dead prisoners?

    Mine hasn't... Hehe.. I bet he has been more places dead than alive! BTW: my navitron is still breaking down. ProX
  15. ProXimity


    quote:The AI cheats. 'nuff said. [/QB]Yeah, I tend to agree w/ that to a degree. I was prone behind some rocks. Once 'they' heard me they would say, "did you see that" every time I made the slightest move (note: behind rocks.) Another incident w/ the AI that either makes the player think its REALLY smart, or cheating is how the mercs will position themselves in the brush all around you, if you don't have them tagged w/ the crytek binoculars. I was driving along and they didn't start firing away until they had a 5 o'clk and 11 o'clk positions on me. ProX