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  1. Good deal!

    Funny how little gems sometimes come through like that... Good to see shareware still going strong.

    I remember d/l the original Duke Nukem via a 14K dial up to California from Montana.. LOL What was that companies name again?


  2. I am a 32 year old manufacturing support technician. Robotics/IT/IS

    I am a hobbiest 2d/3d texturer/modeler/animator and have produced and distributed 2 CG/live-actionkeyed Sci-fi short films.

    I am currently living in a north PhoeniX home w/ my wife and 3 year old son.

    I am going to be on a game development team... Some day.

    I am hard to understand.


  3. Going to right now SC!

    I know you work very hard on 'the game,' and it is a genuine universe that one can really feel.

    The new frame rate is very creamy smooth... Almost making me dizzy straffing cities.. :lol

    I find myself putting games like FarCry and Sacred repeatedly on the back-burner to play UC.

    Thanks for developing this game!


  4. quote:

    The AI cheats. 'nuff said. [/QB]

    Yeah, I tend to agree w/ that to a degree. I was prone behind some rocks. Once 'they' heard me they would say, "did you see that" every time I made the slightest move (note: behind rocks.)

    Another incident w/ the AI that either makes the player think its REALLY smart, or cheating is how the mercs will position themselves in the brush all around you, if you don't have them tagged w/ the crytek binoculars.

    I was driving along and they didn't start firing away until they had a 5 o'clk and 11 o'clk positions on me.


  5. Anyone else pick this up?!?


    Yeah, FPS shooter, like many others, however, 'eye-candy' has been re-defined. The detail is really something else. I shot up some guys in a boat, they fell in the water and I could see there blood clouding the water..

    Was trying to figure out during install why it spans 5 CDs?!? Gotta be the textures. They used photos for all the vegetation. Okay, there is a Binky movie too.. hehe

    Kinda feels like being in that movie 'WestWorld,' except its 'TropicalWorld.' Recommened for those days when commanding has yer brain tired.


  6. Thanks m8. Yeah tried that initially myself. Seem to be able to cycle between the main (cannon) and the smaller gun, but thats it.

    I even designated several targets, and tried to use '3' and fire on them, until I noticed the 'missles' on the HUD was grey, not green.

    ON a side note, I did discover for myself though, that you can entirely take a base!

    I 'paved' the way w/ a tanix, after drawing out the troops w/ a single marine 'beamed' down. LOL!

    Sorta like kicking the ant-pile up before pooring the gas on it!

    I then cleaned the rest of it up as per SCs thread on ground ops.

    It wasn't too long, however, before they took it back over.

    I don't know if I made any money or points off of it, I didn't save as a marine eating a chocodile flatened a shuttle into the surface.


  7. Prior to sending my tanks planet-side, I loaded them w/ the 10 provided 'APM RADIX' slots via the 'loadout' screen. When I get them on the ground (even driving one myself,) I can't seem to select the missles to fire.

    Also, I took out a 'launch pad' on an enemy base. It turned blue. Soon after, the enemy seemed to build it back up before my strike was over, and it turned red again, and launch fighters which eliminated my forces.

    What determines how fast these bases are rebuilt?

    Is it possible to entirely 'destroy' an enemy base? And does it stay 'blue,' or does the enemy retain it?

    Is there any financial reward for it?

    Thanks for any assistance you may offer.


    Note: I am flawed, not THE GAME

  8. I too played EVE for about.... about a year?

    Rubbed shoulders w/ Jade Constantine, fought in the Fountain alliance wars. Had an Armageddeon too..

    Once I lost it, inflation had gotten so high, the premium insurance payoff couldn't cover HALF my loss, and its only getting worse.

    I haven't played it a over a month now, and glad. Too many megalomaniacs in that game.. Funny how people loose their morals in MMORPGs...


  9. BWHAHA!!

    I love it! You can create a .BAT file to run UC. In the .BAT, you can disable several no-no keys w/ an application called.... err... I will have to look it up again, but when UC closes, the keys will be re-enabled.

    SC, I thought there was a way to lock the App from win GUI functions via the DirectX libraries? The libraries I have are from DX5, don't see the function there.


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