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  1. Hehe...

    Sometimes I have to save where-ever I am to sleep, eat, work, chase me lil' one around the house

    Just thought you would want to know. If you would rather not hear these kind of findings here.

    Actually, I would like to be a developer or tester, modeler/artist or contributer in some way to 3000AD.

    (licensed owner of Max3, and all Adobe prods.)


  2. Has anyone else restored a game that was saved while swimming?

    I am just curious, because the times I have, I was standing half-way in the water, not swimming. When I moved around, and viewing from an external view, my arms and legs remained still, and I seemed to 'coast' through the water.

    If I use my jetpack and fall back into the water, the swimming routine is re-initialized, and I am swimming correctly.

    I have been having problems with my profile (Navitron Keeps breaking down,) and am wondering if this is part of it.


  3. Something that has bugged me about FPS games for awhile is that the majority of the industry/community acredits Castle Wolfenstein 3D as the first-first person game...

    NOT TRUE!!!

    How about Colony?!?? ANY one else remember this one? Had HUGE system requirement. (floating point (co-processing) power.)

    Really had no textures. Vectors made up walls, corners, objects, etc. Every wall was a single poly.

    You started as an investigator on a colony planet, having to find the entrance to the underground complex. Was a descent sci-fi horror game.

    Looking Glass technology...

    If you don't know who they where, then stop reading this post NOW!

    Ultima Underworld. Devel by Looking Glass, licensed AND published by Origin under the Ultima Franchise.

    First *real adventure* FPS.. Multitextured environments, w/ dynamic lighting. Dynamic musical score. ALL the interactivity of an Ultima game, AND a complete physics system to boot.

    First game I EVER really thought I was 'there' and could play it all night. OMG....

    Both of these, not only pre-dated Wolfenstein 3D, but also out-depth'd them as well.


  4. Yeah, I think I have it on 3.5 somewhere... LOL, to get around the 'lookup' copy protection, (SF2,) you just had to run the post-intro executable..lol

    Hijacking frigates and starliner luxery ships, put a krellan on them and send them home for $$.

    Hey, didn't that one have a side-view intruder/capture view?


  5. Hmmm.... What about 1988 or so this came out?

    I was engulfed by Ultima V, but my friend had gotten KC at the same time.

    One of the most detailed non-graphical 'trekie' games ever.

    Well, it had graphics, diffuse borders and all the ships were from the character map. hehe...

    Well, I take it back, when you went to 'enslave' a world, it did have another graphics engine.


  6. I am ready for verbal and/or posting disipline, however, I need help with two issues.

    1. My Navitron was damaged in glorious combat. My system engineers went to work on it, got it back up to 100%, but the color code in logistix never changed from blue to normal.

    Later, while normal flying, and no intruders, my Chief engineer says, "navitron computer is damaged."

    I go back and look, and its back down to 50% in logistix. Crews are already at work on it, because is was still 'scheduled.'

    Later, my C. Engineer says "navitron computer has been repaired." I look, its at 100%, but still blue. One minute later he says, "Navitron computer is damamged." Back down to 60%. This cycles just keeps going.

    I am posting this here, because I don't know if this is a bug or a feature telling me that the thing needs replacement.

    Its constantly taking my system engineers and diverting them from repairing support crafts.

    2. Sometimes, when I am out in a shuttle, and dock back w/ the CC, and even wait for my AE to reach the bridge, my Logistix is hiding the 'power' option. If I goto 'crafts,' it just shows the shuttle I was in, no other crafts. I then have to ALT+E and re-enter the CC to get logistix to work right again. What am I doing wrong here?

    Thanks for your continued mercy,


  7. Too much to digest at one time for me...

    I am just going to say two things. For one, the orbital speed of a station is relative to its distance from the *center* of the planet.

    Secondly, go into your logistix and pump the ol' engines up a few notches, or up to 10 if you want. Then see what your max speed is.

    Okay, thirdly (geez,) in my experience, shuttle will require 2 waypoints for many retrieval/deployment ops. If they fly in circles, you didn't do it right. They are not all rocket scientists

    set a 'proceed to next' waypoint ~10KM away from whatever deploy/extract/collect waypoint you secondly set.

    Just so you know, just about topic you mentioned is in some kind of thread already on the board.

    You might want to 'Search' before posting rerun questions.


  8. I saw it.. Watched/listened to the links as well..

    Such a waste of talent and harddisk space. That review was obviously written from inside a padded cell.

    I had been away from BC soo long, I had no idea what you guys had been going through...

    The shear amount and intensity of the heckling is a clear indication of two things:

    1. So many just don't understand BC. They live in a narrow/linear gaming world that is a FPS rat maze. When the rat no longer has the maze, he chases his tail in confusion, because he cannot make a world of decisions for himself.

    2. Let me first say I don't worship/fanboy SC, being chewed out multiple times is not fun, but striking back is not a solution in his house.

    OK, for the meat:

    I don't like to use the word "visionary," in gaming, but if I could make a list of "visionary" designers, that truely inspired players, and gaming oriented hardware developers, they would be:

    Richard Garriot

    Derek Smart

    John Carmack

    I have not forgot Wizardry and Elder Scrolls, but don't have time to look em up.

    All people don't always understand our visions, perhaps its beyond their 'perception of reality,' or how we convey such ideas to them. Such people will seperate themselves, and try to draw others to 'their side of the line.'

    Such greatness has always, through time, attracted thoughs who shared the vision equally as repelled those who did not, in the same magnitude.

    I need not give examples of people, we are intelligent enough to come up w/ a few. Some were thought to be fanatics, some false prophets. Branded by the same breed of mazelss rats, confined within their own limited and closed perspectives...

    That is all.


  9. Shoot me now, but did Cap'n Kirk worry about feeding his crew? "Oh, your all tired? I'll just tell Kahn to hold of on the Genesis effect sequence until your all ready."

    Kidding SC. Seriously, once you get the hang of it, you don't spend quite so much time fussing over them.

    Except Paul.

    Whats his deal? Someone scare him in an airlock before?

    He is like Charlie Brown of my crew, and just can't seem to grasp the fact he will never kick the ball...


  10. The SHEAR randomness and intensity in AVP made you 'get along lil doggy' really fast!

    GAWD, I can still hear those lil toenails going 'tap''tap''tap' all around me...


    AVP2s were a bit more scripted, but the door busting and grate bursting was non-the-less fantastic!

    IMO: Two of the most intensive PC games ever made... Well, along w/ System shock and System Shock 2.

    'Little ones need lots of care!'

    'The many sings to us!'

    *Shivers again*



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