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  1. Your absolutely right UC! RC7, I did not have such a problem. Not the computer's but my own retardation, Sir! ProX
  2. I did a search on my HDD, and did find such file to exsist under officer_female and is 94K in size. Perhaps my computer is retarded, and UC is fine, SIR! ProX
  3. Was taking my bridge crew and a couple marines down to the surface for a party, had SC1 delploy me and 3 other in an OC. When the rest were being deployed as a team from the shuttle, I got an error in a Win dialog: 'FATAL ERROR' No class found for 191 (OFFICER_MO.3D) UC then exits to desktop. I am running RC5, but don't know if that makes a difference as I don't recall any such issue in the UCVCF, so I stand ready for excecution, SIR! ProX
  4. That commander is the longest I had ever played with any of UC's games. No CTDs, no dead-ends. He valiantly lead his crew through 20hrs of in-game wartime, sure they were tired, and hungry, but stuck to their stations, as they watched from TACOPS as he attempted to eject out of a deadstick interceptor. Just another Commander (Atrella was his name,) who's heart was in the right place, but brain was in the wrong end cuz his bellybutton had fallen out his backside... A moment of silence.... ProX
  5. Good news: ESA can tell the beagle team the bags inflated, and it made it to the surface. Bad news: When my butt deflated them, I also turned the clamshell into serving tray. My concern is why I could not turn the engine back on after GALCOM HQ had repaired the disabled ship I was in, and then launched back out. Also why would it be 'grey' in the 'support vehicles' list, and not in the 'disabled' vehicles. I am one of those 'if you want it done right, you do it....' I often find my self taking crippled ships back to the CC. Too often I find that I end up pulling a 2001 and EVA from a shuttle to the CC, just so I can start repairs on the bays, or resolve a launch power problem. ProX
  6. Something amiss... FC3 still Grey in color but shows in support ships list. Still flaming like its on fire. Had a shuttle take me into mars atmosphere, now its smoking, to try to eject, unfortunately, when I had the shuttle cut its tow at ~7000 ft, ALT+E must of either not worked or got hit too late cuz now I am dead, in the ground of mars. Next to Beagle2. (Taps plays) ProX
  7. SIR, I am pretty sure either launch control has no power, according to Comlink. The shuttle can't even dock. The only way I am getting in my ship is EVA or through a station cuz I can't tell the CC to dock or recover FC3. Oh, and I know the CC has no tractor power/ability (its shot up pretty bad, but still has life support and a replacement starcry/s.) ALT+E does not work from FC3 in space. I had also tried it one other time in space, and does not work. Perhaps because there is no airlock? Your copilot would be exposed? (please prove me wrong) Hehe... I only used that subject header to lighten a probably disapline from the SC I am trying to retain as much as possible from the manual and appen. SIR! ProX
  8. You be the judge.. Dropped my drones on venus, had some serious TER/INS battles, one right after another. FC3 got disabled, pilots dead. Had to get the CC to the Earth jumpgate. I sent a shuttle to tow FC3, it got there spun around and came home, probably cuz I didn't give it a 'deliver to' CC order. I sent the CC to Earth, and hopped into the shuttle. Flew it to FC3, captured it, and hightailed back to GALCOM HQ. Now: I Learned the hard way you cannot exit FC via ALT+E. So I am sitting in the fighter....sitting.. Don't ask me why I went EVA to the fighter, I don't know. Just wanted to see the condition of FC3....DOH! I then turn off the engines as they were not working anyway. DOUBLE DOH! Through TACOPS, I tried to get the shuttle towing me (FC3,) to deliver me to my CC. Instead the shuttle will go away from my CC. Even if I use waypoints. I then ordered the shuttle to deliver me to GALCOM, and it did! I hit 'repair,' all systems were green, I undocked, and still found FC3 in an 'engine off' state. I hit CTRL+E, nothing happens.... So I check the reactor, CTRL+R, I hear the reactor power down. I hit CTRL+R again, and the reactor does not power up. So.. If I can get the shutlle to dock at GALCOMHQ, and FC3, maybe I can get inside the shuttle. FC3 seems like its still disabled, but shows 100% at GALCOM. That is all. ProX [ 02-27-2004, 11:07 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  9. Sounds right.... Your traveling towards the planet. At what speed? Doesn't take long to hit the ground when at space traveling velocity. Have you tried entering going real slow? Or you can not worry about it and use a waypoint, plus get the added satisfaction of knowing what time/military zone yer dropping into! ProX
  10. Thats very interesting... I never knew. Can't say I am totally supprised though. Don't care too much for remake/crossovers myself, however, John Carpenter's The Thing did for Sci-Fi horror what peanut butter did for bread. Alien was a supprised turn from the 'extra terrestrial space travelers' of the 50s-60s movies. "Mommy! Alien in under my bed, and it ate the boogyman!" ProX
  11. Read the darkhorse version of the script... It was good, but expensive to do... FIgures.. Can't wait to see it either... IMO, they NEED to get Ridley Scott at best to direct it... At worst, James Cameron. Either way, it would be a winner if all they had was slime and match-sticks. AVP and AVP2 PC, OMG...... Good days... Looking over shoulder while playing game. How pathetic.. LOL ProX
  12. Every had a problem with a shuttle actually retreiving a pod? Like it can't seem to match the 'Y' axis (as an example.) Maybe I am NAVing it wrong with wps. ProX
  13. OMG! I put my limited edition 3 ring binder version in cold storage years ago. Had no idea any development was still going on... Only sim to pull me away from EF2000! ProX
  14. If you work this hard to keep your boards clean, your code must be beatiful! Sir! ProX
  15. "All your base are belong to us!" Why does that sound sooo familiar?? How about - You are fanageling Logistix in your sleep.. (not proud of that one.) He.he. ProX
  16. Why can I hear the seargent from Full Metal Jacket?!?! "I want this john so clean the Mother Marry would be proud to take a ..." Sir, I am proud to serve GALCOM, Sir! ProX
  17. I am, and always will be a Mk3 or 2 man... I even made my crew paint it up to look like the BC3K 1.0 BC. Its not the size of yer gun, its how well you use it. If its smaller, you have less chance of quandering your resources and abilities. Anyone remember the first Enterpise? (Shatner.) ProX
  18. Like I, many people walked into the 3000ad forum using the typical internet 'look at me dance' thread/reply. Being able to post here is worth the paid respect due. Unfortunately, most people only look for 'Post' or 'Reply.' Sorry to see you patience tried so often. We should all send you to Vegas for a break! ProX
  19. Perhaps unrelated, however, several 'large scale' games suffer from a simular problem. The code follows the D3D API correctly, but some object clipping in complex models occures on massive grids in full resolution. The way I heard it, its because of an object to scene size ratio. Cards will try to clip 'non-perceivable polys.' <- Or so *it* thinks. I think DX9 intro'd this. This happens on EVE:Online. If I run w/ Catalyst 3.2, it doesn't happen. Not all people experience it. ProX
  20. Just curious, it was a new game or resumed game? I played for an hour on a RC3 savegame. ProX
  21. I'm sorry... I have been itching to say this, as I am sure many people have in the past, and your prob sick of hearing it... BUT If it wasn't for take2 you would of had the time you needed in the first place on 1.0, and the general industry community interested in BC3K wouldn't of turned so *impolite*, and I BELIEVE you (SC) wouldn't have been hardened so much if it was not for all the industry 'hecklers' on the forums. I saw what you had to deal w/ years ago, and now I see it over on DC forums.. But you DID it! You kept your dream alive, and fought tooth and nail for it, and you PULLED IT OFF! I am playing what I was imagining playing when I read that Computer Gaming World article like over ten years ago. I stand ready to be shot down. I am no fanboy, just making an observation of a person's determination. ProX
  22. Stop it! arghh!! Yer hurting my ears. =) Okay, Yeah Painkiller is a plain jane blind date, but she presents herself like twisted sister I also been there-done that w/ doom and quake, etc.. But the shear demented presentation of Painkiller facinates me! OMG! Its so twisted! I can't imagine the forte' of thrash rock needed to generate such demonic and demented imaginations in today's youth! I am getting it.... *shudder* But I digress... ProX
  23. OMG! Prodigy! LOL Yep.... Me too.. Forgot bout that one. hehe. ProX
  24. Not me. Picked it up here in Arizona at EB, no problem. ProX
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